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24 November 2014


Well, the saga that was Aquis is all but dead today.  Stick a fork in it, Fung's done.

The only thing left are the inevitable stories from around town of consultants who can't get paid, and the Fung's turning today's media attacks on the Newman government into claims for compensation.

In a quick poll right around the Cairns CBD this morning, the average work-a-day punter has had little faith that the project as described would EVER go ahead.  However most laid the feet squarely at the doorstep of Campbell Newman's LNP government and our local MP's - Michael "Hide the Backhoe" trout (who's family tourism business adjoins the ex-Aquis site), Member for Cook David Kempton, who's known to privately hold serious reservations to a project of this size, and last but not least, the "KINGpin" of all things Cairns and the MP for MacKenzie - Gavin King.

King, who famously has called Chinese "freaks and weirdos",  was in his political naivete,  happy to spruik the project before it began to take a probity turn for the dustbin.  Which we have been told was during last June.

As the HBW told the community at the outset, Tony Fung is carrying enormous baggage that will preclude him from EVER holding a casino license ANYWHERE.  As a Hong Kong delegate to the Mainland Chinese government post-1997, Fung has YEARS of business and personal history that can't be vetted, and can never be trusted.  And as huge demonstrations have erupted in Hong Kong this year in response to the Mainland's reneging on the 1997 "One Country, Two Systems" agreement, these crucial years of history are doing Fung in.  The HK "leaders" who have been cosy-ing up to the Mainland Communist power structure have seen any influence they might have had based on their wealth evaporate overnight.  

Fung now couldn't float a burger stand on the Hong Kong market.

Recognizing at the outset of the process that he might have probity problems Fung has pushed forward his "front man", his own son.  But Justin Fung is no Moe Green.  Justin Fung is no Tony Fung, either - he's been called an 'intellectual lightweight" and "小皇帝 dilettante" by those who've met him.

We are informed that the Coordinator General's office along with probity investigators became concerned at the misleading promotion of the project as an investment in Mainland China - an issue we first reported 20 June 2014.

In our snap polling, many of these soon-to-be Queensland voters are looking for retribution.  While the HBW has consistently suggested that the project was un-doable and would collapse of its own weight, the taxpayers are having none of it.  We believe both King and Trout will be slaughtered on the altar of Aquis.  The Cairns nonRegional Council is also up for a belting with many annoyed that Bob Manning turned back almost $100M for a new theater while at the same time pumping $25M into a swimming facility that has died at a bad location.  

Meanwhile the Cairns Post goes merrily along, still appending the
honourific "billionaire" to Tony Fung's name despite no evidence in support of this notion.  And the big story on the front page?  We're #1 in trees, or some such nonsense.  But in point of fact, that's what Cairns is known for - the green environment and wonderful reef experience.  Not a bunch of brain addled degenerates gambling "$500-$1000 a hand" (according to Tony Fung) and not caring if it is day or night outside.

So-called business reporter Nick Dalton has been dudding the community of real analysis since the beginning of this process - his participation in a Fung-organised media junket be damned.  Today's reporting is eclipsed by that of other business publications.  

While Macca today began a witch hunt trying to turn the crowd from his LNP mates, one needs to shed a tear for the unlicensed real estate tycoon who got the whole ball rolling - former MP and serial pest Martin Tenni.  I guess his multi-million dollar finders fee won't be in his Christmas stocking anytime soon.  Just some soggy eggrolls.  


TAS said...

Goodbye Fung. Now time to sit back, relax, and try to guess what the next spruiking conman will try to pull over our eyes. Only the greedy and stupid fell for this one, but these same dumb blowhard cargo-cultists (and you know who you are) will inevitably embrace the next big con with as much gullibility and enthusiasm as they did with Aquis.
Stupid is as stupid does.

CBDN Warrior said...

If Aquis has in fact collapsed, look for McKenzie and the rabble rousers to start pointing the finger at the bureaucrats and probity investigators. Every story needs a villain. Even if it's the wrong one.

CBDN Warrior said...

If Aquis has in fact collapsed, look for McKenzie and the rabble rousers to start pointing the finger at the bureaucrats and probity investigators. Every story needs a villain. Even if it's the wrong one.

Tony Hillier said...

Nic Dalton, the Compost, Cueball, King-Trout and their political cronies and others pushing Aquis have more than "soggy egg rolls" dripping down their jowls. If they had any credibility left, it has been shot to smithereens

Anonymous said...

Has the Cairns council spent the 500,00 on experts to go through the EIS?

Anonymous said...

I doubt any of that mob will feel any embarrassment Tony Hillier. I fully expect to see them all blame Val Schier for our not getting AQUIS.

urb said...

so what have all the greedy fucking dills got to say now? property prices through the roof! we're all gunna be rich! this is just what cairns needs! bunch of sell-out cunts all of ya. hope your greed sends you broke. So Fung , fuck off with your white shoe shit. good riddance you prick

Justin said...

I'll be back

Anonymous said...

Its been a farse from start to finish.

Anonymous said...

First EIS buried. Facebook likes bought. No partner. No finance. No hotels signed up. Stuffs up Reef Casino. Cairns is stupid but no telling them. Best bet move along on.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

Clearly Gavin King and his LNP mates were told months ago that Fung wasn't going to pass the probity investigation. So they wouldn't look like even bigger dicks. King signaled the problems to John McKenzie who stopped his endless flogging of the project so he wouldn't look like a dick when it fell over. It's about time someone told the community. King and Trout ave done less then zero as MPs. They've got to go.

Anonymous said...

He has not provided the financing details for Reef casino. If he cannot finance that then the whole charade should stop now.

Psych Tutor:Mentor said...


Dean Johnson said...

With the dollar dropping so fast, it won't be long until the next Chinese 'entrepreneur' sets their sights on Cairns with another half-cooked scheme.

Maybe Freebody will start flogging his off again?

Honestly, there was about 0.01% chance of this ever going ahead, but it has dominated the region's thinking.

shanghai said...

hey urb love your work straight to the point