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21 July 2014


One year, after the first announcements about the Aquis resort and CASINO project, Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning was at a charity luncheon chatting with councillor John Schilling and other residents.  One highly-placed CBD businessman asked Manning if he had ever been to Macau.  Manning and Schilling both responded in the negative.

A year later, with this the most important project for Cairns speeding ever closer to approval, NOT ONE of our elected civic leaders have bothered to take the time and energy to GO to Macau, or Singapore, and see for themselves the impacts that be expected in Cairns from this project.  All they're left with is the rosy pictures painted by the developer, and some insane notion that Macau = Las Vegas.

Hu Xingdou, an economics professor in Beijing, told the LA Times, "Gambling is a big part of Chinese human nature.  Tied to it are beliefs in superstition, numerology, and a desire to get rich quick.  Chinese are the biggest gamblers in the world", Hu said.  "Thousands of years under an imperial system that tries to keep people down leads to a mentality of trying to become super-rich overnight, preferably without hard work".  This pent-up desire to gamble has been released along with the economic reforms since 1990.

It's no wonder the current Chinese Communist Imperial System won't allow gambling in their country.  


A recent report from the federal agency AUSTRAC has outlined the growing use of Australia as a location to launder hot money.  Casinos have always been locations where corrupt operators + organised crime = money laundering.  However the problems at "Chinese" casinos are not just organised crime syndicates, but individual criminals, government officials, and others pushing Mainland Chinese government assets thru the machinery.  And while AUSTRAC freely admits they are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, the Abbott government is CUTTING the AUSTRAC budget.  

Crown Casino in Melbourne has been used by these gangs to launder millions.  In one major case, the culprits were caught and prosecuted in a Las Vegas case, where their confiscated records showed $23M went thru Crown with not a raised eyebrow, or any Australian prosecutions.

And when the Mainland government conducts one of their periodic (but useless) anti-corruption campaigns, gaming revenue at the Macau casinos dip in response.  Only to resume the usual level of corrupt money as the Mainland government turns to killing mosquitos or some other worthless task.

Corruption in China is a pandemic.  Routine "crackdowns" by the central government are part of a regular show for the public that do little to stop it.  In June of 2011, it was documented that between 16,000 and 18,000 officials and management of Chinese government-owned firms have fled with stolen funds - estimated at up to $120 BILLION.  The stories are too numerous to repeat here, but a good source of this reporting CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Macau's phenomenal success is based on a formula that facilitates, and indeed ENCOURAGES money laundering.  Our political leaders have little understanding of how Macau works - and yet they're running headlong into dropping one of these corruption machines in Yorkey's Knob.

Australian regulators can't stop us from being gouged by fees at ATM's.  Anyone think our regulators have the ability to identify Mainland Chinese money laundering?  Good luck with that.


Several years ago, the Mainland Chinese government introduced tourism currency controls.  Outbound tourists are only allowed to take ¥20,000 (AU$3600) per person overseas.  To counteract this limitation, Macau casino interests set up "The Pawn Shop".  Not real pawn shops as
we know them, these shops were set up to assist Mainland Chinese into skirting the currency controls.  You go in, purchase a fake Rolex for $15,000 and put it on your Union Pay charge card.  Receipt and dodgy Rolex in hand, you go to the next window where they'll buy your fake Rolex back, no questions asked, for $12,000, in any kind of cash you want.

Bob Manning has been heard comparing the Aquis project with the Daikyo investment in Cairns in the late 1980's.  Then state treasurer and Cairns MP Keith De Lacy in fact fought against Daikyo investment in Queensland until ordered to stand down by Premier Wayne Goss.  Daikyo investment in Cairns never exceeded $800M, 10% of the Tony Fung proposals.  And there was never any thought that Daikyo's golf courses would be hotbeds of criminal activity or money laundering.

And though few in Cairns would be aware, Daikyo emerged from its financial reorganization as a solid company that again is investing in Australia - with Brisbane and the Gold Coast on their radar - apparently ignoring the Cairns market this time around.


In a comprehensive, well-respected study by Dr. E.L. Grinols and Professor Dr. David Mustard entitled "Casinos, Crime, and Community Costs" (2000), it was shown that crime increased in almost every locality where a casino was built.  In their 2006 update to this work, they discuss the five negative effects of casinos that increase crime.

  • Casinos drain the local economy of resources
  • Increased crime payoff
  • Increased number of pathological gamblers
  • Casinos attract criminal activity
  • Casinos induce a change in the local population towards one apt to commit more crimes

Grinols and Mustard conclude that the social costs of casinos are far greater than the benefits.  Indeed, crime statistics show that crimes of all kinds have almost tripled in Macau in the two decades.

We urge you to source a copy of this work - much of it freely available from the authors and Baylor University. 

Think we can get Bob Manning, Gavin "Chinese are Freaks and Weirdos" King, or Michael "who stole the backhoe?" Trout to read anything that would allow them to intellectually analyse what they're about to do to Cairns?

It's criminal that these dickheads won't even get on a plane to take a look at what Macau has wrought.


Anonymous said...

I have been driving in taxis in Cairns for the best of 20 years or so. Not full time for the whole time, but as a reliable backup income source also. And it has served me mostly in good stead over the years except for the occasional professional scumbag who seems assume paying the taxi fare home or to the nearest brothel is optional, Like the Cairns ... I grew up in, very optional now. Not forgetting we all have to keep our own priorities first and foremost when it comes to inflicting bad behaviour or dealing with it now on a daily basis. Which is an axiomatic statement and synonymous for Cairns, now Cairns has come of age. You can never let a good thing pass you by In Cairns especially if you are a sellout politician and addicted to it, for all the wrong reasons IE Poor Behaviour Gambling and Brothels or maybe these are the right reasons. Dont worry about our own Unique Tourism Industry here in Cairns, many people who are true locals have fought long and hard for. No just replace that economy with this tried and tested crime magnet economy. The rest of the world now subscribes to. The fucken chinese wont give a fuck about our so call refined culture, A culture now outlawed.

shanghai said...

well done qld go forth and fornicate and leave it to to the pollies what a bunch of dumb cunts we are

Anonymous said...

What is Labor's position on this? It hasn't been stated, and I suspect the reason is that the dumb bogan red-necks - sadly the majority of this town - are supportive of Aquis (because they only see the promised $$$'s and are too dumb to see the con). For Labor to come out against it would give the LNP a big wedge. Wise to hedge your bets at this time (pardon the pun).

Anonymous said...

The politicians, councillors, et al,- who are behind the various approvals of this 'money laundering mini empire'
are either too fucking stupid to realise it's illegal implications (not likely), OR have been 'rewarded appropriately'
so as to appear not to. (MOST likely).

Observer said...

Well done, Hillbilly Watch! I have been able to find out much more, through your links, on the dangers of money laundering, and the huge amount of corruption within the Chinese Government. All of this needs public airing here in our community as important information before weighing up the pros and cons of such a huge and monumental development as AQUIS.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's all going to change. An overnight population increase of 10% and a 50% jump in airport arrivals will do that. But it won't just be Chinese interests/Aquis that will benefit. By virtue of the volume of inbound arrivals, we may well become a domestic and international hub. This alone will foster growth and sustainability in the CBD...not everyone will want to go to Yorkeys, we still have the iconic attractions that people want to see. Now it will be potentially easier and cheaper to do it...more flights=more competition=better access=more flow on traffic.
Like him or hate him, a quote from a few years ago by James Packer " Australia cannot rely on its natural beauty alone, because people are more drawn to man-made attractions".
...Build it and they will come...
Remember, people will still want to come here for all the same reasons they've always wanted to come here, but now it's going to be easier/cheaper/more often.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:38. I am not sure I would call AQUIS an attraction. We could develop Cairns as a hub without it. But a casino is not an attraction, they are plentiful across the globe. The building is modern and in keeping what many places are doing these days but not unique enough for a wow factor. Relying more on tourism is massive negative.

Shanghai said...

Ooops !!! What does fornicate mean?

Anonymous said...

I have been informed that the Acacia Court has applied for 45 pokies. Evidently Charlies is now a pub & needs the pokies to be profitable..... how many more of these Machines in Cairns?