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17 May 2014


Among Pacific nation countries looking to cash in on the casino boom, unlikely suitor Japan that has previously shunned casino gambling is looking towards US-based operators to construct their first ever casinos.  The Chinese have been told not to bother.

Gambling in Japan is confined to Pachinko, a silly machine
that like Australian pokies mesmerises the weak lower classes into doing their dough.

Reports this week in the Japan press have linked the primary bidders as Chicago real estate investor and operator of casinos in several US states Neil Bluhm, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands (and huge Republican Tea Party financial contributor) Sheldon Adelson.

Unlike our David Fung, both of these investors are shown as billionaires on the Forbes Billionaire listing.  

While Adelson has suggested a US$10B investment in Tokyo would be required (Tokyo, a city of some 14 million people), Bluhm has suggested a more modest US$5B would get the job done in Osaka - a city of about 3 million.

The Osaka Governor assured residents that any project approval would require the developer to pay the bulk of infrastructure costs, INCLUDING RAIL TRANSPORT to the casino.  The elected government there apparently understands that their citizenry are not going to be interested in paying extra for billionaires to build these casinos.

Meanwhile in Cairns, thousands of miles away and with millions of people less, the current Fung proposal features an investment of now over $8B with inadequate parking, massive infrastructure upgrades to water treatment, waste and waste water disposal, meagre road upgrades paid for by the public, and rejected suggestions for light rail to move these tourists from resort to airport to town.  With the Queensland Government and Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King obligating the Cairns ratepayer to pay our own way for this bloated, unreasonably large plan, the drumbeat of questions continue to be unanswered.  The previous observation by King that the Chinese were "freaks and weirdos" notwithstanding.

All of the new Pacific casino locations mooted (Japan, Philippines, etc) are turning to seasoned and experienced casino operators (like the Singaporeans have done with Las Vegas Sands).  Fung apparently thinks that a few months as an apprentice casino operator in his Reef Casino purchase are "good enough", and the idiots running Queensland are down with this idiocy.

It's absurd.  It's laughable.  It's the LNP.

The Cairns Post had reported that some of the attendees at the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) conference last week voice concerns about the damage to Cairns' reputation that would be done by such an out-of-place Aquis (in a story now pulled down by the Cairns Post).   In fact local attendees to the show report that several long-time and successful agents who've sold Cairns for years nervously joked that they could start running a "Going Out of Business" sale for Cairns, as they believe that the traditional attractions drawing people to Cairns will be turned off by the Yorkey's Monstrosity.  

Meanwhile Gavin King used the opportunity to spruik for more convention space to be available to the Convention Centre for the infrequent show that requires such extra space - apparently again forgetting that it was his back room manoeuvrings with Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning using private email addresses that gave away funding for the co-located cultural precinct (along with the $35M that was committed to the upgrade of our shabby CBD).

Shameful.  We don't forget.

King also suggested that we can do this with a "public private partnership".  Let's ask Sleepy Manning how well that's worked out for a new theatre that he promised would be done at the end of his first term.  

As we have predicted since the beginning of this odyssey, there are no facts or circumstances that can stop this Fung juggernaut.  As Gavin King would say, when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it. 


Anonymous said...

Fung is a watch salesman
Not even on the board
Want to buy a watch oops casino

Anonymous said...

Grandiose claims seem the norm. A judge replying to mining project being challenged said that if all the jobs big projects promised were real we would have a population 35 million people.!

Maybe he knows something nobody else does.

Cost of infrastructure a real big issue as council is stripped of funds in the budget. State is stripped of health and education funding. We are cactus without some debt.

Al said...

The most amazing thing about the Aquis proposal is the numbers of people who think it will happen, who actually want it to happen; who actually see it as the salvation of Cairns. In truth, it's cargo-cult writ large, it's the selling of our souls in the quest for ill-gotten riches - as attainable as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It's akin to turning your family home into a knocking shop with the wife turning tricks in a quest for an easy buck.

If only the scales would fall from their eyes and they could analyse what is being offered here, they would see it for what it is. If only they would see The Cairns Post 'artist's impression' for what it is; a skilful work of fiction, they would see it for the con it is, a great big unviable and unattainable con being perpetrated by the Fungs (consummate gamblers and speculators) aided and abetted by our half-wit short-term-thinking leaders with their greedy eyes blind to the obvious.

Think about it; $8 billion dollars plus - an amount that must surely exceed the sum total of all of Cairns current tourism assets. It would be a game-changer which would morph this town from being a pleasant tourism destination where domestic and international visitors can experience the unique natural assets we are blessed with: our climate, the Great Barrier Reef, the rainforest, our indigenous culture and the Tablelands. Contrast that to a one-industry town, an economy totally dependent upon one gambling venue for high-rollers, who couldn't care if they are in Cairns, Macau or Las Vegas and who don't give two-hoots for our natural environmental assets. And all this is proposed to occur in a swamp in Yorkeys Knob. One spectacular wet-season - and it will happen - and it will be an abandoned mould-covered temple to greed in the middle of the Barron River.
It just doesn't stack up.

Anonymous said...

Not worth worrying about…Anyone even vaguely familiar with the economics of casinos and integrated resorts knows this supposed $8bln project will never happen. It’s a financial fantasy. As pointed out the developer, Fung, has no experience whatsoever with the casino industry or projects of this dimension. A project this magnitude would have world-leading architects, a major construction firm, an experienced hotel and casino operator and global financial advisers and arrangers. We have seen none of these here and there is absolutely no evidence Fung even has the financial capacity to undertake this project.

It appears the Fungs, by promising this Yorkey’s fiction, are simply trying to steamroll the probity screening process to get their hands on the Reef Casino with as few questions asked as possible? And like a mirage Aquis will then slowly but surely disappear once the developer has used this development bait to get the OK to obtain the Reef Casino licence.

Interesting to note the latest March quarter audit figures for newspapers reveal the significant decline in print sales of the Cairns Post. No doubt ties in with their absolutely superficial approach and lack of real investigative journalism on this and other matters.

Anonymous said...

wankings fake book page is pure fluff now methinks he knows he is goneeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments remind me of the objections that were rife about SkyRail before it was built. It seems these folk, or their offspring, have transferred their ravings to Aquis, with similar rationale, or lack thereof. Still, Australia still has a degree of freedom of speech, although the left-leaning objectors seem to want to stifle that too. When my wife and I are travelling we enjoy walking around huge resorts in places such Hawaii. We look forward to walking around Aquis and the deafening silence from the current anti-development mob that will have moved on by then to object to something else.

Anonymous said...

When my wife and I are traveling we avoid the huge resorts that have turned places like Bali and Phuket into shitholes like the plague. We especially avoid the type of "traveler" that stay in these crappy tourist traps.

There is absolutely no comparison between the handful of Greenies that opposed SkyRail and the people that are not necessarily opposing Aquis, but are simply asking questions. How can you oppose something, when you don''t know what it is ?

Personally, I don't think Cairns should build its future on gambling palaces with hundreds more pokies to suck more money out of the local economy.

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure the locals employed as cleaners at Aquis will keep the pathways clear so you won't get your white shoes dirty Anonymous 19:48.

Anonymous said...

Succinctly put Anon 19:48. You and your wife's enjoyment in walking around such edifices should be right up there with all the other important criteria. Such things as environmental and economic impact statements, cost of infrastructure, and similar rationale, or lack thereof, should not be used by the selfish left-leaning anti-development mob to override your walking-around enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18/5/14 19:48

Why would the comments remind you of skyrail? Can you read?

A casino this size relies on locals and the longer the flight from customer base the higher the risk. Just does not add up so more like failed resorts like Cape Flattery or the one in the Whitsundays. Ella Bay was the same, people protested got yelled down by now they cannot find the money.

We may well be better off if we had smaller investors now but everyone is frozen waiting to see what it really will be. So we die waiting.

If the numbers made sense then you would see who was simply anti-development but the concerns are pro common sense.

Also what has skyrail done for the economy? The train would still operate and there are bus services to Kuranda. Instead of a bus tour, Fitzroy Island or renting a car to see waterfalls or Mission Beach for eg they use skyrail. Only takes from one business and gives to another. In fact the sheer expense of it may mean people choose less time here.

LoveWarrior said...

Ive asked this question before and have yet to get a proper answer - why on Earth would Chinese punters hop on planes and fly 9 hours to Cairns, flying over the top of Macau and its 46 casinos in order to gamble? Tourist sightseeing aside (and in my opinion most of this potential is very much overstated - they would be here primarily to gamble)Macau is closer, more Chinese speaking, more Chinese-oriented and has varied attractions being close to HongKong. The project is not viable without the casino, the casino is not viable without locals losing money there regularly (remember the existing casino nearly went belly up a few years ago and they propose to build a bigger one???) Something doesn't add up here financially and the stink attached to the LNP involvement in the whole exercise is like 3-days-in-the-sun prawn shells. As an example of the fantasy of this project, who in their right mind would build a 20,000 seat sports stadium with no existing or prospective tenant, only to be used for one or two trials games a year? Fantasy Island has got nuthin' on these guys

Anonymous said...

I would still want to know and I am waiting for a reply,why the Aquis web sit says it will have 1800 units for staff when everyone says it will employ locals. Are they saying an emploee has to live on site or will it be the only staff employed will be the menial tasks and the Mandarin talking staff will be imported.

Anonymous said...

What has Skyrail done for the economy? Good God if you don't know you really are living in the dark!

Bob R. said...

What kind of fucken logic is that hey, comparing Skyrail with fucken Aquis? Skyrail is a single transport system going up a mountain, Aquis is a fucken small town for 10,000 people. Jesus H Christ, the lack of bloody brains of some people in this city you have just got to wonder at them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19/5/14 18:58

As a tourist before coming here to live, I had never heard of the skyrail until I had booked my flights and started researching things to do. The train I had heard of yes, the sky rail NO. AS a resident I have always told visitors about the skyrail but not once have they seemed to be aware of it beforehand. I used to be in travel and never was aware of anyone who made a special trip to Cairns or extended their stay because of skyrail. It was a very popular option to do once they did know about it but did not influence their decision to visit the area in the first place.

So they enjoy it, it is very popular but I see no evidence it attracts NEW money to the area at all. So from that perspective it does not help the economy. The only way it would really help Cairns economy is that it may sway people to stay in Cairns or Northern Beaches rather than Port Douglas.

So if you disagree explain why, but just because something makes money does not make it good for the economy, it just makes it good for whoever owns that business. And bad for the business it competes with. Just competition.

Seth at Port said...

The silence by the LNP representatives in the area over the infrastructure required to support a huge mini city like AQUIS is suspicious for a start. AQUIS would require a mini power station, water treatment plant, a huge build up of roads into the place and so on. Yet not a word about them has been mentioned by the local LNP. It all adds up to the growing suspicions that it all is a fantasy, a sop to raise the expectations of locals.

Anonymous said...

LoveWarrior said...

"Ive asked this question before and have yet to get a proper answer - why on Earth would Chinese punters hop on planes and fly 9 hours to Cairns

I have asked the same question, also why haven't they taken over Vegas if they like to travel a bit for the casino? but Fung does say it is to attract the gambler who wants to have a family vacation and gamble at the same time. So no kids at Macau i presume. So he may have some research, does not make any sense to me, but his risk.

EXCEPT like Seth says, how do we fund the infrastructure required, We have a government that now thinks it all gets built by the tooth fairy and any government spending on increasing economic capacity is "labor waste".

So really the best thing for Cairns would be a scaled down version that was started yesterday with no major infrastructure required.!

Anonymous said...

Cairns must be desperate to entertain this. Also the idea of trying to fast track something so potentially devastating to the long term economy and environment is puzzling. Sure fast track a mine in the middle of the Pilbra but not a mega ghetto on the shore of the great barrier reef.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment, but I was too busy laughing at anon 18:58. Are one of those stand up comics or just a bit slow?

Anonymous said...

Seth a lot of locals have fallen for it, hook line and sinker mate.

Jan from Kewarra said...

To: 19/5/14 07:13

You are "Dream-n" if you think Locals are going to be cleaning anything.

It will be Asian staff, being paid peanuts. The locals won't get a look in.......for any job to do with Aquis.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to Aquis than meets the eye. One of the writers at CairnsLifestyle.com also hit the nail on the head.
A prodigy to John McKenzie perhaps? John should contact these guys, they come across as very switched on.
See this to see what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

So Aquis goes to the next stage. What bullshit will HBW and his band of followers concoct now? Bob R Pyne what are your thoughts?