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09 January 2015


Brisbane satirist Iain Fogarty, a long-time opponent of Joh Bjelke Newman, felt the full boot of the Joh government this week for a clever but apparently unappreciated stunt.  

Fogarty was frog-marched away from a Brisbane Central rally for the LNP's Robert Cavallucci for MERELY WEARING A T-SHIRT EMBLAZONED WITH THE PHRASE "I'M WITH STUPID".

Three police cars, a police supervisor, and a paddy wagon saw Fogarty taken away charged with "public nuisance".

This on the same day that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott condemned the attacks on the satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" for  - - well doing the same thing.  Exposing the hierarchy to satirical attack.  It's good to see Abbott being aspirational about freedom of the press and free speech, rights that France already has secured for her citizens.

The HBW would like to take credit for this tactic - Warren
Entsch was the object in this case, over a year ago.

In other election news, we note former Mayor Kevin Byrne essentially confirmed our story this week that he had been considering a run at the state seat of Cairns for the Palmer United Party.  Byrne has finally demurred, saying that this is his decision "for now".  

In today's ComPost, Byrne was interviewed from America where he is visiting his daughter Isabel, who is attending an all-girls secondary school just outside Cleveland, Ohio.  

The school, Hathaway Brown, costs parents in this Cleveland, Ohio suburb a cool US$29,000/year   $29,000 is more than most Australian (and American) Universities.

Her caption on this Facebook photo?  

You can bet she won't be coming back to Cairns.  Like most of our smart kids, the lack of opportunities here for the educated, high achievers is only found elsewhere.  Keeping Cairns as #1 bogan community in Australia!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely looking girl.
Who is the father?

Vers said...

Are you kidding me, HBW?

Your comparison of a person wearing an 'I'm with stupid' shirt with the atrocities that happened in France is a fucking disgrace.

What the hell is wrong with you? This blog has really gone to shit.

Anonymous said...

If Abbott wasn't such a mental pygmy, he might have mentioned that Australia has Anti Discrimination Legislation which prevents publication of material demeaning, ostracising and dehumanising people from different ethnicities, and Australians are pretty comfortable with it. We have had the legislation since the 1980s. Oh, and when George Brandis wanted to change the Anti Discrimination Legislation because his very good close friend Andrew Bolt was fined for breaching its provisions, there were protests lodged from many local government authorities all over Australia. Brandis had to back down. What happened in Paris is therefore, unlikely to ever happen here.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that using the phot if a minor obtained from Facebook to make political point about her father is appropriate.

Observer said...

Yes Anonymous 19.32, Australia does have Anti Discrimination Legislation and a Human Rights Commissioner. Our Anti Discrimination Commission can fine and even jail people for publishing the barrage of racist, hate filled filth that the French magazine published. Maybe the French need to look at our Anti Discrimination legislation and introduce it into France. It is all about keeping racial harmony in multi-cultural societies. It has worked well here in Australia because we all know we can say what we like in private but we cannot publish inflammatory racist stuff. Before anyone accuses me of supporting the killers, no I do not. However nor do I support the right of people to keep on publishing foul, offensive cartoons dehumanising another race. As in all things in life, the media needs to maintain moderation.

shanghai said...

my my above did a couple of chinese run down George street to kill people in 1880 to the office of the bulletin over their ignorant and racist cartoons ? no they worked hard and sent their hard won back home....back to now probably the French police were hamstrung like our police by bleeding hearts like you to get the job done

Anonymous said...

Actually the French were not hamstrung by bleeding hearts. This whole horror was a reaction to the French not being politically correct. They are openly racist, free speech. Does not make it right of course but shows being politically incorrect incites hate.

Observer said...

shanghai, you are harking back to 1880. Yep that was an era of overt racism when minorities were persecuted and it was free for all. In many communities the Chinese pioneers were openly ostracised. Thankfully we are a little more civilised today. The Anti Discrimination Act was introduced to help forge a cohesive multi-cultural society. You bet the French are openly racist and now I see they are running around claiming it as part of their "libertie". Unfortunately you cannot tell the racist redneck that if they keep on tormenting and abusing someone because of their race or creed, then sooner of later somebody is going to have a go at them. Most of us learned this in the school yard, but dickheads of course never learn.

Anonymous said...

The French have not been described over and over as "arrogant" for nothing. They are probably the most ethnic centred of all European countries and view themselves as the centre of the universe. Frankly, I cant ever see them legislating something like Anti Discrimination laws curtailing racist speech.

shanghai said...