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17 November 2014


Cairns MP Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King has been boasting far and wide of his "meeting" with Chinese President Xi Jinxing on the sidelines of the G20 Conference this past weekend.  

King, who normally is quick to push photos up to his Facebook page and website, seems to have little evidence to support this "meeting".  There has been skepticism voiced widely around the CBD today about King's alleged meeting - in part because of his well publicised Cairns Post column where he called Chinese people "Freaks and Weirdos".  

However our contacts in Brisbane have forwarded the official photo of Gavin King as he meets Xi Jinxing and the Chinese Tourism Minister, along with a transcript of their official comments.



shanghai said...

seriously I thought there was only 4 countries at the g20 us,putin,usa,japan did cave in think to go the Indonesians,brazilian,south Koreans,french ,Italians ,turks,krauts,saudis,argies,mexicans,poms,indians,south Africans,and 3 blow ins gav that's a big market again asleep at the wheel.... oh hum

Terry Dactil said...

Can someone please teach 'shanghai' English.

Anonymous said...

Seriously grow up HBW. You are starting to sound like the spiteful kid who got left out.

CBD Warrior said...

You've got to believe that this Chinese leader had been briefed on anyone he was scheduled to meet. Gavin King's public opinions of Chinese people are well known, and he's never once offered an apology for making this hateful statement. I'm glad to see HBW keeping the flawed personality of our MP for Cairns in the public memory.

shanghai said...

hey dino sore who wants to teach 23 million Chinese to speak English ? go for it ! and u will disappear like your mates did... thank god

Alison Alloway said...

I thought the whole G20 media coverage was pretty bad. The media circus played up Abbott's idiot comments about "shirt fronting" Putin, and then went into a frenzy over the Russian ships doing their usual tour with the country's leader. There was NOTHING said about one of the biggest issues facing all Western countries since free market capitalism and neo-liberalism came into play, that of massive tax avoidance by corporations. Each Western country is losing billions in unpaid taxes. Surely that issue should have been given top priority? But there was nothing. Sure the issue of global warming was put on the agenda, thanks to President Obama, which was good, however tax avoidance should have received much more attention.

Anonymous said...

Just a last comment on the G20. Tony Abbott made a very telling comment during the proceedings. "I AM NOT INTERESTED IN WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 15 YEARS TIME." Says it all, doesn't it? God help us.

NYM said...

Abbott failed as a leader when he tried to discourage any discussion on global warming at the G20. He failed too when he spoke about his domestic problems in not getting legislation through parliament. The other leaders must have all thought what a dipstick Abbott was. I see where the British Tory party think he is bizarre.

Anonymous said...

so proud of Gavie King, first a paper boy and now meeting the Chinese Tourism Minister.
Who and What next.
I'm now in Cringe position just thinking of the shite he is telling these people.

oh well, not long to go for a new idiot to take over.