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06 October 2014


We were told that our way of life would be respected.  

We were told that democracy would be encouraged and

But the party hates the people.  They don't want us REALLY electing our leaders.  Look what happens - you get non-party charlatans who appeal to the people - look at the chaos this creates!

So the people, angry at the duplicity and lying, have taken to the streets, shutting the government down and demanding they honor their commitments.

Well yes, that's what their doing in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong people were told that they would only be allowed to vote for candidates preselected by the Communist Party leadership in Beijing.  This despite the assertions made in 1997 that Hong Kong would be the democratic "One Country, Two Systems" partner with the Mainland.

And this weekend, the Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) did the same thing as the communists in Mainland China.  Dr. Bruce Flegg, who has represented the voters in
Moggill for ten years, was told he would not be allowed to run - with his preselection voided by the LNP Politburo, led by Mao Tse Newman.  Two other MP's "out of favour" with Newman also may have had their preselection voided.  So the local LNP committees who've democratically selected candidates for these seats have seen these candidates ditched by Beijing Brisbane.

The Hong Kong'ers won't tolerate this erosion of their rights.  They've taken to the streets.

Queenslanders, crippled by the highest electricity prices in the world, the highest property insurance rates in the world, and even the highest Big Mac prices in the world, struggle to hang on day-to-day.  And yet as both levels of LNP government start the pre-election process handing out "show bags" filled with useless crap,  MP for MacKenzie Gavin King has been mostly "missing in action" the last few months as his failures mount.  His website is now replete with coffee reviews.  King is known to be "on the outs" with Newman and others in the LNP leadership, who have written off the seat at the next election due to King's profligate failures. King is the preselected candidate only because no one else would put their hand up to run against popular Councillor Rob Pyne.  Even King's media manager Cueball MacKenzie has lost interest in supporting him, with his almost every day promotional appearances before the last election now non-existent.  MacKenzie instead now swoons at the mention of Michael "Hide the Backhoe" Trout's name.  This while Trout's brother Steven, currently serving a seven year sentence for meth trafficking, is set to be sentenced on additional charges soon.    


Anonymous said...

the mug punter can see the lnp have burnt the people, public servants, doctors, lawyers, stripped away services, non reductions in costs of living. the useless ding a ling has no spine and will probably drop out, the made up the hill who knows, the premier in more trouble than the early settlers, soon clive and the senate enquiry will invite thousands of qlders who have been shafted by these thugs to air their concerns leading to the election, between clive and labour and the others we will see a very different qld parliament next, one without the majority of these thugs and liars

shanghai said...

oh cmon above don't be so critical after all we voted with our feet to get those bitches out(bligh, val) now we reap what we sowed and I cant wait to see the chinese jihadi video.. guess what wont happen... cheers to the pride and bunnies anyway

Anonymous said...

I thought Gavin King was Gavin Kings media manager, and full time media manager at that.

Anonymous said...

Michael Trout, Barron River – $54,643

"“Port Moresby’s closer to Cairns than Brisbane, so it’s important for us to be building relations,” said Mr Trout."

Now it's clear why we never see the prick, he's off "building relations" with PNG.

The residents of Yorkeys must be relieved, they were thinking he did fuck all!

Anonymous said...

Anon-You can be blatant out in the backwaters. Obviously.

sircus said...

Democracy by way of LNP, well done HBW.

sir cus. said...

Just got back off the floor after reading the freebody (can we have an amen)article, close to tears laughing, made my night.so true, thanks HBW.

Bob R. said...

Rumours are that Newman is going to move across into Moggill which is such a true blue Tory seat that a dead fucken cat could win it for the LNP, before the next election. So the LNP State Office have given Flegg the arse.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LNP Member for Moggill Bruce Flegg could rise from the political grave after local party members rejected the party executive's hand-picked replacement.
What was expected to be a routine endorsement of Dr Christian Rowan instead put the party in turmoil when a majority of members voted "no" to the former AMA Queensland president's bid for endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why they kept King. He is not what a right winger would be happy with, so who is?