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01 December 2014


Justin Fung, "princeling" son of Aquis developer Tony Fung, is known to have attended universities in the United States - including a law degree from Loyola Law School.  Loyola is a Catholic university, and the law program is undistinguished and a relatively "easy" degree.  A Loyola law degree isn't likely to get you a spot at any of the top 100 law firms in America.  It's mostly the degree of choice for personal injury lawyers (known in the US as "ambulance chasers") and other low level tasks.

Chinese families like having a lawyer in the family to advise them in confidence - the Mafia calls the position "consigliare".

Justin's other degree is a Bachelor of Arts, History from Duke University in north Carolina.  This is also a lightweight degree.  Rumours persist that junior has a United States passport, perhaps obtained while he was a student.

Little is known about his other siblings - his father is known to have been married at least three times.

The Australian and Queensland governments are touting the "education business" as a likely growth industry for Australia.  While most Australian degrees are not very highly respected around the world, as more Mainlanders look for a bolthole location to park their money, Australia may be able to capture some of this business.

Justin Fung wasn't alone in his Los Angeles educational experience.  LA is the Mecca for Mainland Chinese education, especially among the children of the elite.

Here's a report about what we might expect as Mainland Chinese Uni education grows in Australia and the "Princelings" begin to flood into Cairns.


Anonymous said...

What is sad is they are more interested in the education of Chinese than Aussie kids. TAFE closures, staff sacked at JCU does not invite the best and brightest to that field. Last time with liberals we ended up with shonky English language schools, shonky hairdressing schools, shonky schools everywhere a migration rort and our education standards started to plummet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we need to be concerned about Bentley convertibles rocketing around the cane-fields yet.
I wonder - is the main attraction in the USA a good education or a flash car? If it's the car, then they wouldn't be looking at buying cars in Aus at at least twice the price of what is available in the USA.
The Fungs are already flaunting their wealth in the form of a private jet & 2 mega yachts. Who's going to compete with that? Just a thought - I don't imagine that Lake Burley Griffin is quite able to cope with the yachts.
Then again, look at the Panama canal.
Just joking.

Anonymous said...

Sickens me how these pollies bend over backwards for immigrents who are licking their arses.

Anonymous said...

Would be great to see these super cars driving around our pothole ridden streets! Plus it would require the "itinerants" to hone their vehicle theft skills, it's a win win!

Anonymous said...

The LNP's legislation to de-regulate our universities has been defeated in the Senate, yet Abbott has indicated his government will look at alternate methods to implement his changes. What will happen once we see $200,000 plus fees for higher education? Obviously, there will be an immediate drop off in Australian students entering Australian universities, as the private finance sector will move in to undertake financing the HECS loans and other student loans. Once heavily in debt, our university graduates will find it tough to find a job in Australia and will find they are unable to get a mortgage for a home or a loan for a business because of their HECS and other student loans debts. A good proportion of our graduates therefore will have to move overseas, chasing the highest salaries on offer. We will be left with either a drastic shortage of professionals, scientists, business leaders etc, OR we will have imported ones. In a short period of time we will see our universities filled with the sons and daughters of the Australian and Asian elite, with universities having no other option but to lower their academic standards so as to continue to attract these fee paying students. Just as we see in America if a very wealthy businessman wants to buy a degree for his son or daughter by giving a sizeable donation to the university, he will be able to do so. Abbott's plans have grim consequences for Australia.