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10 August 2014


The Queensland LNP, led by the soon-to-be ousted Joh Bjelke Newman, has been flooding the public and media with "performance data", hoping the public and journalists will be too lazy to parse it for the real facts.  The journalists are asleep in a fog - the Weekend Courier Mail featuring polar bears instead of real news on their front page.

The reports for the Cairns Base Hospital are abysmal, and getting worse.  

Cairns is awash with reports of specialist doctors leaving, critical heart patients unable to receive basic care, and a new (grossly over budget) almost $1B hospital addition that can't be opened due to massive electrical problems that haven't yet been found.  

And now we have factual evidence that key operational measures - ambulance response time, and emergency room waiting times, have blown out under the LNP government. 

Hospital chair unSir Bob Norman is being pushed daily to use the MacKenzie microphone to shout about how great the LNP hospital has become.  Norman, the same "business leader" ousted by the Chamber of Commerce membership, and unable to even run an ice cream shop, is now privately telling everyone within earshot of the poison chalice he's been given.  Norman's deceptively "cleared the waiting lists" by getting rid of them, and is now attacking local GP's for making surgical referrals!  

MP Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, who famously boasted that one of his 100-day priorities would be to remove the smokers from the front of the hospital, has failed at even this simple task.

King and his local cohorts Trout and Kempton are now working together - to make sure at least one of them is in the media every day spinning the horrible facts.  With the Queensland unemployment rate pushing 7% and public anger with all varieties of LNP increasing, the inability of this mob to do any better than the last mob is creating strange political bedfellows.

Queensland Health employees are now starting to call attention to the problems - BADHEALTHQLD.COM


Anonymous said...

There is a breath of fresh air blowing thru the Cairns community with the announcement of the new Labor candidate for the Barron River electorate, Craig Crawford. I have just met Craig and I am mightily impressed. Labor has a brilliant candidate to stand against Michael Trout. Craig is a local Paramedic, a man with integrity who fully understands the problems you talk about HBW. Come on Cairns we need a change from this disfunctional LNP mess that Trout and King have left us. Throw them both out at the next election and get someone who actually knows and cares about our community.

shanghai said...

crikey my local news agent ran out of the polar bear dvds I was pondering if they sell 10,000 papers why not send 10,000 dvds as well as advertised what to do???

Anonymous said...

A dear friend was admitted to the Cairns Hos recently, only to be then transferred to a nursing home for progressive dementia.
Last week, his wife had made an appointment at the hospital for him to have a brain scan yesterday on the neurologist's orders. The nursing home had been notified by the hospital staff that he was to be picked up by ambulance yesterday for his appointment.
Once at the hospital, they discovered that the area that they had all been told to go to was closed up, and lights off. His wife finally found someone who could look up the computer, and NO booking had been made on the computer system, despite an entry in a unit diary that he was to have a test.

What a waste of resources and inefficient system. Firstly, the wife's time was wasted, the nursing home staff's time was wasted in getting the patient ready and waiting, the ambulance staff who picked him up and delivered him back and finally the patient was inconvenienced and lugged about.
The wife in no uncertain terms gave the nursing staff a serve and they admitted to her, "that the service was in disarray and that they did not know what they were doing".

Making a clinic booking or outpatient booking in a computer is not rocket science and a stuff up like this one is just gross incompetence and system failure which seems to be happening on a daily basis at this facility. I am very suspicious of any stats that reports that the hospital is doing better or is running efficiently, as the reality is far from that as my friend's treatment or lack thereof attests to.

Anonymous said...

The far right hate governemnt so they only enter politics to destroy it. Gavin King is only really interested in high rises. He should be in real estate and Trout in tourism.

shanghai said...

good to see cave in uphold the fine traditions of our elected members by keeping their snouts in the trough but hey why not im king shit fringe benefits should be declared to ato ? if not why not ???

Second Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, Trout in tourism!!!

I am not a fan of Elvis but his link to a cruise-liner passengers review of his tourism venture was revealing. King should stick to philandering and Trout should stay in hiding.

Stick to what they are good at.

Second Anonymous said...

Actually, when will the King/Kempton philandering with the same co-respondents come to the attention of the public. Apparently it has already come to the attention of the Premier.

Anonymous said...

Yep, let's bring back the hospital system that was so successful under Bligh's two very competent health ministers, Paul Lucas and Stephen Robertson.
What a fucken top drawer duo those two were.
Say no more ...

Mick of Mooroobool said...

19:19 ...and you think it's any fucking better now? The health dept is currently being overseen by a career politician who has form on leadership failure! Of course, it's Labor's fault we can now call Cairns Base a hospital with its current extensions passed by those nasty socialists, but the current government can't even staff the wards or the specialists! Big FAIL. And let's not even start with the hard working underfunded ambos.

Stirrer said...

So Second Anonymous, we should expect Newman up here any day now after his share, ya reckon?

Alison Alloway said...

Alright everyone, stop the muck raking will you and go and look at the posts in BADHEALTHQLD.COM
These are comments from people at the coal-face and well worth reading. If the culture of Queensland Health was toxic before, well it looks even worse today. I can't imagine it is a happy work environment.

Anonymous said...

Well said Alison, I was horrified at the comments on the BADHEALTH site -makes the current LNP QHealth ads on TV look bloody silly.

Anonymous said...

I was visiting my mother in the new block at Cairns Base Hospital and I overheard the staff talking about a patient with tracheostomy that was infested with maggots because the tracheostomy had not been cleaned in several days. As usual my mother was sitting in her faeces. The nurse I spoke to said she had no time to clean her. I was able to get another nurse to help me clean her, but unfortunately the privacy curtains around the beds were broken and my mother had to be cleaned in full view of a male patient who seemed rather demented or drunk, and made some rude comments during the procedure. My mother was crying, there were alarms going off all over the place and garbage bins overflowing onto the floor. I was tempted to take her home and try and care for her myself until the nursing home would accept her back. It was difficult to find a staff member who was able to give me an update on my mother’s condition. Some of these doctors and nurses barely speak English. The older hearing impaired patients must have troubles understanding these accents. I wonder how many patients die each week at Cairns Base Hospital from neglect. Many years ago I had a hernia repair and the level of care was excellent. Any ideas, Hillbilly Watch on what the inside story is?

ruby said...

Anonymous, I feel for you and your Mother. What a disgraceful state of affairs it is when nurses just don't have the time to clean their patients or clean tracheostomys. Unfortunately, the real stories like yours are not getting out there to the public. Instead, if you read "Letters to the Editors" and such, there is a steady, week by week feed of letters purportedly coming from genuine people, praising the staff and facilities at the Cairns Hospital and consolidating the view that everything is all Paradise itself there. Comments like, "Oh, the staff couldn't do enough for me" only support the idea that there are ample staff and the public is therefore suitably lulled into a false impression. Anonymous, I think you should take your complaints to The Cairns Post and just see if they will do anything, for a start.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22/8/14 02:14

You really need to got to the press with this story. Please. Unless people stand up then nothing will improve.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that when UnSir Bob needs hospital treatment, no doubt soon, they will stick an enema tube down his gullet to wash all the crap out of him. Blessed are the failed ice cream sellers.