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14 November 2014


Insider reports indicate that there is additional information that was considered by Cairns (un)Regional Council staff that has affected the award of contracts to local vendors - not just for the Tobruk Pool, but across the board for all local contractors bidding on construction, goods, and services.

The information has come from reports of what has been described as a "widespread contractor fraud" involving a manager or managers at Cairns Central, employees of Lend Lease.  Lend Lease has been offered the opportunity to comment and they've said "we can't discuss personnel issues".

This issue apparently involves contractors and suppliers to Lend Lease being required to make under-the-table payments to one or more Lend Lease employees at the centre.

One of the contractors in the firing line has commented publicly that "all of the big guys in Cairns are paying kickbacks to many of big companies in Cairns, including building contractors".

At the same time these reports were coming out, Lend Lease sacked operations manager Sergio Carlesso, an operations manager who was previously employed by the Dexus Property Group, owners of Smithfield Centre.  Lend Lease has refused to confirm if this or other employees were involved in such a scheme.

Insiders have named both local companies as well as national companies with service locations in Cairns as part of the kickback scheme.  Two companies that have been mentioned and had comment sought include Pickers Vinyl and Canvas, along with Schneider Electric.  Pickers has refused any comment on it, however Schneider Electric (which maintains escalators and elevators, among other services), has responded that "Schneider Electric are not aware of any official allegations, and therefore won't be making a comment".

As word of this alleged scheme has flowed through Council, there has been concern raised by some that these types of schemes are widespread in North Queensland and therefore corrupt the entire process - another factor that has given the 'tip' to the larger suppliers and contractors from down south.


jim cavill said...

Given revelations in NSW ICAC as corruption from developer and LNP therefore be no surprise to see alive and well in QLD

Johnno said...

Well there is a Royal Commission going on at the moment into corruption, do they know?

Anonymous said...

Never mind the poor old local managers who are hog tied by an executive littered five tiered project approval process all actioned and executed in Sydney. As a local contractor try undertaking the process for quoting a Lend Lease job. More systems, insurances and paperwork than you can poke a stick at and you have to fork out membership dollars to be part of these mandatory systems with no guarantee on work. Shame on these southern based corporations and their bully tactics!

Anonymous said...

In any large corporation Local decisions must be approved nationally particularly in recent times of belt tightening. On this - you have missed a major point in this article. There is no under table dealings because all substantive contracts are awarded to big fish corporations down south. The local guy is missing out. Not sure what point you are trying to make. Ultimately it is corporations supporting corporation and stuff the little guy.

Anonymous said...

Seriously do you think that such a big company such as lend lease would not have systems on top of systems to prevent this activity, given the other posts about the approvals process this sounds like a load of crap and this “manager” is being used as a scapegoat to hide other indecisions. The people behind this unfounded allegation need to take a hard look at them self in the mirror.

Insider said...

So what are you saying Billy Hill?

"Insider reports indicate that there is additional information that was considered by Cairns (un)Regional Council staff that has affected the award of contracts to local vendors"

Are we corrupt ???

Anonymous said...

Hope somone is reporting these allegations to the CCC!?!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Rosco ? Nice try mate but your in it up to your neck just like Serg.

Anonymous said...

Its been a well know fact that just about every Operations Manager at Cairns Central has been on the take since it opened in 1996. I know of several well known and respected Cairns contractors that have never won a job there because the projects were always awarded to little known inexperanced business or even worse notoriously unethical contractors whose reputations normally mean they are excluded from most local projects.

Strange that Lend Lease took so long to work it out but good to see they now have acted to get rid of the rot like Serg and his good friend Rosco.

Anonymous said...

Sergio Carlesso is now the manager of Smithfield Shopping Centre and up to his old tricks again - didn't take him long did it.

Anonymous said...

Pickers Vinyl & Canvas are the biggest bunch of low life crooks in Cairns. Last year they did a awning at my house and it only lasted a few weeks before blowing away and took haff the roof with it. Cost over $ 20 k to replace and they told me to piss off. Since then a friend told me about another job they did where the posts were supposed to be over 1 meter deep and they fell over because they were only installed in 600 mm. They also did a job at my sons school that only lasted 4 months. Bunch of turds especially the owner kid who is manager. Mark I think is his name.