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14 March 2014


As most are aware, Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch was bounced from the Tony Abbott management team at the last election.  Continual gaffes and outright lies to Abbott and others left Entsch with an untenable position as LNP Party Whip.  

Luckily for Entsch, he retained his title as Minister for Blogs.

Entsch was given the busywork task of organising a "white paper" about the economics and growth prospects for North Queensland and the Northern Territory.  

So Entsch's statements to Cueball MacKenzie on Thursday seem puzzling given his recent actions, or prophetic.

Entsch claims that the population of Cairns, which he puts at "between 150,000 and 170,000 now" will "treble in the next 20 years under the LNP government".  He then claims Cairns will be a "safety valve" relieving the population pressures on Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.  

Treble.  Entsch believes that the LNP is preparing for a Cairns population of 500,000 by 2034.  This represents a population growth rate of 6.3% - over double the population growth rate of Western Australia the last 20 years and, if true, among the highest 20-year growth rates in the world.  EVER!  

It's absurd.  Until you look at what's happening in Cairns.

We're told that Aquis, along with other Chinese-funded projects, are "absolutely going to be approved"  (the words of Queensland LNP Premier Campbell Newman).  Where are the construction workers going to come from - there aren't 10,000 workers ANYWHERE in Australia to be rounded up and sent to Cairns for this project.

Quietly, the Abbott government has re-opened the previously closed 457 Visa rules, allowing employers to bring in virtually UNLIMITED foreign workers for large projects - for which Aquis qualifies.

Who thinks these workers are going to return to China after

Aquis is finished?  Raise your hands!  

(seeing none. . )

Then there are the 10,000 workers needed to RUN Aquis.  Where are they coming from?  

Insiders report that the existing public drawings showing ONE "worker accommodation" tower block on the site in fact have been planned to have THREE of these towers - accommodating almost 12,000 workers in Chinese-style accommodation.  

Aquis and the Fungs have already rejected calls for a monorail or other light rail service from the airport to their cash machine.  (Let's forget for a moment that it should be our elected representatives that set the terms for their operation, not the other way around). Instead they've announced that the resort will create enormous road impacts, with up to 170 coaches needed along with a fleet of cars and limousines, all flooding the Cook Highway up to 18 hours a day.  Not to mention the "local workers" who will need to drive due to the lack of a proper public transit network.  Given the levels of pollution that the Chinese have willingly accepted into their own country's environment, I guess they won't be troubled about fucking up our air and water.  Just a little.

In fact the joke around town, started by ol' Wazza, is that he's in fact writing a YELLOW paper on the future of Northern Australia.  With proposals already discussed between Chinese business leaders and FNQ pollies for the sale and/or lease of millions of hectares of scrub, soon-to-be farmland to the Red Chinese, Cairns residents are starting to grumble about the zero consultation with the public that's gone into these plans.  Even Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King is on board with his mayoral push to allow tower blocks around the CBD.  

If Entsch has believed all along that Australians from southern capital cities would be flooding into Cairns, why did he oppose building of a new theater?  Why does Cairns continue to suffer at the end of a national highway that is a world-class disgrace?  Where's the water we're going to need?  The police, the schools, the jails?    

And what secret plans does the LNP have to flood FNQ with a tidal wave of Chinese migrants in support of these tourism and agricultural projects???


TAS said...

I can't even get from Redlynch to Smithfield via Caravonica now without being in a traffic jam. The Western ring road will need six-laning at this rate.
But truth is Newman (and the boy King) won't be around to make this happen, and Wazza will soon be in an old folks home. It might even be at Yorkey's; they'll have to do something with the construction workers dorm for there failed casino.
Talk about inmates running the asylum ...

Anonymous said...

Queensland Government numbers say for Cairns LGA the population will increase by 85,000 in the next 25 years. About 110,000 for the greater region.

To grow faster will require development of slums or a massive amounts invested by state and Federal government and we all know that is not going to happen.

They do not even understand the basics. Never seen such a dangerous government in Australia.

Gavin Bland said...

Where will the power station be built for the necessary electricity and what fuel will it use?

Peking Duck said...

Bring it on Campbell and the Fungs.
Bring it on.


Bob R. said...

Entsch has been full of bullshit since he was elected. Trouble is Mackenzie feeds him unlimited oxygen and Nick Dalton luvvies him up. We've had Stench talk about a rectangular stadium, a huge fountain, a performing arts theatre for his mate in Port Douglas at the Marina Mmirage, on and on it goes. Just like Manning, spruiking bullshit all the time.

Wick Wire ... The Fuse Used To Link The ... NEWS said...

Its no joke now, the black market is the real economy, its where you go to get things done. Politicians representing the far north and Hot Tin Pot Cairns, will rape pillage and plunder, to breath life back into their voodoo or blow up doll i.e. Cairns.

Cairns is probably the best place in Australia to live, thats why people live here, Agreed there are no jobs no industry and no incentive for business as the revenue sink hole it is now, with the high rates of unemployment and the vicious curfew style police state tactics, the Govt uses to rehash the Value of our lifestyle up here.

I think its time to appreciate what we have got and to make sure we dont sell our selves down river to the highest bidder, Because we wont see any of that money. The chinese are being relentless in establishing their empire building grasp on the rest of the world now.

And they dont play fair, they are a super power opposed to the idea of free enterprise and capitalism. No one should ever forget that.

Anonymous said...

Wazza, Manning, King and Trout won't be around by then, so they don't give a shit what happens.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Entsch is not leading the White Paper at all despite his persistent double speak. He is chair of a Parliamentary Inquiry into Northern Australia. Developing the Northern Australia Green and White Papers is a separate exercise based in the Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet and answers to Warren Truss as the Deputy Prime Minister. The Green and White Papers are being written by Departmental officers from PM&C plus other Departments notably Infrastructure and Regional development(the chair, David Williams, is from I&RD). The Parliamentary inquiry is a sideshow to allow all of the rentseekers, loudmouths and, to be fair, genuinely interested RDAs, Councils, Chambers of Commerce etc have their say. There is no necessary connection between the White Paper and the Select Committee what so ever. They might take note of some of the submissions then again they might not. You are right that this was a demotion for Entsch and he is very much on the nose in Canberra to the extent he is a liability for the region.

Anonymous said...

While WANKING was at mt sheridan sucking up to people who are not even in his electorate thousands were at fogerty park telling him he is gone bye bye WANKING bye bye

Anonymous said...

I thought Queenslanders were stupid when they voted in the LNP but now I feel better when the ultimate welfare state Tasmania has just voted in a Liberal government! At least we now have the entertainment of being fucked over by conservatives now being shared by folks with twice our mental capacity (although I have never seen the scars).

ruby said...

Have another bottle of red, Wazza. Wet your whistle so you can sprout some more bullshit on good old Nanny Mackenzie's show. Old Nanny will love you up.

Tony Fung said...


Anonymous said...

Loose Change blog shows population growth by suburb and majority growth is predicted for Gordonvale(Mt Peter?), White Rock and Smithfield. Gavin King electorate show less than state average expected population growth. The CBD and North Cairns only expects another thousand or so next 5 years.

People make investment decisions on this sort of information so both King and Entsch should explain. They are either withholding information or misleading the people.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck would want to come here if there are no doctors?

Alison Alloway said...

Who indeed Anonymous? The doctors' fight with the Newman Government is escalating every day with two breast cancer surgeons now resigning from Queensland Health. For the women of Queensland where breast cancer is rising and rising, this is ominous and would herald the needless deaths of many low income women Still, we hear nothing from our local elected representatives, King, Trout and Kempton. Their silence is indicative that they don't give a damn about the women in their electorates who either have or who will develop this life threatening illness. King however has published very pro government views on his facebook site. Let there be no doubt or any misunderstanding, that more doctors will resign if the issue of individual contracts is not resolved favorably. So where we have an under resourced health system with inadequate surgeons, specialists etc, what major sporting organisers would want to come to Queensland to stage a big event, ditto what investors would want to invest in a State where public health administration was inadequate and the risk of contagion was therefore high? It is only our public health system which is keeping contagion at bay.
Would Fung want to invest his money in an area where tuberculosis and polio were raging amongst the population and there was inadequate medical resources to cope?

NYM said...

Alison, I believe the Newman Government will have to back down on the doctors' contracts. The LNP have sorely under estimated the militancy and unity of the doctors and it would be a downright stupid government to test their resolve.