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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

29 October 2014


The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has again found a breach of the code by Cairns talk show bullshit artist John "Cueball" MacKenzie at radio station 4CA.

MacKenzie, who generates almost continual complaints by the public for his divisive and vitriolic show, was found to have lied when he told his minuscule audience that aboriginal crime rates in Cape York are "30 times greater than OURS".  A statement designed to denigrate the aboriginal community and proffer the superiority of "US" (whoever "US" is). 

The total statement from MacKenzie is also replete with other untruths, but ACMA decided to focus on the most egregious lie told by MacKenzie.

The part that ACMA didn't comment about was the low ethics shown by Queensland's LNP Housing Minister Timothy Mander, who was at the time being interviewed by MacKenzie and heard the racist lie.  Like racist comments made to Warren Entsch on this program that were never condemned by Entsch, Mander also let MacKenzie tell this huge lie about the aboriginal communities in the Cape and never spoke up to disaffirm this clearly made up nonsense.

MacKenzie, who almost daily criticises the lack of punishment doled out by courts to offenders, has now benefitted from this lefty largess.  His only punishment?  He was "counseled" by the station management. This for a guy who almost daily makes several bullshit statements.

It is unfortunate that the ACMA isn't able to charge MacKenzie with what underpins his lies - continual race baiting of his right-wing wackjob audience who subscribe to the Martin Tenni view:  "We were born here, therefore we're aboriginal, too!"

MacKenzie continues to act defiant, and we urge all readers to take the time to file an ACMA complaint each and every time you hear lies spewing from this hateful man. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  ACMA this morning posted their report on this documented incident of lying by John MacKenzie.  The report is notable in two respects:

1.  MacKenzie in his response to ACMA disputed that the use of the word "communities" refers to aboriginal people and their Cape York towns.  He told ACMA he was . . "not only referring to the Indigenous communities, but any community outside Cairns".  ACMA was not misdirected by this lie - they noted that MacKenzie frequently uses the word "communities" as code for aboriginal communities; he referred to these "communities" as those having alcohol management plans (which only those in the Cape do); and repeatedly referred to 'those people' moving into housing "down here".  

2.  David Kempton (as noted by his verbal comments this morning) also submitted a defence of these racist-tinged comments in writing.  The email is shown below.

It would seem MacKenzie should be asking why the promised elimination of the alcohol management plans hasn't been addressed by his darlings in the LNP over their term in government.  


Ivor. said...

Individuals like him complain hatefully about the ABC

CBD Warrior said...

Shockingly, Mckenzie lapdog David Kempton got on the air and excused McKenzie for his racist comments! Kempton made some bullshit comment like "you're heart is in the right place". I would hope all our aboriginal brothers in the Cape take this into account when voting in the next election.

Anonymous said...

As the Mackenzie program is the media arm of the LNP in FNQ I wonder if that political party realize the damage that show actually does in the listening area(Cairns)and the laughing stock he is to about 98% of people in this area who refuse to listen to him. I know people like him and jones think they are popular the reality is always more balanced. Pity that reality can't be verified.

Anonymous said...

Who needs experts and professionals to sort out strategy for various issues when have the intellectually challenged redneck lynch mob captain using the situation to incite hate and get his pathetic loser listeners frothing at the mouth. My god they are sick and twisted.

Mick of Mooroobool said...

Must admit McKenzie's weekly opinion segment on the local 7 News turned me back to watching WIN news - which has a better local news coverage anyway.

Anonymous said...

Listened to Mackenzie, got sick of the sound of his voice and the sound of handjobs under the table whenever Gavin King was in studio, now it's Triple J all the way!