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26 October 2014


What a week with Aquis!  The rant from Aquis developer Tony Fung sounded more like the dummy spit from Paul Freebody.  All that was missing was Fung calling the Queensland government "witches and bitches". 

Is the Fung Dream dead?  

It is shocking to us that ANYONE without gaming experience is being considered for a gaming licence in Queensland.  The Brisbane Casino licence was investigated and approved - for an Australian citizen.  Questions to Minister for MacKenzie Gavin King about the citizenship held by Tony Fung and his son have received no answer.  And after the Fung ultimatum, all the MP's have gone into hiding about the issue.  

In Macau, ALL the casino operations are run by experienced casino operators.  Galaxy Entertainment, Wynn, and Sands were all vetted and approved to operate these gigantic casino operations there.  Sands is also running the Marina Bay in Singapore.

In the Bahamas, the almost-completed Baha-Mar Chinese Casino & Hotel project (roughly half the size of the Fung dream) was shut down during construction when the Chinese failed to proffer the required experienced gaming operators.  The Bahamian government was well-briefed on the use of casinos for money laundering, and they got tough on the Chinese developers until they complied.
Dad, I think I locked the keys in the plane

The Baha-Mar project had experienced, world class hoteliers on-board with that project from the beginning.  Here we are, over a year after the Fung Dream was announced, and there has been no hotel company willing to come forward and offer support.

One can see from the EIS response that the Queensland Government is prepared to "look the other way" on any and all environmental issues.  Their additional questions posed to the developer were softball non-issues.  There is no evidence that the Queensland Government is going to demand any of the clear infrastructure shortcomings be met by the developer.  

However the Probity Investigation for the Casino Operational licence is a serious matter.  The World Bank and other international banking groups can, and have, blacklisted countries that have looked the other way on money laundering and other banking issues related to casinos.  The Queensland Government has made a huge mistake by not insisting a "REAL" casino operator be retained for the project like every other sensible government around the world.

Come to think of it, The Fung Dream is very much like The Freebody Dream.  Paul Freebody purchased a much-too-small site for his proposed waterpark, and then continues to foolishly insist that he can run it - despite being unable to successfully run his other waterpark, the Witches and Bitches Car Wash Cafe.  Reliable sources in the community have confirmed that Freebody was offered a site adjacent to Tjaupkai and the Waterski Park for his waterpark - as a joint venture with Tjaupkai, an experienced tourism operator.  But Freebody thinks he's smarter than everyone. . . . hence the reason five years later he's got nothing.  

Fung's deadline rant this week has all the hallmarks of the Freebody Syndrome.  Sure, the Fung's have paid for some fancy drawings and a voluminous report of mostly the same EIS boilerplate that everyone gets.  But you've got to wonder about the probity AND sanity of a developer that won't bring in an experienced casino operator for the project.  


Anonymous said...

Now we have Manning calling for a crisis meeting and political intervention in an arms length process prompted by "delays". No crisis and no delay, normal due process. What evidence is there of a delay? Like we said on this forum and others before, this was pie in sky with unreasonable expectations and hype was just that, hype. This process always takes years, not months, and so it should. If it does take only 12 months (next March)for probity alone then that would be in normal range.

The delay is all Fungs. He cannot raise funds until he can demonstrate casino experience and be known as a casino operator. If we have to wait for him to get necessary experience to run AQUIS then it is him that delays us. Then if Reef fails to go gang busters we have nothing. Or if it does go gangbusters was it legitimate? We are putting too much faith in a dreamer.

The big error in local thinking he that he is doing us a favour, it is the other way around, We are doing him a favour.

Anonymous said...

Reading January Hillbilly re the delay panic of the day saw Gavin King brag at how quick QLD will be approving everything. King said a lot of stupid things. They were saying back then they hoped to start work June 2014, then before the wet season, then just after the next wet season yet the probity guys are saying they are using the same legislation and process that they have for 32 years. So not sure what drugs they were on but what they wanted was never going to happen.

Good reading the older stuff, the naysayers won the internet that day.!


Jim Cooper said...

You're mistaken with one fact there Hillbilly. In the last paragraph you mention 'the Fung's have paid for some fancy drawings', but it appears even that is not the case.

Yes, some fancy drawing were done, but were they paid for?

I've heard the same story from two separate sources, both of whom are long-time respected and experienced businessmen in the community. One of them is a personal friend with the designers of the first designed Aquis drawings (remember the original design for Aquis, which has now changed). According to them, those designers, to date have still has not been paid.

In addition, this person is a through and through, blue-blood LNP supporter, but even they comment that Aquis is a pipe-dream, and that King is a wanker.

CBD Warrior said...

We've too heard that unpaid bills are mounting. The key worker bees will never "bite the hand that might be feeding them someday", so little way to know.

We've also heard that Martin Tenni has been boasting around town that he's owed "millions" for "putting the deal together". And apparently he's prepared the requisite brown paper bags ala Joh Bjelke Peterson, for whom he served as a capable bitch for years.

Anonymous said...

Tenni was always a self-serving State MP. We shouldn't be surprised that he is somehow involved in another personal money making venture.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:32 Has nailed it!
The Fung's haven't got the money. They need to get on the stock exchange for a year to convince others to invest. Pure & Simple.
Why do you think the project start date was put back to 2016 ?? So they had one year to find the money.

Oh & a fancy aeroplane ? The US deserts are full of them. Offer some stupid price for a lease, and baby, you've got yourself a fancy plane. Maybe already fitted out by another dreamer who went bust.
But it still wouldn't suprise me if he does get the Reef Casino, which is purely for money laundering, since last years 'crackdown' in Macau,- that Aquis will be forgotten !

Will smartarse Michael Trout be left with his fucking swamp land in the middle of nowhere ??

Anonymous said...

While I am all for HBW being able to campaign against Aquis, this post should be more about why it takes so long to get anything done. There should be set limits on how long a probity investigation can take, and for all stages of development application. Having had personal experience with this, it is nothing short of disgusting how bureaucrats can stall or prevent applications they don't like by being slow. It should not be so. Developers should have certainty, and if for example there is a known time we can then safely condemn anyone who tries to have the time reduced. The probity application is probably sitting on some arsehole's desk who works 35 hrs a week and thinks Cairns should stay in the dark ages.

Hamish Krint said...

Why am I not surprised? All along, Aquis was a 'front'....get hold of the existing Casino, tart it up a little, maybe build Stage 1 of 16 stages of Aquis for a few million, then after a while moan that the punters are not coming after all, so cancel all the other stages, and hopefully flog off the lot at a profit to some other dummy. Job's done!

Anonymous said...

The ACCC actually quoted Fung as saying he needed to build a profile as a casino operator before he can go to the stock market and try to raise funds. So years away yet. This "casino operator profile" is also a selection criteria for applying for the mega resort license. I guess he needs Reef before completion of mega resort process so he can pretend he meets that required qualification. It could also fit the "or partner" with experience as the Reef comes with experienced staff.

If I am correct then the QLD government have some questions they should answer. This experience should have been gained or partner secured prior to application. The whole town has been on hold while they play silly buggers.

Anonymous said...

Freebody might buy it and put a waterpark/car wash combo on it......

Anonymous said...

Also the Fungs had expected a license to be approved by July (4 months ago)

The State Government has started the process to grant two licences in regional Queensland and Aquis chief executive Justin Fung confirmed Aquis would make an application early in the new year.

From the Cairns Post December 2013. It is hoped the licences will be granted by July, which is when Aquis aims to start construction, subject to the Environment Impact Statement, a casino licence and other approvals being given the green light.

Further on in the same article Gavin King makes the same statement, that they should get a license by July.

So it is not delayed now, they just had bad information to start with.

Anonymous said...

Fungi has Cairns by the balls and has started squeezing,whatever happens he will make a profit,ratepayers will pay.Similar thing happened in Darwin 20 /30 years ago, bloke drove into Darwin in a clapped out RRoyce promising to spend millions,Gov't, Council and NT News drooled all over him(think his name was Butler)wined and dined,turned out he didn't have a brass razoo,quietly left the scene,suckers.

sunfish said...

I don't care how long probity takes. I want it done properly. Anybody who presumes bureaucrats are unduly delaying should have hard evidence to prove beyond doubt before making the accusation. There are serious crime figures involved in casino and money laundering and triads and other forms of corruption in this Chines Casino business. It would not be an easy or pleasant task making due diligence with probity. Perhaps the poster who is complaining about undue delays would rather have a permanent hi level Chinese triad crime presence in this town when it could have been picked prior. They need to learn who the players are in that arena and what they are up too. What an idiot to say this should be rushed or done to a schedule. Newman appears to be giving investigators
room to move and if so deserves credit for it.