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01 July 2014



It seems hardly a fortnight goes by where business owners aren't putting on shoes, getting together at some CBD hotel, and giving each other awards for some bullshit reason or another.  For many of them, like the continual awarding of "tourism awards" as tourism collapsed in 2009, they are idiotic and damaging to morale.

One award night that defies this trend are the TNQ20 Business Excellence Awards.  These awards, started under the leadership of Val Schier and the previous Council, identify the creative, and the hardworking entrepreneurs in Cairns.  And the awards have been especially useful in motivating GenX and GenY up-and-coming business operators in Cairns.  Clearly, the energy of new restaurants like Zambrero on Lake Street should be encouraged.  They are the future of Cairns, when the past is represented by some overpriced greek restaurant where the owner sits scowling at the customers all night.

Sadly, organisers of this year's Award Gala have decided against securing a real, proven, business success to keynote the event, inspire the winners, and motivate the losers.  Instead they've hired the latest in self-promoting bullshit artists, a GenY P.T. Barnum.  A slick, smooth-talking internet promoter who's only business experience has been building a business to promote his business-building ability.  

This GenY promoter is one Jack Delosa, a proud university dropout, who's decided that since he's smarter than most of us (and isn't afraid of telling us so, time and time again), he would self-promote himself into a career advising the rest of us how to be winners.  He's the Kim Kardashian of business providers - famous for being famous with no real track record of talent or skill.

In his book, titled UnProfessional, (from vanity publisher Wiley), he unveils his "get rich quick" strategy on business.  Whatever the Baby Boom generation does, do the opposite.  Eschew education, because it's a waste of time.  Use all the social media marketing tools to get the results you want.  Essentially, the "get rich quick" business philosophy of GenY.  

Delosa in fact has used all these tools and more like any good self-help guru.  He floods the internet promoting himself, making "truth" out of "untruth".  His self-promotion efforts refer to himself as a "multi-millionaire" by the age of 24 - despite there being no evidence and few questioners.  His only businesses are set up to sell his business advice - and yet he's never founded and run a business of any kind other than his self-help companies! 

Reviews of his book show classic internet manipulator techniques.  For example, the only review for his book on Amazon was written and posted eleven days BEFORE Amazon had actually shipped a copy!  And the review was penned by a "customer" at Amazon online only a couple weeks.  

When asked the difference between his MBE Education Company (positioned as a business university, minus any higher education credentials) and a REAL University business school, his flippant answer:  "Mine works".  And yet there's little evidence of this, as shown here.  

And the website MBE Education redirects to his other company, The Entourage (doesn't everyone want an entourage?) where Delosa turns to the age-old marketing gimmick used by real estate, self-help, and get-rich-quick entrepreneurs around the world for decades - THE TESTIMONIAL.  Nothing very "unconventional" about this.

And in fact two of Delosa's biggest "success stories" (Sheryl Thai of Cupcake Central, and Stuart Cook of Zambrero International) both received and credit their business school educations (RMIT & Southern Cross Universities) as integral to their success.  Not some feel-good bullshit.

At the end of the day, this is just the same kind of self-help message being sold to unhappy and unquestioning people, looking for a get-rich quick formula to success.  Books, feel-good "get togethers" at no cost, designed to sell an ever-expanding array of services to the gullible.  Fill out the form on the Delosa website and then brace yourself for the hard sell.  Cairns is in fact home to an earlier, fatter generation of this same kind of self-help guru  - whom former owners of a once successful cafe at Edge Hill blame for their stunning business collapse after following his advice.

Compare Jack Delosa's website with some of the other world-renowned self-help clowns.  Tony Robbins.   Kevin Trudeau, jailed for several scams including seminars and a book famously entitled "Free Money".  Real estate scams alone account for dozens of scammers and millions in losses.
But it's a mystery why someone like this has been engaged by the Cairns nonRegional Council to speak at our local business award dinner.  Is staff at Council so gullible?  

We urge Council to get wise and find a real entrepreneur with a proven track record of business success to speak at this award night, and send Jack "Kardashian" Delosa packing.



Anonymous said...

But this is Cairns; an administration as thick as two short planks put there by an apathetic sub-intellect majority electorate.

CBD Warrior said...

After looking at this Jack Delosa's web site, I've got to agree HBW. This is just an old-fashioned get rich quick scheme.

I note that instead of doing a little "reporting", Nick Dalton at the Cairns Post instead just reprinted Delosa's self-promoting press releases. Monkeys are clearly now running the Compost.

Thanks HBW!

Tony Hillier said...

Media standards have slipped to an all-time low!

Anonymous said...

On another subject theres a shortage of Nurses at Cairns Base Hospital,vacancies are being filled with student Nurses,this is making the workload on trained Nurses so much harder so they are asking Nurses assistants (AINs) to take on Patient loads,(be responsible for four or five Patients),AINs are only supposed to assist Nurses with patients,you don't read about this in the Cairns Post do you

Anonymous said...

Well the student nurses are heaps cheaper. If you don't like it fuck off and get job at Kmart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 08:23you are not making sense…knob head

Anonymous said...

HBW we don't need to be reminded of the moronic neanderthals such as 4/7/14 08:23 that live among us.

Anonymous said...

Hey HBW, what is the story with the code black at CBH? Why is the new hospital building not opening until December?