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16 October 2014


Several media outlets have reported Joh Bjelke Newman's awarding of new regional air service contracts - with service on the bulk of FNQ routes now to be provided by New South Wales-based Regional Express (ReX).  This announcement has filleted the Cairns owned-and-based Skytrans like a tuna, with many suggesting that Skytrans may not survive the loss of these services.

Job losses are not yet revealed, but they will be heavy.

Even the announcement from the LNP Government and Minister for Transport Scott Emerson is titled with a lie "New Deal for Queensland's Regional Airlines".  The "new deal" is NO deal, with all the services now scheduled to be provided by either Qantaslink or ReX.

The Cairns Chamber, in a stunning act of hubris, has issued a scathing press release denouncing the decision and the violation of the LNP's "Buy Local" campaign.  The statement is also signed by TTNQ and Advance Cairns.  

Insiders have reported that the difference in bids for the FNQ routes was literally "pennies" with the Minister using "alternative factors" to make the decision.  The same insiders have also reported these "alternative factors" were in fact direct lobbying AGAINST Skytrans by MP for Cairns and Minister for MacKenzie Gavin King.  Most of the city leadership are well aware of the longstanding feud between King and Skytrans CEO Simon Wild.  This includes Chamber CEO Deb Hancock, who has often been seen batting her eyelashes and swooning in King's presence.

The Wild family has been a great employer and benefactor to the community.  This is a clear political "get square" by King - and one that may cost Cape York MP David Kempton his seat.  Kempton is known to be livid at the decision.  And King, already resigned to the polls which show him losing handily to CRC Councillor Rob Pyne, is now in destruction mode.

Insiders report that King made his pitch against Skytrans to Morrison numerous times, with King known to be "persona non grata" with the Premier.

King is also said to be the "black hand" in throwing the Skytrans sponsorship of the Taipans under the bus - using Cairns nonRegional Councillors Schilling and O'Halloran to oppose their sponsorship renewal.  They were subsequently replaced by Central Queensland University - who don't even have a campus in Cairns!

This is economic terrorism on the citizens of Cairns.

And the loss of Skytrans as a regional carrier and employer in Cairns will threaten the growing aviation mechanic training schemes at the airport - one of the few bright spots of employment during the last ten years.


Anonymous said...

if the people who voted and supported this dickead had any moral values surely they must be extremely embarrassed by the performance and behaviour of the paper boy

Anonymous said...

Talking of local State Members of Parliament, I note that Mr Trout is in trouble for some undeclared Directorships and must apologise to the Parliament (after being hit on the wrist with a wet lettuce). Perhaps now is the time to delve into the archives and find out whether there are any links between Michael Trout and the purchase of the new Blazing Saddles property and the adjacent Fung Aquis property at Yorkeys. Over to you HBW.

Mick of Mooroobool said...

Anonymous, 12:05 Most of them would be too thick to understand or reason beyond one syllable words such as the tripe fed to them by mainstream Murdoch Tea Party dominated media.

Anonymous said...

King is a 3rd rate journalist! CQU are expanding in Cairns so why not support the Taipans? JCU only supports Townsville teams as word is they plan to sell off the Cairns campus when they can find a buyer? CQU?

Anonymous said...

Pure malice and vindictiveness on King's part. Thank Christ he is going next year.

Bob R. said...

But does King really have that much sway with the Newman Government? I mean he is an impotent lightweight and Newman has written him off as a oncer.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone elaborate on the longstanding feud between King and Skytrans CEO Simon Wild?

Anonymous said...

Mmm sure would like to know that as well?

Anonymous said...

You give Gavin king far too much credibility among the LNP in brisbane. There is simply no way he carries the influence to pull anything like this off.

The plain truth is Skytrans has been poorly managed over the past 18 months and the government bureaucrats have no confidence that they will be able to continue to provide these essential services to the Gulf and outback Qld communities who deserve far better.

Rex will bring a higher level of professionalism to our region.

Rae Waring said...

To anonymous - letter written at 07.21 today. I have the impression that you must be a relatively new arrival from NSW.
I think that Cairns residents know by now how little influence Gavin King has in the Newman private parlor.
However, I fail to understand how you arrive at your conclusion that Skytrans has been poorly managed. I have flown with the airline on a few occasions, and the staff have always provided excellent service.
I ask you to take a closer look at the history of Skytrans, before you continue to support an airline from NSW.

Anonymous said...

We need to swim against the tide at times. It maybe more productive, more efficient to privatize,lease, have big chains and larger airline networks but by that same logic then it would be better if we all moved to a major city. All those aims benefit Sydney, Melbourne and maybe Brisbane. Government should take into account future benefits from regional head office presence.

Anonymous said...

I love the name 'paper boy' - I must use that title more often. Idiot and the C word get boring to describe Gavin King. But you will all be pleased to know that I've started my own campaign with the help of Gina Minehard to get rid of that little shit, once and for all. This is My village he is destroying. More on Facebook.
P.s. Love this website and all the comments
Dorothy Rogers

Anonymous said...

Your wrong my friend he is right