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30 June 2014


As the economy of Far North Queensland continues to reel under the weight of massive unemployment and little investment in the region by the Queensland government, the local LNP MP's have already launched their campaign on today's John MacKenzie hillbilly show.

In a transparently manipulative lead-in, MacKenzie first called Mayor for Vice Terry James (Mayor Bob wasn't up yet) to spruik the $5M state contribution to the grossly mismanaged Lake Street upgrade.  (He didn't mention the $30M promised for the CBD upgrade that Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King and the Mayor kicked-back to the LNP after their election).

Then we were treated to a heavily-scripted hour of King answering hand-picked questions which allowed him take credit for initiatives like the Bruce Highway upgrade - projects that he, and the LNP, did nothing to facilitate.  

King failed to answer any questions about what are said to be massive problems at the new Cairns Hospital Block D - electrical problems that have delayed opening for almost two months, no staff recruitment for the new building, and other issues that include hospital beds that are too large to fit in the elevators!

The reason for this campaign launch?  The weekend reports that show the LNP losing government at the next election despite the huge win it had just over two years ago.  And the biggest losers (other than Newman himself in his Ashgrove electorate) are Gavin King, Michael Trout, and David Kempton - members who've taken gladly huge pay rises as their fellow citizens collapse under the weight of electricity pricing, insurance gouging, and the giant fat arse of the Minister of Bloggers, Warren Entsch.

King also announced (over and over again) that he was going to welcome ten new police recruits to Cairns.  Sadly, one of the callers knocked back by 4CA gatekeeper Janelle was hoping to ask King how many police have been lost to the Cairns region, and what insiders report as a net LOSS of police resources in the region.

A breathless MacKenzie lobbed pre-discussed softball questions to his protégé - and both he and King agreed that Townsville Minister for Local Government David Crisafulli would be a terrific replacement for Campbell Newman, who most assuredly will be gone after the next election.  It is unknown if Crisafulli is participating in this disloyalty to the current premier.  

Newman, who gets transcripts of all of King's public statements after showing disloyalty after the election, is now busy removing the dagger from his back. . .   


Give In King said...

Serioulsy can't wait to see King's tears on election night! What a loser this man has been for Cairns, what a joke of an MP, what a complete Tory tosspot. Can't wait to see Robbie kick him to the gutter where he belongs

Second Anonymous said...

He will write a book that will be highly spruiked by Rupert's press - But it won't sell because half the state cant keep their concentration long enough to read a book due to the last time his party was in power and overlooked education in favour of developers - same reason why opinion pieces in Courier Mail are much shorter than the Australian. His long NSW educated words will see him ostracised back to his home state.

Good riddance.

Anna Bligh's prep year and year seven to High School will remedy the sins of the past but sadly generations too late.

Anonymous said...

Aquis or no Aquis the people of this city and region cannot afford to be mislead. for far too long the area has suffered financially from natural and economic crisis, falling tourist numbers and other unplanned concerns, what the city and region needs is some honesty and plain hard work from the elected members. the 3 state members have lied to themselves and the people. the people of this city and region have been let down by the incompetence of the voters who elected the novices to manage the place in which we live, work and rest and invest.

Aquis or no Aquis, we need better representation

Bob R. said...

Yeah I heard it. King knifing Newman right in the guts hey and talking cheerfuly about his successor. Ole CAN DO is no long CAN DO but NO CAN DO. I still reckon Newman is going to jump seats before the election though. King came into office on a spiel of lies. Christ he told that huge porker about Labor being in government for 20 years. Hh didn't know abut the Borbidge Government obviously, and he had the hide to call himself a journalist. More like a Mickey Mouse writer.

Alison Alloway said...

That awful lie about "Labor being in Government for the past 20 years" was told ad nauseum by the LNP last State election, and it really intrigued me. Why did the LNP pretend the Borbidge State Government never existed? Why did they pretend the LNP hadn't been in government during the 1990s? Why lie about their own party and their own people? Why do they hold Bob Borbidge and his government in such public contempt? Is this what they do whenever a government of theirs is unsuccessful? They just pretend it never existed? It will be interesting to see if this will be the fate of the Newman Government. Thrown out by the people of Queensland, and therefore forever ignored by the LNP.