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06 November 2014


John MacKenzie (and the grossly rotund morning host Michael Bailey) spent Wednesday morning spinning up the bullshit machine in support of Gavin King's announcement of Silk Air service to Cairns from Singapore.

King, along with tourism minister Jann Stuckey, all were reading from the same press release - "The first service from Singapore to Cairns since 2001, when Singapore Airlines ended service".

After reading what SILK AIR has to say about the service, it's much less than what has been hailed by the LNP spinmeisters.

Service from Singapore Airlines, cancelled in 2001 after 9/11, was non-stop service.

This Silk Air service (Silk Air, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) requires the time-consuming stop in Darwin.  For the majority of travelers, this stop will be required in BOTH directions.  We had this kind of "direct" service from Virgin Blue and Jetstar previously.  Just what travelers to/from Cairns DON'T want - another stop on their flights to/from Europe.

This little factoid was conveniently left out of the announcement by Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King.  Silk Air already serves Darwin Monday, Thursday, and Saturday with services that are generally heavily booked.

King and Stuckey then parroted another exaggeration lie - "this will add 20,000 seats per year to Cairns from Singapore".  Well, actually not even close.  Since the service is an extension to the current Singapore to Darwin service, many of the seats between Darwin and Cairns are guaranteed to be empty as the Darwin passengers (many of whom are transiting to other points in Australia) vacate their seats.  Silk Air is not allowed to carry passengers between Cairns and Darwin (called "cabotage").  

This is shaping up as a stinky deal, rushed into existence by an LNP desperate to put "runs on the board".  Silk Air has apparently been given money (OUR money!) from the Attracting Aviation Investment Fund, the same bag of money that was used for China Eastern service to/from Shanghai.  And we know how long THAT lasted.  

Meanwhile other international airlines have been allowed to add services to Sydney and Melbourne without honoring the requirement that they offer "triangulated" service with Cairns (or other regional destinations) as a requirement of being given this new service.  Just last month United Airlines began new nonstop Melbourne/Los Angeles service.  Instead of overflying Cairns on this trip, wouldn't we see a lot more Yanks traveling to Cairns if they could use this service instead of having to backtrack to Sydney?  

Cueball MacKenzie in his usually breathless spruiking for Gavin King and the LNP acted as if Moses had flown in from Singapore with the news.  The facts of the announcement however are only a spit in the ocean, and this service is much less than needed.  Sure, any additional service is important.  But don't piss on our shoes and try to tell us it's raining.


Anonymous said...

It may well be more popular for Cairns residents going to Singapore. If that is the case then the taxpayer is propping up Singapore tourism industry. I am also interested to find out the price and time difference between going via Brisbane or Darwin. Also if the price and layover time will be any improved than by flying via Darwin now. Getting tired paying for stunts to prop up politicians careers.

Anonymous said...

King seems to use any excuse to post his picture on fb. Getting quite sick of it. Was looking at one the other day where he is making a big deal how bus users may save a whopping 29cents per day. I'd swear it was a picture of Mr Bean talking to the bus user. Absolute joke.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Cairns anymore however I keep up to date on things up that way. Between MacKenzie and The Cairns Post it has never changed. Remember these ones: Cairns to host next Americas Cup... Tom Hedley - Cairns's first billionaire?... John O'Brien... I never thought I would do so well in business... Warner Ferguson to be oldest man to circumnavigate the world in a yatch used by young girl of Pink Lady fame... Glenwood homes goes bust... (at least Jatke sold his house to try and pay his creditors). There are so many other ones I could mention. This is probably irrelevant to this issue, but all I am trying to point out is the shit never ends with MacKenzie and The Cairns Post. Typical garbage from those tossers. I would be amazed if Cairns voted King in again. The idiots did and look at what they got.

Anonymous said...

It would be strange if they vote King in again Anon 16:43. Not sure we can afford Libs in state and Federal. But then it was clear we could not afford him last time and they still voted for him. The town seems to have a self destructive streak.

Further to story there will be 2 flights direct Cairns to Singapore and one flight direct Singapore to Cairns. Cairns Post today says Singapore will start advertising in Cairns to attract us to visit.

So this will help Singapore tourism more than Cairns, not really what government should be doing.

Anonymous said...

silkair is a full service airline so we wont get cheap flights to singapore. Currently Darwin to Singapore return is $600 to $700. On jetstar with cheap specials you can do Cairns to Singapore for less than $500. So we may get direct flights (sort of) but looks like we will pay for it. Shame its not scoot coming to Cairns.