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26 November 2014


The most bizarre "interview" took place yesterday between disgraced and ACMA-censured 4CA talk show host John "Cueball" Mackenzie and the Member for Barron River (and brother to two convicted criminals) Michael Trout about the Aquis situation.

We'll get back to that in a moment.

We have however received further information from insiders about the probity process involving Tony and Justin Fung.  In the interest of full disclosure we advise readers that we have been required to engage in actions to disguise our receipt of communications from insiders, which has included "anonymous" email accounts and use of public wifi spots around the region - as well as other things, which we're saving for the book.  ;-)  Fact is, many are afraid of retribution given the history of Campbell Newman at Brisbane Council.

We are advised that two shocking issues have thrown the process into disarray.

The Queensland OLGR has engaged an array of outsider consultants to conduct the probity investigations of Tony 馮永祥 and Kim Fai "Justin" Fung - this includes the FBI and RCMP, due to their connections to the US and Canada.  Insiders have reported that at least one document submitted to the investigators (described as "peripheral") has been found to be fraudulent by an RMCP investigator, and likely forged.  The document is said to relate to Tony Fung's time as a member of the CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Committee).  Fung was a hand-picked appointee to this Communist Party Committee for 15 years, beginning in 1988 (prior to the handover by the UK government of Hong Kong in 1997).

The Chinese government has previously been implicated in the forgery of documents, including passports, when it suits their goals.  This has included the forgery of passports with false birthdates for Chinese athletes.

The discovery of this dodgy document means that now ALL the submissions are being evaluated for their accuracy.  The investigators also have signaled to Fung's solicitors that he will be questioned about all the documents submitted.  

The second issue concerns the "arms-length" requirement between the LNP government and the applicants.  It can now be revealed that allegations have been made to the OLGP that at least one LNP advisor has been given an untraceable mobile phone, with a Mainland China phone number, in order to facilitate back channel communications to the government by the proponents.  The person in possession of this mobile has not been named, however it is understood that an LNP advisor named Mitch Grayson has been interviewed about these back-channel communications.

This brings us back to the "interview" this morning between John MacKenzie and Michael Trout.  Like many of MacKenzie's "interviews", he and Trout were both provided with the "talking points" that they were charged with communicating.  This is obvious to anyone listening (we've
included the segment below - make your own judgement).  And as the two of them worked thru the talking points, it was clear that both of them were having trouble spruiking the talking points - one example is that both of them thought it surprising that all the unit holders in the Reef Casino hadn't tendered their shares (with almost 20% showing as untendered during the process).  The answer is simple - clearly the market was unconvinced of the Fungs and their proposals, and were reacting by withholding their shares.  Trout says he's not in a position to comment, and then calls shareholders idiots for not tendering.  He also directly contradicts the Fungs PR release from Monday where they claim the probity investigation in the A.C.T. will be finished shortly, putting them in position to assume control of the Canberra Casino by Christmas - this in direct conflict with Campbell Newman's assurances that the A.C.T. team and the Queensland OLGR team were working "in lockstep".    

MacKenzie then goes on to improvise - "clearly the Fung's are fair dinkum", and then praising their "plan B" - the sole purchase of the Canberra Casino as somehow "proof" that the Aquis project is a goer.  And then Trout, claiming all the while that he and the government are "arm's length" to the process and the Fungs, seems to founder when trying to explain why the Fung's have been ducking the interviews with the probity team.  

The whole PR exercise now underway is a feeble attempt by the LNP walk back of the dangerously long limb that they've clambered out on.  Newman and his team have relied heavily on the LNP operatives in Cairns for assurances that these people are OK.  

But with Newman insiders in direct communication via non-traceable mobile phones, you've got to ask when some of these people are going to start getting lawyered-up.


KitchenSlut said...

"- one example is that both of them thought it surprising that all the unit holders in the Reef Casino hadn't tendered their shares (with almost 20% showing as untendered during the process). The answer is simple - clearly the market was unconvinced of the Fungs and their proposals, and were reacting by withholding their shares. Trout says he's not in a position to comment, and then calls shareholders idiots for not tendering."

I have posted on this several times in various forums and have also traded a small quantity of RCT during the offer period. There would be no point for any holder to accept the offer before the other principal conditions were cleared. As soon as you accept your holding is locked up and can't subsequently be traded on market. Nobody gets paid until the deal is consummated anyway so you gain nothing and lose some control by accepting early. It is a straw man for Aquis to raise this condition as an issue. I would actually suggest that holders could now accept the offer anyway if they don't want to expeditiously offload knowing that control of the holding will be returned to them when it lapses on Friday anyway.

Anonymous said...


LNP Bootlicker for Hire said...

you'll be pleased to note that parliament is all abuzz about the doc forgery and the "off the books" mobile. staffers are already running a pool about who's carrying this device. word also is that ASIS has been involved in the document vetting. many here are glad this filth is starting to come out BEFORE the damage is done!

Anonymous said...

murdoch will try to bury this story you can bet. this is all vindication for those of us who have said for a long time this proposal was never going to get up. Fung has no experience in running casinos, no money to fund it as yet, no partners with experience from either vegas or macau. it has all been a load of Lying Nasty Pricks bullshit. Not sure what he has to gain by all of this as it certainly appears to be dead in the water and given he was going to build on a flood plain that comment is very apt. Who would build on a bloody flood plain under the flight path of the airport bringing in his 7000 guests.there are some gullible people in this town who actually thought this was going to get up, silly buggers!

Anonymous said...

Fung's had the 20%
Why do. You think his dad was the bad boy of the Hong Kong Stock exchange - history of doing just this before
Wake up Cairns

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Steven Trout is being sentenced today in the Supreme Court for yet another crime.

Anonymous said...

Trout and Mckenzie are grasping at straws with daily "updates" about Aquis and how everything is fine and on track. So he is going to raise billions on the stock market with a 6 million dollar shit hole in Canberra that is running at a loss? As expected, King has gone into hiding as he always does when things get unstuck.

Ivor. said...

It amazes me with a project this size that the Fungs have been able to move around without a mob of inquisitive reporters asking hard questions…8.5 billion dollar project and nobody passed Fishery Falls seems interested.

Ivor. said...


Anonymous said...

Ivor. There is a reporter called Stephen West with Brisbane Times. Kitchen Slut provided a link above to one of his many articles on this issue and I will provide a link to another below. Same as with any political debate these days the populist garbage dominates the news and we get stupid shock jocks blabbing on while the real experts and skilled reporters attract few readers.

here is a sample Micheal West

Although NSW might be handing out casino gigs untendered these days (Barangaroo), Queensland is ahead of the pack when it comes to sheer casino project volumes. There are three on the boil right now and less than three months to get the probity checks done.

It is simply not enough time to do the job properly. Historically, probity checks have taken at least a year. And with three months to deadline in Queensland, external investigators are yet to be appointed.

The key problem is that state governments are more addicted to gaming revenues than they are concerned with probity. Looking the other way is the order of the day.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/silence-speaks-volumes-on-alleged-links-between-crown-and-echo-casinos-and-organised-crime-20140917-10ib01.html#ixzz3KL46iymc

And another

Anonymous said...

Ivor, I think why nobody past Fishery Falls or even Edmondton seemed interested is either because it was never going to effect their property values or way of life, or, as they're more likely to be 'true blue' queenslanders with the ability to filter out the bullshit in a short space of time. i.e - they knew it was never going to happen. Far different from the greedy southern fuckhead imports who were sucked in and could only see $$$$ signs.

The media fuckwits who continually harp on this 'billionaire' shit is the most annoying. Fung is NOT a billionaire,- never has been either. He has never made the Forbes list, or the often updated Bloomberg list.

He thought that Joh Bjelke Newman and all his cronies, the locals, (council included), the media & all the regulatory bodies could be baffled with bullshit and/or bought. Everybody has their price, they say. WRONG !!

But what has me giggling the most is the thought of that slimy fucking turd, Martin Tenni crying into his beer,- with Michael Trout sitting beside him.

Anonymous said...

Reading an older article and note that Fung told the competition watchdog that he will not continue with AQUIS if he does not buy Reef Casino. So wonder if that means anything.