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10 November 2014


There is no doubt Cairns and North Queensland is getting raped by the home insurance companies.  By any measure.

There is no doubt that Cairns and North Queensland is
getting raped by the electrical companies.  Even Canada, a country with equivalent population, larger territory, and similar economy, sees electricity pricing at about 8 cents a kilowatt hour.  ONE THIRD the Cairns pricing.

A $60K imported automobile in Cairns is $38K in the United States.  Bend over for the car companies.

$110 Nike shoes are $42 in the US - despite both getting them from the same place (Asia)!

Is it just lack of competition?  When Masters (part owned by US DIY chain Lowes) was opened in "competition" to Bunnings (an IP copy of US DIY chain Home Depot), did prices go down?  Not on your life - we now have TWO chains in a cosy duopoly ripping us off.

Grocery store pricing in Australia is near the highest in the world.  The two duopolists in the market spend millions every year trying to fight new entrants in the market.  In one case Costco took four years to get through the planning process as Coles and Woolies manipulated the planning and zoning process to stall them.

Then there's petrol.  

The world oil price has plummeted in the last three months.

Americans are paying now less than US$3/gallon for petrol.  With US petrol taxes roughly equivalent to Australia, the US price translates into an Aussie price of:

.683 cents per litre!

You can compute this yourself using this 

(While designed for Canadians, just insert the current exchange rate (.865) and US petrol price per gallon, and it will give you the Australian pricing per litre-equivalent).

We don't blame business - it's their job to rip us off.  We blame the politicians, who live in this community are stand by while we're all getting ripped off, and do NOTHING.

Now we have the LNP thinking they can trick the public by saying "NO!  We're not going to SELL our public assets!  We're just going to LEASE them out!  And we'll get them back eventually!!!"  Do you believe that electricity prices will go down when they're owned "leased" by a profit-making company???

This is so absurd it's breathtaking in the arrogance of Campbell Bjelke Peterson and his local member, Gavin King.  A property leased for 99 years is considered sold by the banks.  So too are our public assets.  To hear King, Trout, and other LNP puppets repeat this absurd lie is shocking and despicable.  

The fact is our politicians have proven incapable of regulating public utilities.  Insurance, electricity, gas, telecommunications - all are heavily regulated in the US (along with Canada and most of Europe).  This regulation includes management of the utilities profits.  Australia does none of this.

The rest of the markets are managed by real, transparent competition.  

Petrol at Costco Brisbane?  $1.24/litre


Anonymous said...

you can get much better quality Australian fruit etc in Asia,(Thailand) than you can here.

Gavin Bland said...

Equipment replaced during the period of the lease is then the property of the lessor in this agreement. After 99 years there will be nothing left to get back. This government is more Con than Conservative.

Johnno said...

I just wonder what's going on the LNP election flyers next year. I have one from the last election which reads all policy/promises were " FULLY FUNDED, FULLY COSTED, 100% GUARANTEED " signed Campbell Newman.The arsehole is a bloody liar!

Anonymous said...

let us hope the people who care to vote in 2015 do so and vote someone in other than the lnp bag men

let us also hope that whoever gets voted in actually has a moral and etheical compass that points north

Anonymous said...

The problems are mounting. Getting past easy fixes now as well. With selling assets another problem is that we may start to see Skytrans sort of results. We may end up losing jobs to other states or even just Brisbane. Free markets and all that jazz conspires against regional economies.

Anonymous said...

"Canada, a country with equivalent population, larger territory, and similar economy, sees electricity pricing at about 8 cents a kilowatt hour. ONE THIRD the Cairns pricing."

Well ... Canada has heaps of cheap Hydro power.
Yes that's right, hydro.
Clean sustainable and cheap.

We have a few hundred megawatts available to be developed at Tully Falls.

But NO NO say the Green and their Labor syncopats.

Might upset the frogs.

Oh oh !!!

Anonymous said...

99 years back in time was 1915.

99 years into the future is 2113.

Can you imagine how the world will change in that kind of time-frame, given what has happened in the past 99 years?

Our current LNP self-proclaimed heroes won't care They will be long forgotten. They are fooling no-one, other than the stupid folk.

So this fantastic deal is actually "as good as sold".

This needs to be stopped.

R. Hinze said...

Yeah anonymous. Fuck the frogs! What's a few more extinct species when we can get cheaper power.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:29 The reason we are paying so much for power is because of people like you. All about stupid politics and not about facts. This is where HBW nails it, we have no voice then when we try to raise these concerns we get mindless spin like your contribution. As long as we serve lying politicians like you seem so willing to do we will all get screwed.

The cost of actual electricity is very cheap but even if it were free our bills would not go down because is not power generation we are paying for.

If you do want to get political about it the only party actually doing something about it is the Greens.


At some stage Gillard tried to get the gold plating addressed only to be shouted down by the moronic self serving spin that is was the carbon tax when clearly it was not. So even ALP come out on top for at least trying. Malcolm Turnbull at least was one lone Liberal voice backing the facts.


If you read into that story you find that the Gillard government recommended privatisation to curb the unwarranted investment that was pushing up prices. But Gavin King and Mark McArdle started a petition to parliament to stop Federal government intervention and so prices continued on their merry way up.


So LNP/Liberal have rejected at every step any policy or debate on how power prices can be reduced. They have lied and used the issue to secure voter support rather than seek methods that would reduce prices.

So now they failed to stop any prices rises THEY WANT TO SELL NOW?????? Missed that boat. How do you sell potential stranded assets without it costing us even more?

Now here is the kicker, because of this massive waste of money spent on poles and wires the Abbott government is reducing the renewable energy industry so that customers do not have a choice by reducing competition. They cannot afford to lose customers because they are needed to pay for this massive waste. Then as a double blow they are increasing fixed costs so that we cannot avoid paying for this massive waste by reducing our electricity use. So take your Tully Falls make believe nonsense and shove it. These sort of lies are sending Qld broke.


Then not lets get started on gas prices.

shanghai said...

what about inflation the government says its 2% per annum I reckon its closer to 10% for at least 10 years if their is an economist in cairns to repute my claims go for it again Australia a castle built on sand

Anonymous said...

Shanghai, Inflation for us in Cairns is huge. We have so much potential but no voice as HBW says. Maybe we need a peoples association. They have government, council, senators, chambers of commerce, cairns group, advance cairns and maybe 300 more groups but none of them are at ground zero with the realities. People need a voice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10
When you are next sitting under your fan (God forbid not AC), on a hot humid night where is the power coming from?
Not solar - it's night time.
Not wind - it's a calm night.
Maybe from big car batteries powering the nation made of lead!
And as you sweat remember the frogs will be OK.
You lot are so naive.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say it is you that is naive anon 8:10. Have a look at the rapidly growing take up of sustainable energy around the world and learn about what is happening in the 21st century not back in the late fifties. Google would be a good start. Then you will understand why your esteemed leader is so fearful of it.

sunfish said...

Your acting as though hydro Is the only renewable? Why not build more wind which doesn't need to flood an ecosystem? If a damn was built a few hundred megawatts while not useless doesn't go that far. What then if not wind? Also wind can be built closer to where its needed such as the project being built up cooktown way Or was that solar?

Barry said...

Wool-worths saw the writing on the wall, way back as long ago as erecting the their first servo here in Cairns at Earlville Shopping Centre .

The marketing driving wool-worths fuel prices is as follows.

1 Build your own servo as a (new player) Note new players represent just how much room there is for them to PROFIT under the guise of being competitive. Their buying price does not change on them.

2 Get your customers buying so called discounted fuel from you by spending money in your supermarket

3 You have the buying power to buy your fuel cheap as a major player, ( Emphasis on the word PLAYER ).

4 the secret to fuel pricing must always remain mysterious to buy it cheap as a major player.

5 The agree upon discounted fuel price is how you control the local market.

6 you always make money no matter what happens to the economy or markets.

7 the public is always there to be ripped off.

There you have it Wool-worths marketing STRATEGY .

KitchenSlut said...

I would politely suggest that there are some problems with your analysis here Hillbillyt. Any suggestion that the tax regime for petrol is comparable with the USA is simply delusional. I like to support people and blogs which are truthful and not delusional.



We humbly suggest you do your homework.

The differences aren't anything like the difference we're paying.

Anonymous said...

I see on kings fakebook page all his groupies bagging and slagging anyone who does not agree with their lying stats and figures because they know they are safe cause everyone is blocked weak gutless grubs all of them

shanghai said...

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