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16 May 2014


Member for Barron River Michael Trout continues to conduct business on behalf of himself and his family, despite his claims to be working for his constituents "full time".

Trout and his family have had tourism businesses in and around FNQ for years.  This apparently hasn't been enough for at his two brothers, who have repeatedly been involved in serious drug dealing charges along with theft of construction machinery.

But recent meetings in and around Cairns continue to directly refute Trout's Public Interest Disclosure filing, required by the Queensland government for all MP's.

We have been provided with minutes from a Tropical Tablelands Tourism (ABN 50 010684241) committee meeting for the quarter ending September 2013.  These minutes show clearly that Michael Trout as "Chairman and Special Interest Director", and his affiliated business as "Blazing Saddles".  

Compare this official document with Trout's Disclosure Filing.  In it, Trout does not report his Chairmanship of this tourism lobbying organisation, nor his continued affiliation with Blazing Saddles - a business that sits on land directly adjacent to the site optioned by David Fung & Family for their 8 Zillion Dollar Casino and Chinese Australian Residency Halfway program.

How much time is Trout continuing to spend on family and personal business while a full-time representative (supposedly) for the residents of Barron River?  Is his unreported chairmanship of the Atherton and Tablelands Tourism corporation affecting his decisions to locate boot camps?  And how is he directly affected by his continued public support of the Fung casino proposal even though details have not been shared yet with the public?

We consider this a serious and substantial abuse of his ministerial obligations.  We call for an investigation into Mr. Trout's financial and business dealings (both reported and unreported), and call for Trout to step down from his seat as Member for Barron River.


Al said...

I doubt the Hon Minister for Culling Crocodiles gives a rats arse about this little expose. He knows full well he is an accidentally preselected useless one-termer and he is going to make hay while the sun shines rorting the system to the last dollar. No KPI's to meet and no accountability to the electorate.
That's what you get with landslide wins by governments, no one in party HQ has a need to keep this piece of deadwood focused, he's just surplus to requirements.

Anonymous said...

That old bore and local former minister in Australia's most corrupt state government was on 4 CA just now pissing into the deputy mayor's pocket. He threatened that anyone who spoke badly about Trout or King and the member for Cook (what's his name...?) would have him to deal with !

So watch out HBW !

In the meantime the shock jock is now every day extolling the virtues of super fast internet via the NBN . You know ,that much maligned network he has been criticising and lying about for years.

Well, money obviously talks.That old media whore will endorse anything if you pay him enough.

Anonymous said...

How did you call the investigation? It is clear the ICAC is catching the crooks, if this MP is a crook or has been or is involved in business that is unbecoming then who will catch him?

Anonymous said...

I've had recent dealings with Michael Trout.
I found him to be very switched on and intent in doing the best he can for his constituents.
Comparing him with Steve Wettenhall is like comparing a astute mover and shaker with a useless hopeless all talk and no trousers dickhead.

Bob R. said...

Yeah he's fucken switched on alright mate. What's Trout doing to communicate with all his constituents in YorkeYS knob who all want some fucken answers over this Aquis monstrosity? Hes so fucken switched on he cant be bothered calling for a public meeting to answer their questions. Then he was so fucken "switched on" he reckoned he didn't know about the boot camp being placed in a residential area of Kuranda. Oh yeah, he's switched on alright. More like a cockroach in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, anonymous 22:30Steve is quite an astute person, but we are currently lumbered with an inarticulate self serving dickhead that has done nothing worthwhile since he was elected.

Anonymous said...

Leaving Cairns aside, Wettenhall and O'Brien were like dumb and dumber. Kempton and Trout are way better....

Anonymous said...

It would be easy for Trout to clear the air. He must understand the lack of trust atm.

Comments from Dr Davis

He says revelations at a New South Wales corruption inquiry show powerful interests are involved in politics.

"You only need to look across the border to New South Wales to actually see under current arrangements how there are a number of very powerful interests in any political system," he said.

"We have at the moment on the table a great relaxation of caps and donations and so on, just at the same time the new Premier of New South Wales Mike Baird is actually saying that he needs to nail shut the back door to government because it is actually causing so much damage.


Anonymous said...

Anon 16/5/14 22:30

We all had recent dealing when he got angry at people with concerns re AQUIS. He is supposed to uphold democracy, not abort it.

Anonymous said...

Who's Kempton?

Bob R. said...

The Phantom. He lives in Deep Woods somewhere in Cape York.

Anonymous said...

I live in Kempton's electorate. He is active, and engaged with my community. People like Bob R clearly have no idea. If his other comments are as accurate as his ones about Kempton, he clearly is just a liar. Kempton has been massively involved with consultation in his electorate, as any very basic investigation would show. go. away.

Anonymous said...

Kempton is my neighbour in Whitfield. That's how much he cares for the people of Cook!

Anonymous said...

O'Brien lived in Port Douglas. So bloody what anon 16:49?