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17 June 2014


Cairns Airport CEO has another
great idea to screw the locals -
even while bloodflow to his brain
is severely restricted
HBW has learned exclusively today that China Eastern, who once upon a time were touted by the LNP as Cairns' tourism savior, will in December DOUBLE their service to Melbourne, Australia.

As you'll recall, China Eastern briefly were flying huge numbers of tourists into Cairns, until the LNP honeypot ran dry.  And our Ass Minister for Tourism Gavin King has ZERO credibility with the Chinese, who remember all too well his racially-based name calling, "freaks and weirdos". 

And we wonder what became of the Warren Entsch election promise that any new flights 'would be required to triangulate their service with Cairns', as Cathay Pacific does.

Meanwhile, the Cairns Airport under the able leadership of
Kevin Brown, has undertaken two projects designed solely to attack the Cairns community and make our airport harder and more expensive for locals to use.

The airport owners have installed a couple hundred bollards to barricade off the airport roadsides from parked cars.  Anti-terrorism?  Nope, just another attempt to force locals into the
overpriced carparks when collecting someone from the airport.  Unlike most airports around the world that provide "mobile phone" lots and free short term parking for their local residents, the Cairns Airport is at war with us.  

We understand the Australian Federal Police (who patrol
the airport and surrounds) have been told to issue infringement notices to anyone parked along these roadsides as well as those parked waiting in the almost always empty taxicab holding area.

Their second initiative?  A massive discount program for long-term parking.  Good?  Not when its designed to drive out of business the competition that sprang up on Sheridan Street when the airport started to abuse its parking monopoly.  Kevin Brown's first instinct was to call in the lawyers, who sued to stop the use of the words "Cairns" and "Airport" by these competitors. Very neighbourly from our privately owned airport. 

So after losing this battle, the Cairns Airport is now engaged in the oldest of bully marketing tactics - using their market power to slightly undercut their competitors, with the apparent goal of driving them out of business.  

Then guess what happens?


shanghai said...

here here hbw ive been the lone voice against the airport and its beloved tyrant kev brown aka the potato basher they are giving everyone a hard time and screwing every one in the meantime you gotta love privatising public assets don't ya

Anonymous said...

I would to.With the state pollie member thinking everyone on board are "slant eyed weirdo's"(kings words not mine) why would you want to land here.

Joombi O'Flaherty said...

I'd love to see 30 vehicles parked along the Airport access roadsides with their bonnets up - after all, it's not the motorists fault if their car breaks down and then suddenly they're able to get it going again once a plane touches down

Anonymous said...

Yes Shanghai that's true, the pack of money fucken hungry grubs and that fucken Irish moss knob Brown. Where's the IRA when you need them. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

What would be even funnier is, if say a 4wd with a decent RSJ sized bullbar just happened to veer left a bit and wipe out about 50 metres of the fucking bollards!

Bob R. said...

Yeah shanghai, ain't privatisation grand hey? Yeah well I'm old enough to remember that great anti Socialist, old Joh bananas Petersen who convinced Queenslanders anything owned and controlled by government was bad and private enterprise was the way to go. Yeah I also remember when Ron Davis when he was Mayor of Cairns wanted the Council to own and run the airport. He put it to a local referendum and the locals showed their lack of brains and voted it down. We'd be the richest fucken council in Australia with the lowest rates if we had passed that referendum.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bob R. Auckland Airport has shares in our privatised airport and Auckland city council and other local authorities have financial interestsin Auckland Airport. So yes,local NZ authorities are making a shitload out of our airport except locals us because we are too stupid. Good luck to them as Cairns is about to get done over again with the promise of a 'free' bright and shiny casino.

Anonymous said...

It again highlights the bleeding obvious: never sell a monopoly public asset. Any government which does so is by definition corrupt.

Bob R. said...

Christ Anonymous whenever I think of John fucken shit for brains Howard selling off Telstra just when mobile phones and the internet were getting popular in Australia, I get so bloody mad. Imagine the money we would rake in if Telstra was still the communications monopoly in Australia? Christ our old age pensioners would have a decent pension, we would have first class roads all over Australia, university education could be free. That fucktard Howard went and sold off what could have been our most lucrative public asset.