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22 July 2014


In a scathing attack, Accor Pacific Chairman Michael Isenberg and InterContinental Hotels Asia CEO Jan Smit confirmed that onerous and costly visa applications were inhibiting tourism traffic to Australia.

Surveys of potential international travelers in China consistently place Australia as the #1 aspirational destination.

However those aspirations aren't achieved with actual bookings by the Chinese - with a 20 page immigration form, (that can't be completed online), $120 filing fee, and several week delay just two of the impediments.

Hoteliers at the conference also attacked the federal
government for not appointing a Tourism Minister, noting that Tourism Australia was operating in a disjointed and uncoordinated way.

The comments made at this tourism conference were oddly not published by any of the News Limited-owned media outlets in Australia.  Funny that.

Australia has long been known for a difficult, slow, and costly tourist visa process, that to many potential tourists signals "go somewhere else".  This difficult process is a major impediment to sustainable Chinese tourism - indeed these visa issues were one of the issues cited to Cairns Airport officials when the Chinese Eastern flights were suspended. 

Meanwhile, USA carrier United Airlines will soon begin the first direct service from Shanghai to Guam  - with many hopeful that this signals a forthcoming approval for Chinese tourists to enter Guam under the USA Visa Waiver program.  The US consulates in China are already operating a "fast track" tourist visa for Guam, with the wait generally less than 2 days.  An earlier addition of Russia to the Guam Visa Waiver program has seen large numbers of Asian-based Russians flying from Vladivostok to Guam - as the Russian-language signs in Guam businesses now attest.    

Guam, which strongly markets itself in Asian countries as a budget Hawaii (with most of Asia within about 4 hours of Guam), could see Cairns stripped of much of the growing tropical destination market - by sheer ineptitude and government bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that they aspire to come to Australia but don't. Top 20 Chinese travel trends in 2014 and Australia is not even in the top 20. I Googled this claim and found it is hotel.com study and here it is. Good reading. http://press.hotels.com/citm/market-overview/

A bigger problem is we are way too expensive with Chinese traveller averaging only $US39,000 per household income. Australian travellers average US$100,000 household income for comparison. For a nice holiday in the tropics Thailand is their main destination and costs a fraction of stay in Cairns for similar experience. Now Guam as well, Phillipines, Hainan, Malyasia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam.

Other tidbits from the same study is that they will avoid a place too hot or too wet. Will not seek our Chinese style hotels? (interesting) Only 8% international travellers want to visit a casino. The most popular activity is in house dining with a massive 95% visitors eating in the hotel restaurant. Average stay on international trips is 2 nights as they hop from one place to another. Older travellers seem to favour western destination with younger young preferring the Asian continent (slightly).

I read the same results elsewhere that in Cairns average stay is 2 nights and also that those that travel for nature are less interested in a casino visit. AQUIS is gambling on Chinese incomes soaring and our exchange rate plummeting.

The more I read about tourism the more I wonder why they keep chasing China when the big money was with Australian travellers. China will grow over time significantly but short term we should be marketing to the locals and traditional markets.

Interesting report.More questions now than answers though.

Anonymous said...

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nancy john said...

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