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13 August 2014


A recent series of stories in the Cairns Post have featured a Trinity Beach groundskeeper at the Marlin Coach Soccer Club complaining about the continual vandalism and burglary at their building, along with other sport clubs in the vicinity.

Cairns Council and MP Michael Trout (who's brother Steven is again being indicted today in Cairns Supreme Court for more criminal offenses) gave no response to this plea by groundskeeper Heinz Kach.

This first blast of stories did however get a community response - the
vandals struck again.  Neighbourhood Watch, the responsibility of Michael Trout, has been completely ineffectual in Trinity Beach.  The small group of local teen toughs have apparently used the nearby Cairns Council-constructed youth skate park as their meeting place during nighttime hours.  

So yesterday MP Trout and the never-seen-before Councillor Greg Fennell made the strangest of all announcements - they said they're going to tear down the skate park and replace it with a parking lot!

What about all the legitimate users of the skate park?  Granted they've been run off by the little gangsters, but are the police now impotent in law enforcement?  Why do law-abiding youth have to pay the price for failed law enforcement? 

This is apparently a new policy of the Queensland LNP government.  If shown to be successful here, they plan to rip up the Cook Highway between Holloways Beach and Yorkey's Knob, where speeding drivers refuse to slow down and slow drivers refuse to use the left lane.

The Queensland Police Service should be ashamed of themselves - their failure to address crime in the Northern Beaches (apparently too busy in the CBD) is legendary.  And now for QPS officers to be seen standing behind the pollies nodding at this so-called "solution" is frankly disgusting.

We would however suggest that we extend this policy to the jailing of the parents and siblings of criminals.  This would see both Michael Trout and his father Peter, neither accused of anything, jailed in a bid to stop the criminal actions of their brother and son Steven Trout.  

Makes as much sense as tearing down a skate park. . .

UPDATE:  Indictment of Steven James Trout this morning in Cairns Supreme Court:

3 counts - Possessing a Dangerous Drug in excess of 2gm
8 counts - Possessing a Dangerous Drug
1 count  -  Possessing a thing used in connection with possessing a dangerous drug


Anonymous said...

The whole idea seems ridiculous and poorly thought through, I've been using that skatepark for 8 years and never seen a strong police presence out there. There's an occasional police car drive by which is rare, however I was lucky enough to see a cairns post photographer there this afternoon. I should be hearing from their journalist tomorrow with any luck to get the view and opinion of one of the people who use and respect the facility. We shall see how that goes, but for now they really should consider the people who actually use the skatepark for it's intended purpose and give them a say and fair go in the end decision of whoever it may be that makes the final call

Second Anonymous said...

Will Trout use his family to procure a dozer for the job?

Anonymous said...

I'm a rate payer and taxpayer who doesn't skate or use the facility but STRONGLY object to the planned stupidity of destroying a facility paid for by the community.

No doubt this "improvement" will come at some excessive expense and will simply deprive legitimate users of the facility from a venue to enjoy their hobbies.

This will not in any way address the perpetrators of crime in the area but will simply alienate those doing the right thing who lose access to their facility. Bureaucracy gone madder!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny to hear Trout tell McKenzie that those things didn't happen when he was young, because he had too much respect for the police and his old man would cane him (why is it that all these middle aged men want to bring back "the cane" ? some weird spanking fantasy maybe?).

So the question is, if that was the case then what happened to his brothers ? Didn't work on them obviously.

After McKenzie had his usual rant about crime being out of hand, he called King so he could tell us that crime figures were down dramatically with Mckenzie oohing and aching in admiration. So according to Mckenzie crime is out of hand but he then takes King's word for it that it is all under control...

Anonymous said...

off topic but i see that cairns is about to have another bunch of con artists hit town. HBW exposed the colour run last year and now we have colour me rad. I have tried to find out if they are related or if the "rad" have seen a good money making scheme and jumped on the bandwagon. Seem to have the same formulae. Some money going to charity(buggar all!!) and using silly bloody volunteers to keep their costs to a minimum. Can you enlighten us on this mob HBW. Even nanny macka mentioned it the other morning and hinted that some people were suspicious of the charity aspect.

Anonymous said...

Re the ReachTel Aquis survey- I was quizzed last week and one of the questions was around whether I would be more or less likely to vote for the LNP if it went ahead. Something smells fishy...

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with LNP or Labor. If Labor do win the election they will not be able to reverse whatever has happened. With only a few MPS PUP and the Greens are as relevant. They are so in the gutter desperate to keep their massive pay for being arrogant wankers try and make it a wedge issue, which of course just makes it looked crooked.

It would be better with ALP government otherwise we will not have the investment in infrastructure we will need. So if people want to make it political then ALP is clearly better. LNP have been a disaster for Cairns. Cannot afford them again.

Anonymous said...

Off topic - but this article about AQUIS appeared in the Courier mail today:

City Beat - Up in arms.
Anthony Marx

THERE was a dirty little secret hiding behind the smiles and backslapping this week as Hong Kong tycoon Tony Fung welcomed a roadshow of investors to check out his proposed $8 billion Aquis mega-resort and casino near Cairns.

Among those looking to tip a few dollars into the project was China Poly Group, which has had ties to Fung for 20 years. Poly is one of the biggest corporates in China, specialising in "international trading and real estate" and bolstered by more than $67 billion in assets.

But CPG is state-owned with old ties to the People's Liberation Army, which had direct control of it until 1999.

One of its subsidiaries, Poly Technologies, is an arms dealer and it is widely considered to be China's biggest weapons exporter.

The arms trading activity has drawn criticism from Amnesty International and the US State Department imposed sanctions on CPG's Poly Technologies last year for supplying weapons to Iran, Syria and North Korea.

It's enough to feed Palmer United Party delusions of an imminent Chinese invasion of Australia!

Meanwhile, the Aquis Group chalked up a win yesterday when the ACCC announced it would not oppose its planned $269 million takeover of the existing Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns.

Concerns had been raised about the same group owning two casino licences in such proximity but the corporate watchdog said there was likely to be limited competition since they target different clientele.

The Aquis spin machine continues whirring away, with the group recently releasing a survey of about 1200 residents in the greater Cairns area. Nearly 70 per cent said they backed the project but we wonder if they would still be so keen if they knew a company so closely related to a Chinese arms dealer may have a role in the project.

Anonymous said...

The AFL must want more parking space