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03 July 2014


With our Port Douglas neighbours to the north now divorced from their shotgun marriage with the Cairns nonRegional Council, reports from this community indicate a high level of satisfaction with the elected Douglas Council and Mayor, Julia Leu.

Leu has assembled a terrific team of professionals to run this Council, led by former CRC employee Linda Cardew.  They were charged with enormous tasks - getting the Douglas Shire serviced from a dead start, finding skilled professionals to fill the various positions, and prepare both a January 1 budget as well as a July 1 2014 budget.  

The task was made somewhat easier by changes in the Local Government Act that allowed the mayors in de-amalgamated councils to develop these two first budgets without the usual council consultative process.  These were "Mayor's Budgets", and in Douglas, they were the product primarily of Mayor Leu, City Manager Cardew, and and handful of top managers.

While Leu in fact did consult with all the elected councilors,
their participation was extremely limited - it was her challenge, and she got on with it.

And apparently the results have been stunning - with nary a negative comment by anyone in the community.  Even downtrodden misogynist Karin "pearl necklace" Pollard has been mum on the issue.

So it wasn't much of a mystery that John MacKenzie decided to find out about this budgetary magic.  Did he call to interview and congratulate Mayor Leu?  Nope.  How about the city manager?  No again.  He in fact instructed his chief henchman henchperson Junelle McNaught to get councillor and former city manager Terry Melchert on the phone.  Melchert, a witting or unwitting pawn in this Mackenzie sick obsession, was nominated by this woman-hating MacKenzie to explain and accept the praise for this budget.

And Melchert, who was responsible for Port's "water poisoning" experiments that were hurriedly undone when Cairns took over the shire, dutifully spoke on the phone with Macca, as the good lapdog he has proven to be over the years.

And Melchert did his part well - you'd never of even know that another person, A WOMAN, was mayor of this town!

Women bring out the worst in MacKenzie.  It was Macca who, on day one after his mate Kevin Byrne's stunning upset by Val Schier, began a campaign of venom and vile hatred of over four years that was sickening to abide.  And his private comments upchucked in restaurants around the city were even more sick and sickening.  

Junelle, who has participated in this dirty business for so long, coincidently quit her job without notice the same day.


KitchenSlut said...

I can't agree that the budget is laudable but rather should be questioned. The budgeted operating deficit is large as a proportion of revenue to be of concern and the projection remains still large two years out despite ongoing rate increases of 5.2% and unexplained suggestions of an alternative depreciation funding.

This has also been questioned by Conus and yet again the FNQ media have regurgitated the PR with no analysis: http://www.conus.com.au/2014/06/2nd27/

Anonymous said...

That' how the Labor types do their financing.
Borrow borrow borrow.
Use other peoples money.
Makes the bottom line look good.

Al said...

And (anon 19:13) LNP types sell our revenue producing assets to their mates and supporters who then go on to gouge consumers.
Everyone borrows money, I have, you have, that's how we get to own the roof over our head.

KitchenSlut said...

Oh really Anonymous @19:13?

What I see ... or rather smell ... is related to the comments on depreciation which would appear to indicate some kind of deal with the State to get around appropriate depreciation funding required of all other councils. Now why would that be??

Will this new model be available to all councils I wonder? What I smell in any depreciation deal is a backdoor bailout to save the skin of Minister Crisaffulli who sent Douglas into de-amalgamation for entirely inappropriate political reasons.

Seth said...

Anonymous 19.13, are you referring to all the deficit budgets brought down by Robert Menzies? He wasn't a Labor Prime Minister, you uneducated moron. He was Liberal.

ruby said...

Mackenzie cannot stand women, and the men who go on his program and who phone him, know this. They are exactly the same type of men, only some pretend to have a "marriage" with some naïve simple minded woman.

Anonymous said...

KitchenSlut...you seem to be misinformed about the de-amalgamation of Douglas from Cairns. The LNP made it as difficult as possible for the process to occur and despite the doom and gloom predictions there still ended up being a democratic vote 57% in the affirmative. It would have suited the LNP more if Douglas had not voted the way it did!