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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

01 April 2014


Some signs need no further explanation.


shanghai said...

that's nearly as good as the courier mail saying serial killer in Brisbane preying on foreign students.. 3 victims in 3 months.. middle aged Caucasian guy works in or near inner Brisbane loner/lives alone car neat polite possibly speaks foreign language quick temper under pressure dna smart wants glory maybe on medication ...its just a hunch

Anonymous said...

Why HBW?? Here we have a local business that isn't Coles or Woolworths selling local produce to locals. I shop there often and find the service friendly and the produce fine. Are you still on about parking or is this something else?
Surely we must support locals like the Jonsson family who in my eyes have done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

They vote LNP - that's their crime !!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Acres, it has changed again, now another design, 6000 less construction staff and 1 million visitors

Does Sportsbet have odds on whether it will change again, so many changes HB.


Anonymous said...

This whistle blowing on public servants who are using anonymous accounts to attack people politically- where do we report Steve Grasso and his multiple accounts?

Ernie said...

Certainly getting a much broader idea of what is happening in the north with ABC than the lnp promotion on Wanka McKenzie.