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09 December 2014


Cairns residents are now referring to Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King as a failure for Cairns.  Starting out his tenure by secret backdoor communications with Bob "Sleepy" Manning, he gave away $34M for CBD upgrades and almost $100M for the Entertainment Precinct.  

So the rejection of the long-expected Cairns Port cruise ship dredging project is another kick in the nuts for Cairns.  The rejection, coming before the release of the Port Dredging Environmental Impact Statement, is hidden in Queensland Government port strategy documents that have received little attention from the media.  

In the Newman government's "Queensland Ports Strategy" document just released for a very short comment period, they make it crystal clear that we're not getting any dredging.  Now, or ever.  While some might feel this is a victory for Cairns, it cuts two ways - saving the environment while starving Cairns for needed infrastructure development.  

In the summary on page vi they establish five Queensland ports as "Priority Port Development Areas".  YES for Townsville.  NO for Cairns and Mourilyan.  Apparently the Newman government agrees with the ALP assessment of the Cairns Port - it's a "boutique" port, and not slated for any type of expansion.  Manning, King, and all the other fuckers who claimed otherwise and blocked the Schier Council's Entertainment Precinct were wrong.  They were always wrong.

Then in the paragraph that kills the dredging once and for all:  "Within and adjoining the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, the Queensland Government will PROHIBIT DREDGING for the development of new, OR THE EXPANSION OF EXISTING PORT FACILITIES OUTSIDE PPDA'S, for the next ten years."  (Emphasis added).

They take Cairns off the PPDA list, and then kill the dredging.

Townsville is now also slated for $30M in upgrades for the Navy.  This is another kick in the balls, meaning NO expansion of HMAS Cairns.

It doesn't matter that the Cairns Ports EIS is "missing in action".  They didn't want to give us any hope whatsoever.  The EIS doesn't matter.  The Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, who issued this report over his signature, told King, Trout, and Kempton MONTHS AGO that they weren't going to approve dollar one for Cairns.
The cruise ship dredging of the Trinity Inlet is DEAD.  Enjoy your little pier upgrade in Yorkey's Knob.  And Gavin King, dressed like a clown, has managed to pry $1M out of BrisVegas for some toilets at the little used hockey club.  What about the rest of the $90M promised for the port?  Bugger all, again. 

That's all she wrote.  Cairns gets shitcanned by a government far away.


Pam said...

Apart from more broken promises. This is great news can't safely dredge in cairns

Pam said...

Apart from more broken promises. This is great news you can't safely dredge in Cairns.

Anonymous said...

There was a ship moored at the wharf the other day that was bigger than Cairns Central,why do they want anything bigger.

Anonymous said...

this report is old news and the lying nasty pricks have already said"oh this has nothing to do with dredging in cairns, that is still a goer". there is an even older report that has never seen the light of day. The bligh government report on the feasability was never released by the lying nasty pricks and the latest report that has been going on for more than 2 years and has been delayed and delayed has still not been released. you dont have to be einstein to guess that the bligh feasability and the current missing report are not going to mske the pro dredgers very happy. like aquis it looks like its dead in the water.

Anonymous said...

It was never funded sufficiently. Also the navy keep saying they simply do not want to expand in Northern Australia. There is not the resident skills to support naval expansion and they add that it is best to be based outside risk areas or be part of the casualty list themselves) Now we have dredging being a reef issue so not going to happen. Never was, just another waste of time and money.

TAS said...

So what have King and Manning achieved for Cairns during their brief tenures? Answer, less than nothing. We've actually gone backwards big time. Whilst they have been drawing their big salaries, substantial infrastructure grants committed to the region have been allowed to lapse. It's been a disaster for Cairns.

Anonymous said...

We have gone backwards. This past year the workforce has shrunk on average about 8000 workers compared to previous years. Smallest workforce in quite some time. Tourism in that time was the best for years so other sectors dragged it down. I think the town is too large to rely so much on tourism now.

Bob R. said...

The LNP created a huge shit fight over the proposed Entertainment Precinct and had the rednecks and bogans all fired up and screaming blue murder. They then promised a 20,000 football rectangular stadium which had the rednecks tonguing and panting like dogs on heat. They then promised to dredge Trinity Inlet despite previous governments advising it was unsustainable. They then raced around buttering up Tony Fung and promising us AQUIS would go ahead. I mean Christ or mighty, how fucken incompetent the LNP have been as political representatives? Let's hope the voters piss them off next election.

Anonymous said...

Can't say that I'm surprised or unhappy about this turn of events.

Anonymous said...

You know what Bob R Pyne? (yep we all know) I reckon I would prefer King over your brand of spiteful politics. You are about as useful as a rubber crowbar.

Anonymous said...

Makes Manning look like a fool. So much money lost to this city (millions due to him). He needs to point his finger at his incompetent advisors at CRC. He is looking like the worst Mayor this City has ever had.Chasing after Aquis in a Hong Kong junket makes him look like a desperate dribbling puppy.

but a Mayor is only as good as who's advising him

Anonymous said...

Remember when Gavin King used to work at a certain newspaper and banged on and on about how the current MPs never got anything done and what they should do.

Now he's pretty much at the end of his term and what's he achieved apart from a big pay check? some toilets, a non-existent smoking ban. Is that it? He can't move back to SEQ soon enough.