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03 July 2014


With the 5th Annual Cairns Ukulele Festival occupying the
weekend of families right around Cairns, it's important we recall the rocky start of this festival.

When first announced by Mayor Val Schier, the MacKenzie hillbillies exploded into orchestrated derision.  MacKenzie, along with his personal nodder, Gavin "don't rape me" King, spent show after show attacking this 'stupid idea from the do-nothing Mayor Schier".  MacKenzie and King made the first two years of festivals MUCH MORE DIFFICULT than if everyone had been as supportive as Mike O'Laughlin, the 4CA morning host.  

Contrast this with Cueball's fawning today over Gabby Thomasz, who sat thru a Macca interview on the festival this morning and never once asked him why he hated it, and attacked it relentlessly at the beginning?

Misogynists and other sexual abusers continue their bad behaviour unless called out by their victims. That's the lesson of the Rolf Harris verdict this week.  Too bad Gaby now is content to take credit for the whole thing - without acknowledging Mayor Schier.

MacKenzie also continued his defence of the Gavin King illegal parking fiasco this week.  Now it's social media that's under attack, with MacKenzie saying "Social media is inhabited by amateurs and idiots"!

Both Gavin King and Warren Entsch have hired "social media" managers - paid for by our tax dollars.  The social media manager for King is the failed council candidate Steve Grasso - the source of most of the grammatically bereft posts on King's Facebook page.

So, with this in mind, we want to hear your opinion.



Anonymous said...

I recall the derision cast upon Val Schier's efforts to establish the uke festival in Cairns. It is now one of our signature events.
What has the present mayor achieved so far? Anyone?

shanghai said...

hey hill billy can we have a poll who is the biggest wanker shanghai,elvis or wtf let people vote

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Lance Armstrong program on ABC? Called Stop at nothing? It should be on iview now.

The far right and him share traits and I was not surprised to find many other make the connection on discussions.

Second Anonymous said...

HBW, Grasso is paid for what he does - surely that makes him a professional idiot.

Alison Alloway said...

I was surprised to hear Thomasz had consented to appear on Mackenzie's crap program. Despite Mackenzie's strenuous attempts at demonising the humble ukulele and scuttling the festival, during which I will always recall his voice thick with scorn and menace as he villified Val Schier, the ukulele and anyone who ever played or liked ukulele music (such as Elvis Presley), the festival took off and was a success. Thomasz and the other organisers proved they didn't NEED Mackenzie. The festival was all about filling a niche in the tourist industry, which, at the time, was well and truly in the doldrums. It just beggared belief therefore that neither Mackenzie nor Gavin King, writing in The Cairns Post, understood that. Instead of giving the idea all their support, they loudly condemned the idea!! I suspect that intellectually, the concept of "niche" tourism is above their level of understanding. I do know for a fact that other people who had ideas for "niche" tourism, after observing the behaviour of Mackenzie and King, backed off and nervously abandoned their own plans for festivals. Sadly, we will never know therefore how much these two men - Mackenzie and King have lost Cairns in tourism dollars. Mackenzie has a nerve calling participants in social media "amateurs and idiots". The humble little ukulele has proven Mackenzie as a prize big mouth and fool.

Observer said...

Well said Alison. You made the point very well indeed. The humble ukulele has proven Mackenzie an idiot and a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

I would think she needs to be apolitical to secure funding.

On another note I am surprised to see Palm Cove having the 7th highest mortgage delinquency rate in the country. The rates are not high but still.....

Al said...

As usual, a good comment Alison Alloway

sir cuss said...

Agree, Alison nailed these two tossers.

Anonymous said...

Thomas is the one that created this and took all the risk along with the hard work. good on val for supporting it but dont confuse practical survival with sycophancy. If Mckenzie and the cronies have been won over, that is something to grab hold of, not discourage. many will want to see this event fail just because val was treated so badly and we have a conservative governments. but Thomas has the show go on because we all know it's worth it, and every little bit of support helps. - an eye for an eye and we all go blind

Alison Alloway said...

That's some bizarre spin there Anonymous 15.16 trying to insinuate the supporters of Val wanted the festival to fail. What bullshit. The cold facts are that Mackenzie and King ended up with bucketloads of shit in their faces, so they are now trying to wipe it off. But, as you all know, shit sticks.