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12 July 2014


Some 400 interested residents filled a lecture hall at JCU Smithfield on Thursday night, for an event entitled "The Aquis Casino Resort EIS Community Information Symposium".  It sadly was the intersection of two parallel universes.  The first featured three hours of theoretical and scientific explanations (but no conclusions) about the Aquis EIS from JCU professors who, despite their protestations, perhaps were more concerned about keeping their jobs (and the dream of most academics, future consulting gigs) then protecting their community.  In the second universe were the residents angry that any of this was being discussed in a rational manner - a group wanting to "rage against the machine" but not having a clue how that works.   Their undercurrent of hostility towards this project was what the organizers desperately attempted to keep "in the bottle" all night.  

The symposium was frankly a profound waste of everyone's

The JCU professors, comfortable living in some academic fairy land, believe that shortcomings in the EIS can be pointed out to the Coordinator General, will get some kind of intelligent response from the government and Aquis developers, and then we can all go arm and arm into some kind of Chinese-fueled nirvana while singing "Kumbaya" and eating yumcha falling from the sky.

But it's hard to understand how a large group of intelligent, mostly tertiary-educated city migrants to Cairns have deluded themselves into thinking that somehow a few submissions about shortcomings in the EIS will have any impact on this project.  Are you people daft?

As we pointed out when the project was first announced - the fix is in.  The public has zero chance of stopping it.

Despite the wide range of community members in attendance, not one current politician was in attendance.  NOT ONE.  Think of the significance of this snub.

Why would Michael Trout, Gavin King, the Mayor (past his bedtime), or any local councillors (sorry, we don't know who they are, either) attend?  They don't operate in this parallel Kumbaya universe.  They know what most in Cairns know - the fix is in.  If they are in favour of the project, why should they say anything and alienate a voter?  If they're against, they have enough political sense to know the obvious - the fix is in.  Let Campbell Newman take the flak - he'll be gone at the next election, anyway.

Also absent were any representatives from the developer, Tony Fung (except for a couple of unidentified East Berliners on the developer's Stasi payroll).  A "normal" project would see the developer in the room, explaining his intentions to the neighbours and addressing their concerns.   

The EIS that has been proffered has met the government's requirements for an $8B project and a political (not technical) approval process.  It has lots of words, on lots of pages; charts, graphs, and footnotes.  It has pretty drawings.  It talks about jobs and more airplanes coming to Cairns.  That's all the Coordinator General, head of a political department, needs to approve this politically-driven EIS.  An approval that is ultimately under the control of political commissar Jeff Seeney, and his boss Campbell "Joh Bjelke" Newman.

We believe strongly that everyone should have their say, and if you're so motivated, please put your objections in writing to the Coordinator General about Aquis.  Just don't become delusional and believe it will make one whit of difference.  THE FIX IS IN!  

During the bitch question period at the end, the audience frustration with the direction of the symposium was clearly expressed by most of the audience.  One migrant from Melbourne told an exceptionally poignant story about his experience with the introduction of gambling to Victoria in the early 1990's.  As an emergency dispatcher, he was directly impacted by the results of the introduction of casinos and poker machines to his community - suddenly answering emergency calls about the resultant suicides occurring at a bridge over the Yarra River.  Our government "stakeholders and partners" quickly reacted to this unfortunate consequence of their casino booty (that you can bet WASN'T in the EIS) - and this bridge was soon fenced off from the distraught jumpers.  No extra charge.  

Suicides, broken families, damaged children, destroyed futures.  .  . just some of the consequences of state-supported gambling.  And despite the huge profits gleaned from this gambling by the state, on behalf of the majority of non-gamblers, you've got to ask yourself one simple question:

Why does the Mainland China government steadfastly refuse to allow gambling facilities among their citizens in China despite the huge tax revenue they're forgoing?  

We're about to find out the answer.


Anonymous said...

It really does pay to be informed. May not stop it, but the better the understanding the better decisions you make on staying/going or investing in the local economy, or investing elsewhere.

There are some serious scary flags on this and MP's / Councillors maybe long gone when they become apparent So all pollies obviously act now in self interest so we must do likewise. We know that most will read analysis and go bahh but some get it and will be better placed to act as a result.

Look at Abbot Point, what a shamozzle and that got passed now they run around trying to fix post approval with potential bill for taxpayer 1 billion dollars. QLD starting to remind me of the 80's and that did not end well. Shoddy work and economic negligence is already apparent. We must hope the banks are more responsible than government and demand higher standards than what we are seeing.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad appraisal HBW, but one glaring error

No way is the Little Man the boss, Big Jeff is calling the shots with the support of the old Nats and the nutless wonders that are the Christian Right of the new LNP.

Anonymous said...

You could and probably are right HBW but to say nothing ....... for this town to be raped and pillaged without even a scream, is ridiculous. When the govt changes next March, those responses will be useful, stranger things have happened HBW ! . When this plot was hatched between the LNP and Fung before the LNP were in power no one considered what would happen if they were only in for one term.

Jon Nott said...

Dear HBW, I think your comment about the three JCU professors being 'clearly more concerned about keeping their jobs (and future consulting gigs) then protecting their community' out of line. I have for a long time been very public about protecting the community and that was the entire point of my talk on Thursday night. I am also not involved in any consultancies with AQUIS and I made that very clear.
I would be very happy to send you copies of my articles where I discuss the importance of protecting the Cairns community from floods and storm surge. Just send me your email address so I can get the articles to you.


Jon Nott

Bob R. said...

To answer the last question, Hillbilly - because of the triads, prostitution and drugs as well as the misery caused to families by addicted gamblers.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the response if this was the idea of a local female? Lets build a massive hotel despite no proven demand, on river delta where the bedrock is between 60 and 90 metres deep under the silt. Where the river may change course to Thomatis creek as it's main ocean exit. Where sea level rises may cause erosion and where construction will dump sediment for us to pay to clean up at Half Moon bay, Yorkeys and beaches to the south. Where they admit that the golf course will be flooded on a regular bases and the lake less frequently but sufficiently enough for silt build up to require regular dredging. Can you imagine if a female came up with this nonsense?

Nothing about this project adds up and if it had been the idea of a local female I ma sure the cowards would have let everyone know about it.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to Jon Nott speak at the first Aquis Aware meeting and he did absolutely not strike me as someone who was more concerned about his own job than talking openly about issues that concern the community.

He spoke out very strongly against the proposal in fact and he made a lot of sense.

Not sure where this accusation comes from HBW ? It does not seem to make any sense at all.

shanghai said...

firstly like to thanks the police on a great job they have doing lately in the early hours in the cbd myself very much appreciated its good to see if we help them they help us the irony is I do a lot wrong early eg illegal u turns , double parking ,parking ing in loading zone but I help them too by being there out with extra eyes ps some people have said I have been feeding the lions at the circus that's not true but sssh they love Annabel's sausage rolls so pilgrims sleep tight cans is in good hands

Anonymous said...

" We must hope the banks are more responsible than government..."

did I hear the word 'delusional' ;?)

Geoff Holland said...

There is an apparent contradiction here: politicians are absent because they do not want to be too closely associated with this project (except for the fall guys Trout and King) in case it does not fly, or flies and then crashes; and the idea it is futile to put in a submission. Everyone knows Aquis has been cooked up in response to capital flight from an increasingly shaky Chinese economy (due for an ugly correction) and a clampdown on corruption, and much of this capital flight is from that same corruption. Everyone knows the whole thing is financially very unstable and very risky. So some well-penned submissions can reiterate the plethora of high risks such that Coordinators General and other sub-officials will be even more cautious and tentative in their advice until finally Seeney is left standing alone with no clothes on. Then even he will be looking for way off the hook.

Johnno said...

Don't know what all the fuss is about. $8.2 billion development there is just fkn dumb and they will do their arse. good luck!

Tony Hillier said...

During last week's symposium at JCU, Professor Jon Nott tore holes in the methodology applied in the Aquis EIS, questioning the reliability of the information contained there-in and indicating that the terms of reference have not been met. He is palpably his own man, and almost certainly better qualified to proffer an opinion on local environmental concerns than anybody else in the region.

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai did you say?

Anonymous said...

Well said Tony, I totally agree.

Al said...

When it inevitably goes belly-up, it will become a great mouldy decaying temple to gross stupidity and human greed, especially when the crocs take up residence in the ponds and giant fig trees start adhering to its walls giving habitat to the flying foxes from the now dead heritage trees at the Cairns Library. With a larger than life statue of that most stupid and greedy Queenslander of all - Seeney; Aquis will finally find its niche as a tourist attraction rivalling the pyramids and Angkor Wat.

By the way, how's that Port Hinchenbrook development going, anyone heard?

Anonymous said...

It is very disturbing to see such rampant greed and avarice trying to kill off community debate. Im frankly sickened by seeing real estate agents rubbing their palms together with undisguised glee in the AQUIS advertisements.

Alison Alloway said...

Geoff Holland, you could be right. I don't know. However the very absence of open support and negotiations from both the State and Federal Governments with various Ministers trotting up here from time to time to announce this and that, connected with AQUIS, is very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong about nobody from Aquis being there, I see that slime bag Howie Thomas in the crowd.