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22 December 2014


The Queensland Government housing office this morning announced that the fibro home where the eight children died at the hands of a brutal killer should be torn down.


No one could be expected to live in this residence after the evil that unfolded there.

Thinking that Joh Bjelke Newman and the Member for MacKenzie Gavin King would replace this lost public housing however is absurd, as they've systematically reduced public housing across the state since taking office.

However the idea that the site should be used as a memorial is unsupported by this blog, and much of the community.  

First of all, building a memorial before the end of what will likely be a lengthy court process isn't wise.  A memorial might be appropriate five or ten years from now, but not immediately. 

And the erection of a memorial in one of the most dysfunctional neighbourhoods in Cairns seems insensitive to the entire community.  Would I want my primary school age child walking to school by a memorial to such inexplicable evil every day?  No, I would not.  It is a continual infliction of emotional abuse on the children in the community - who will likely be traumatized by these events in any case due to the insensitive actions of many of these families.  You didn't children being dragged down to Columbine High School in the US state of Colorado, nor children being dragged by parents to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting site!  There should be no memorial now.  And no memorial here.

They need to give this some serious, reflective thought which can't be done while emotions are raw.  And the fact that this memorial was announced by Gavin King makes it seem more like political electioneering.  It's the wrong thing to do.  We also note that Gavin King hasn't dragged his children down to the murder scene.  A few flowers don't change what it is - the scene of a horrible and brutal crime in a residential neighbourhood.  

The bigger issue today is the collection of money by various entities around the city - for what we have yet to be made clear to us.  It's said that it's "for the family".  Yesterday, Yodie Batzke told reporters that the "immediate family numbers well over 100", and many live in the Brisbane area as well as in the Torres Straits.  So all these "immediate family members" have their hands up for public donations?  It begs incredulity.

And apparently the "cultural protocols", who no one has yet been able to define, are at risk with the children's DNA donors (we refuse to call them fathers) being from all sorts of indigenous tribes unconnected to the Torres Strait - each with their own concept of "cultural protocols".

Apparently none of these "cultural protocols" involved any of these men actually being a father and taking responsibility for raising these children - financially, and even more importantly by actually serving as a positive role model for the next generation.  And with reports that the now-jailed mother was "dating" two more men it's clear that these children were pawns in a broken welfare scheme that rewards single mums and immoral behaviour.  One of the outcomes from this tragedy needs to be an overhaul of financial rewards for breeding.  


Like most major events, the scammers come out of the woodwork as well.  A hastily thrown-up Facebook page was the work of Howie Thomas and an ex "social media manager" for the Cairns Airport, Emily Rossi.  The two of them have been attached to various dodgy-looking schemes including money for Ugandan children, NZ Home party plans, the design and sale of company logos, and the biggest scam - the sale of phony "likes" to people trying to prop up their failing projects.  One of "The Social Guy's" biggest clients?  Our friends spruiking the Aquis project, who's 40k "likes" are absurd in the extreme.  There aren't even 40k active Facebook users in FNQ!

And the Ugandan children scheme, run on a website spruiked by Rossi, is registered to an Australian company called Smarp Pty. Ltd.  A company deregistered by ASIC almost two years ago.  And yet still collecting money from unsuspecting rubes.  Hey Emily, you're known by the company you keep! 

Emily Rossi immorally threw 10,000 phony "likes" at her "Official" Murray Street Memorial Site immediately after she set it up.  But when the heat from the public about the money collections became to intense (along with what we understand was a friendly phone call from the QPS), the money-raising aspect quickly lost its lustre for Ms. Rossi and Howie Thomas.  These and other bottom feeders will be exposed wherever we find them.

With only one of these money-raising activities by Howie Thomas actually registered with an ABN, you can guess what this is all really about.


Anonymous said...

"One of the outcomes from this tragedy needs to be an overhaul of financial rewards for breeding."

You nailed it HBW.

And Abbott has put Scott Morrison in charge to sort it out.

Go Scotty !!!

Diana said...

So many children, and, if media reports are correct, fathered by five different men. Where were they all when their children needed their protection and love? Where were any of them in their children's darkest hour of need?
What sort of society ignores the responsibilities of men towards their own children?
This dreadful deed, this heinous crime, this unimaginable horror, may not have happened had at least one of those fathers, one of the five, been present.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this house should be demolished. I am not sure that a memorial at that spot would be a good idea. What I find astonishing is that our self appointed Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Tony Abbott, has not flown into Cairns to offer condolences and support. This is after all our worst ever child murder case in Australian history. If he can fly into Cairns back in February 2013 to attend a breakfast for Warren Entsch, then surely he could fly into Cairns for a major tragedy? His absence is an insult to the Torres Strait and aboriginal people to be frank particularly when you recall the way Abbott acted with the cricketer who was accidentally killed, and the victims of the siege in Sydney.

Johnno said...

With an election pending this is going to turn into a No one issue. King and the LNP will us use it to win the hearts of voters with their never ending caring attitude. Pity the same attention was not given when the rot first started to set in!.

Anonymous said...

well said..and shockingly true..we wont hear these reallities in the Cairns Post will we now? Protocols fuck me...good point about the definition/s.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, 22/12/14 - 22:58pm.

You have written a lot of truth. I think it would be rash establishing a memorial here for some time. From my knowledge of the black race, they would not go near the place, as they are terrified of 'spirits'. I do agree the joint should be demolished and I think the land should be left perhaps as a park for the foreseeable future. This must be certainly one of the worst mass murders in Australian modern history, particularly concerning children. For whatever 'reason' this occurred shall be left to historians I guess, however it is so very, very sad. You are so right in your comments regarding Abbott. Let me tell you, I was sick to death of the way not only Abbott carried on, but much of the Australian media carried on about a cricketer who died sadly. However, he died as the result of an accident, and doing something he was being paid to do, and he wanted to do it. These children died through no fault of their own. The 'outpouring of grief' over the cricketer was a disgrace really. Who REALLY had ever heard of him? Likewise, who had ever REALLY heard of the children who were slain? This may seem a stupid statement, however the latter was a terrible crime. I don't believe politicians should be running to funerals or to the sites of tragedies. This is what we have the Vice Regal people for. They REPRESENT Her Majesty (like her or not) and OUR Parliament. Politicians get on these band wagons to promote themselves. They don't care about who died really, unless it is going to give them maximum exposure as 'loving and understanding representatives of the people'. With the terrible happenings in Sydney last week also. This country needs to wake up to itself. These children who were murdered were MURDERED for God sake. Not a fucking cricketer who was being paid to do what he wanted to make a living out of, and granted he probably enjoyed doing so. It was sad about the cricketer, but these were kids for God sake. I commented to a friend with me as the news broke in Cairns about the slaying of these children. I said: You watch, there will little NATIONAL 'outpouring of grief' because they are BLACK. I am white, but this is typical of fucking Australia. State funerals and huge 'outpouring' of grief for someone who played a fucking cricket game. The whole thing is so so sad, if not laughable as to what politicians term 'the Australian psyche'. They are a fucking disgrace. Up them!

TAS said...

The Howard-era baby-bonus is undoubtedly a reason why this young woman gave birth to 8 children by five different men. This sort of irresponsible breeding occurred in just about every hopeless hamlet throughout Australia. It certainly happened all over Cape York and Torres Strait.
Government throwing money around so recklessly to disenfranchised people has been a disaster - culminating within this tragic crime.
Perhaps it's time to think outside the square and offer the exact opposite; a no-baby bonuses. At the birth of a second child, encourage mothers (all mothers, everywhere) a bonus payment to have a tubular ligation. And change the system of welfare payments to be an equal dollars amount for a family of four as for a family of ten.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Public Interest
AFP - Australian Father Party

Child safety was incolved prior to this terrible event. They failed to remove children from mother's care because she was a woman. CS is always acting due to embarrassing and existing feminists policy. The system is corrupted. CS only targets father, almost never mother. Thank you to Australian Social Justice, Family Courts, Child Safety and other Gov Divorce Industry Agencies. Shame on you Australian Government, shame on you. That poor woman / mother become only a tool in respect of the Governmental sick policies and ongoing since years corruptions, welfare system failures, bureaucracy, and total ignorance of local MP's to address appropriately in both Parliaments existing problems related with Family Courts, Welfare System, Child Safety, Lagal Aid and their uncontrolled lawyers' payouts. $5 bln just in QLD alone. No statutory limitations laws or other preventive mechanisms to stop ongoing corruption and killings.

Anonymous said...

This is entirely sick and corrupted system ladies and gentlemen. What is it? .... the hidden agenda of second stollen generation involving this time which-hunt on Australian fathers? Perhaps such of which-hunt may finish one day if "thick skulled politicians" will stop their support for autocratic hegemony of feminist's lobbies who want to destroy all rights of every separated father because in their opinion all men are evil and no good as fathers.
Domestic Violence against woman? Give me a break with your sexist propaganda - you sick feminists. Manoora's tragedy is a wake up call for our both state and federal ignorant MP' and their money hungry leaders. Government offices knew where the city hot spots are. All has been in media since years. They done nothing what constitutes their duty of care and responsibility as MP towards Australian public to prevent similar tragedies occurred in the past. Any time we hear news about dead children, mothers and fathers and all is related with separation, welfare, and divorce processes. Single mothers and bad dads. It this today's real Australia? Then media and propaganda is blaming individual not those who are responsible for law reforms, law execution and wise governance of Australian Nation.
Canberra and Brisbane Parliaments and their both reps shall now address their direct responsibility and express publicly formal apologies all families whose members died in similar tragedies for system errors and corruption. They should promise to simply make changed. Even more they should apologies for what happen at Murray Street and for their failure to prevent such of killings in the future because the number of similar family massacres from the past is large and statistically hidden. Do they have balls to do it? We Australian mothers and fathers, we guess that they don't. So how they will prevent similar tragedies in the future? They always play dumb, blind and death when comes to separation processes, their arrogant agencies and corrupted family courts and lawyers at the same time pretending that system is nice and caussie. Pull up your head Mr Politician from the dirty smelly sand and repair your corrupted system. Now is your turn we talk to You - Politicians. Now is a time for new sets of reforms for making better working Family Laws and Courts, Police, Child Safety and other fake divorce industry offices. Your debts in the budget? Please take down of your 3/4 of bureaucratic and corrupted agencies and you will find missing $60 BLN back in the budget in the blink of eye.

Anonymous said...

That only may result to see happy families not dead families. Public opinion voice is raced now against child safety directors to face criminal charges for knowing that family and not taking any actions.
The killer was just a tool and excuse for those who shall be taking full responsibility for what happened not for the first time in our country. They more interested to spread terror, incrimination, and threaten people to take their children away rather to provide help, law and justice and preventive services. Where are now these poor little angels?


Anonymous said...

Merry F...... Christmas to you
Mr. Abbot and Mr. Newman. This is a rock bottom failure of your offices and duties if you are so blind and ignorant to still believe that existing disability of Australian Family Courts and Bureaucratic Divorce Industry does not exist and that nothing is wrong.
If you still don't see that you are partially responsible for these eight little angels we ask you now to be at least honest, don't lie to us, stop being cowards and change your overwashed-dirty used slogans such as "In the best interest of Children", "Domestic violence comes only from men" to something like
"In the best interest of politicians and lawyers"

Then we Australian public will know that you do not deserve our votes in upcoming elections because your legacies are against public interest and against Australian families.

The family reforms first proposal is to set the new system in three ways:

Fair - for mothers, fathers and children

Justice - for Law & real family justice

Good - for lawyers

Egz. resulting with new legislation by setting precise statutory limitations for family courts and other Gov offices

Voice of Australian Community in Tears.


AFP- Australian Father Party

Hamish Krint said...

If there were to be a 'memorial' make it something useful and positive e.g. firstly demolish the house, then extend the park, then put up an adventure playground, a toilet, and extra drinking fountains, and then perhaps a small plaque on a bench stating 'in memory of'. Whatever, the elders and the nearby community should be consulted and involved in the final outcome of what is to be done - let's not be patronizing...again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hillbilly. No memorial. If ice is a problem, then what the area needs is a police station with some holding cells. Now that might just save lives. So it won't be done.

Anonymous said...

what's with the Men's groups here? I very much doubt any of the fathers went near a court or could be bothered going near a court. I seriously doubt any had any involvement with the Family Law Court or divorce. Stop being piranhas and clutching at non-existent straws. Fact is, most child murders are still by ugly, possessive fathers - such as the murderer of little Luke Batty and the creep who shot all 3 kids in the country this year, the creep who drowned his 3 boys in revenge and the creep who threw his daughter off the west gate bridge. This case has nothing to do with 'injustice to men', and likely serious mental illness and/or drug psychosis. Really, were the fathers great parents themselves? The other issue not addressed is that abortion is essentially taboo for many ATSI women, and even if they were inclined to get one, they cost over $500 in Cairns. Maybe assistance with birth control, (and accessible abortions) might go a long way to stopping women having so many kids they can barely look after.

Anonymous said...

I see the Facebook site is being taken down this afternoon "at the request of the families." Not sure if they are indicating you are family HBW, but well done in exposing it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

The Cairns Post had handled this very well until this memorial business. They now want to milk the story and have resorted to crass journalism. The Sydney siege has been a far bigger story and yet scant mention of a permanent memorial apart from a mention that talks will take place. Vultures while the family are going through unbearable grief.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the fathers is not warranted imo. One was the father of 3 youngest and was seen supporting the two eldest still living so had obviously been a father. Sad enough time for them.

Anonymous said...

I note the mainstream media are now asking why Abbott didn't visit Cairns and connect with the local Torres Strait community. It doesn't look good and has sent out a negative message to the Torres Straits people.

shanghai said...

fuck it bulldoze the whole street and start again ... too little too late bros

Anonymous said...

Yep too right..and any donations should go to all the victims in the area who have been broken into, had their cars stolen or had there cars damaged by flying rocks as they simply try driving past the area. Good riddens to bad rubbish. All this angels and flowers bullshit is sickening.

Anonymous said...

They all get centrelink payments, why do they need more handouts.

Anonymous said...

Howie Thomas is at it again....he does Social media for Beach Almond Palm Cove and Drift Palm Cove and guess who is posting photos and reviews supposedly from happy guests that he has brought to these places by his amazing work, trouble is it's photos of a Howie and clan no doubt enjoying a freebie. The drift one was the worst because it was a trip advisor review from his wife Bronwin. None if thus was stated by Howie, he just pretended they were genuine guests. False advertising or what!!