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28 November 2014


Cueball John MacKenzie is continually whinging about the inability to get the names of juveniles who are in the Cairns Court criminal system.  Despite the fact that his LNP masters have in fact made it possible via petition to the court, he's either to lazy or stupid to go down there and do it.  Whingeing about it is more useful for his meagre hillbilly audience.

So it's a mystery why a major drug dealer, currently jailed for
at least the second time and yesterday sentenced for MORE criminal acts, doesn't get a peep out of John MacKenzie.

Does anyone think that it might have something to do with the fact that the continued recidivist is Steven James TROUT, one of MP for Barron River Michael Trout's brothers?  (The other one is a convicted criminal as well, with one of the charges the "hiding" of stolen earthmoving equipment on the Trout family property in the Cape)!

So Steven Trout, currently in jail on a 7 year sentence given on 10 March 2014 (eligible for parole on 13 March 2016, so 2 years out of 7 for a repeat drug manufacturer and dealer) was yesterday given an additional 18 months on more drug manufacturing and sale charges, saw his parole eligibility extended to only 3 June 2016!  3 months more on THESE charges!  

Of course no mention by MacKenzie, the Voice of the LNP in FNQ.

Then MacKenzie summoned Cairns unRegional Councillor Division 5 (CBD) Councillor Richie Bates to the telephone.  MacKenzie used Bates as a tool to attack elements of the community that believe they have the right to consultation on these major projects, and Bates chimed in like the good poodle is now is.  

On discussion of the Lake Street and City Place remodeling, Mackenzie said:

"Let's hark back, there were so many people, (well) not so many, there were a few that said this would be the end of the earth. . . .

"I think the point is to be made here is that councils and governments sometimes have to be tough.  If they have a vision, if they have a belief, they have to follow it through in the face of the most intense opposition like this anti-everything brigade".

"If there's leadership shown, if you've got capable engineers, capable designers, architects, whatever and you're listening to them and you've got to go into the Cairns Post saying these are the reasons we're doing this and it's going to be unpleasant for various people but to forge through.  And at the end acknowledge and celebrate that it was the right decision - a tough decision but a right decision".  

Richie Bates then said "Look I think you're dead right, I couldn't agree more".

A Councillor with a shred of backbone would have responded "You're right Macca, and you've got to accept responsibility for leading the "anti-everything brigade" that threw bricks at Mayor Schier at every opportunity, and then stood by as a new Mayor with no shred of intelligence or decency punted almost $100M of hard-fought Entertainment Precinct money back to Campbell Newman without even attempting to organize the money's use for a replacement theater."

But Richie Bates (who the fuck at 50 years old still goes by "Richie", anyway?), a former progressive and activist who had a strong history of community support, is now just another clueless councillor doormat.  Cueball bitch slaps the piss out of Bates and instead of having the cajones to point out the enormous contradiction in his rant, Bates throws the previous Council, the arts community, and any plan to replace the piece-of-shit Civic Theater under the bus.  

Bates, who's seen his job and career disappear as technology advanced while he didn't now only has his pissant representation of Division 5 to support him.  I guess we know how much it takes to buy off a man with no ethics and no spine.

And as most who've met him along the way have commented to us, it's really difficult to trust a guy who won't look you in the eye.

Richie Bates - the facts speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Richie needs to share a room with Mayor Manning at a local retirement village & leave the running of this region to people that have a clue...

Anonymous said...

Amazes that a shock jock (or pretender) does not realise their whole career is based on populism...... and even more amazed that in spite of that fact politicians beat a path to the demagogues (door).

Hypocrisy and self interest Any real politician would ignore that show.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Hillbilly. Pathetic response from Bates re-dredging and Aquis. Embarrassing really.

Anonymous said...

Yep I actually though he was better than that .... He was left and an activist back in the day

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anon 16:01. Manning is a bumbling old fool with his umms and ahhs, he clearly has no idea what day it is let alone what's going on in this town. I cannot believe this man is Mayor. And don't get me started on Entsch, he sounds like he's pissed 90% of the time.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yep I actually though he was better than that .... He was left and an activist back in the day"

yep ... he grew up.
He saw the light.
Conservative, sensible politics is the only way.

mickwow said...

It has started!......Napthine ,Newman,Abott,King,Manning,get ready to be fucked off you conservative backward thinking goat fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Conservative, sensible policies = oxymoron as most Australians have found out when they put their trust in the LNP

Anonymous said...

Conservative policies are poison for regional and rural Australia. Never have understood why they continue to vote against their best interests.

Anonymous said...

Richie the RAT!