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06 September 2014


With Qantas losing over $2Billion over the last year, QF services continue to be pulled out of Cairns to be replaced by Jetstar.

Seldom do Jetstar run "sale fares" originating in Cairns, instead taking advantage of our minimal service by gouging us.

But the biggest surprise for travellers is the onerous and abusive booking process at Jetstar.  Let's run thru it.

First in the process, on the home page.  Select your destination and dates of travel.

Hey, that's a pretty good airfare!

Then the next screen, we start to get an inkling of the fine print.  Here Jetstar proffers an "extra" bundle.  What is an "extra", in their view?  Selecting a seat is an "extra".  Food or a beverage is an "extra".  

Of course they're going to charge you extra if you bring a bag.  And you HAVE to bring a bag, as they've now started weighing carry-on bags at the gate.  No explanation why luggage FROM Cairns is more expensive than TO Cairns.

Then another page.  Care to join the "Club Jetstar Australia"?  A $39 joining fee, and then $39 annual fee.  For what?  "Member only exclusive sales" - in fact you're PAYING THEM to send you spam!


No, not through yet.  Buy a "snack voucher" with a 10% discount.  However if you don't use it all, no refunds.  How many things on the plane do you think are exactly $5.00??

Oh, and then the movie rental.  On a loner iPad.  Yuck, do they ever clean these things?

Are we almost done?  Here, wouldn't you like a copy of your reservation sent to your telephone?  This one stunned me - 90 cents.  What's the cost of an SMS?  1 cent? 

Sorry, we forgot your seats.  No business class on these flights, but if you want to sit "up front", it's going to cost you.  Keep in mind, those in the front get to the crash site sooner then those in the back. 

But even a STANDARD seat costs - $6!  How can this not be required to be put in the airfare?  Sorry, I forgot.  The LNP has gutted the ASIC so companies are free to run rampant.

Would you like insurance?  We've got it for you.

And conveniently for those not paying attention, we've SELECTED "YES" FOR YOU, along with the appropriate charge.

Airport parking?  You can buy this from Jetstar, too.  Sure it's cheaper elsewhere, but what the fuck, you're going on holiday, anyway.  And it isn't 'at the airport' parking, but somewhere else.  They don't say.

Hotel?  We can get you one.

Car Rental?  Sure, we've got that, too.

Want to help us out with the carbon offset tax?  Here ya' go.

And after Jetstar has worn you down with all these bullshit fees and charges, wouldn't you like to leave a little something to these nice-looking children?  We've got poverty and underfed kids in Australia, but forget them - we're sending your dosh overseas.  We've conveniently selected a contribution for you - if you're not paying attention, you've been dudded.

And the last indignity - $17 to use a credit card to pay us.

So the $125. "SALE" price, if you take all the options (or miss the selections that you've been "tricked" into taking):

$509.84.  ONE WAY.

This doesn't include hotel, car rental, or car parking.

What kind of mood do you think holidaymakers are in after having to negotiate this kind of nonsense?

We've asked the Ass. Minister for Tourism, the Member for MacKenzie, Gavin what's-his-name for a response.  He's too busy giving $500 to some garden club.


TAS said...

Though pretty much the same over at Virgin and Tiger. Can't believe the regulator hasn't dealt with this booking scam once and for all. User-pays for non-essential discretionary extras is good, but it should be opt-in not opt-out. However, the credit card fee is bordering on fraud. How long before a class action takes this one to court. Recently booked a Jetstar domestic flight Cairns to Melbourne, though it was the continuing domestic sector of an international flight from Japan which meant going via international terminals, so longer check-in time required and through customs with D stickers etc. Great price, but the website wouldn't allow continuation to buy. So, rang Jetstar (I think their call centre is in Kabul now). Was told by the agent that he only had the fare on his computers at $50 dearer than that posted on the website but offered to book it for me and send me a Jetstar voucher (with 6 months validity) to the value of $50 (another scam to watch out for). Got a bit assertive and said I wanted the fare at the price showing on MY computer not his - and got it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me !!!
I remember when it cost $600+ flying one way to Sydney on Ansett in 1979!
And that was in 1979 dollars !!!
Stop whinging ...

Anonymous said...

It is not $500 or anything like it unless you are brain dead enough to fall for it. Standard low cost airline tactics worldwide. Build a bridge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes (Anon 6/9/14 23:00), but this is not a price comparison between the decades, it's about trading ethics and transparency.

k. nevill said...

i have been following hbw for many years and understand that there are more than one contributor to these articles. most of the time i agree with the sentiment but there is one contributor who seems to be a good example of what we hate about the murdoch media. sensastional comments and distortion of the truth. this article is probably the worst example of that i have seen from hbw. disgraceful article full of holes that would have rupert patting the writer on the head and saying "well done". i am actually in perth at the moment having flown here on one of jetstars $125 fares....and i only paid $125!!! absolute bargain!
Now back to the supposed $509 fare. how can you add the $39 cost to be a club jetstar member into the fare...thats crap. You are flying jetstar because you want a low cost flight with no frills or extras. Jetstar have every right as a business to try and upsell products but to add $294 for the total value bundle is once again nothing but crap in claiming that the $125 ticket will cost you $509.
Every low cost airline around the world has similar sites with similar charges. i fly regularly and find jetstars site easy to manouvre thru, some others are much more difficult. Yes the $8.50 credit card charge is a ripoff but i pay online from my bank and pay nothing.$6 for a seat, i pay nothing and ask for an aisle seat when i book in and usually get one."if you miss the items you have been tricked into buying". dont you look at the final price before paying? if it was more than $125 every charge is listed and you simply go back and delete them. Whats the problem???
Take jetstar out of cairns and we are stuffed. We are not a capital city and have limited numbers of outgoing passengers which means there is minimal room for full service airlines. Direct flights from singapore will not come from a singapore airlines or emirates but will be a Scoot or AirAsia type line that currently flies into gold coast. So stop bagging jetstar you fool!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with nev, this story is bollocks. But why? What is the agenda here?

Hamish Krint said...

Obviously you are not a Qantas Frequent Flyer!

mick wow said...

K.nevill you are a wanker....you get this and that, you sound like you know everything.If you think these ailines are not having a lend of their customers you are probably employed by one.
What is wrong with being upfront with people and quote a price , all inclusive instead of the bullshit they try to trap you in.

Anonymous said...

Had a discussion about this at work today. Every person agreed it is a deliberate setup to fleece the naive who should expect more from their fellow humans. And people think this is OK?

shanghai said...

the agenda is fear and hysteria like stranger danger with so much extra police in cans at the moment don't even fart cant wait to see the police from Brisbane search the handbags of 200 chinese housewives at the fleet terminal going to green island...easier to get bogans and bikies in logan city

Anonymous said...

And you forgot to mention the Cairns Airport. Security staff who have no idea about customer relations and treat everyone as a potential terrorist.
About a public address system that is impossible to understand.
About travellers taking so much "carry-on" luggage on board that there is insufficient room in the overhead lockers.
Jetstar staff, all of whom appear that they would like to be elsewhere.