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08 January 2015


Current Member for MacKenzie and Ass Tourism Minister Gavin King has always had two big problems.  Firstly, he's got a big mouth and secondly, he can't shut the fuck up.

King smoothly managed to parlay an undistinguished career at regional Murdoch newspaper (where he was seen by his senior management to be un-promotable) into this 3-year term with the Newman government.  Devoid of ideas and shunned by the LNP leadership, King (along with Michael Trout) have clearly been ostracized and sidelined by the Brisbane LNP leadership.  Only David Kempton, a lawyer, has gotten any personal respect.

This was underscored by the LNP leadership because King, as a Murdoch journalist, was distrusted the day he arrived, and his big mouth posturing sealed his fate.  And let's not forget his first week shenanigans with Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning, using personal email accounts to screw Cairns out of $38m.  A slippery one, King is.  

Cairns has suffered mightily at the incompetence of Gavin King.  Cairns has gone backwards economically because of King.  But who can sum up the performance of Gavin King better than - GAVIN KING!

(From his column in the Cairns Post).

Firstly, there's the promised dredging of the Trinity Inlet.  While we believe a cost:benefit analysis of this project doesn't begin to stack up, a promise is a promise.  This promise is in large part what King based his campaign on.  

And in a devious move, Cairns voters now won't be given the Environmental Impact Statement, which has been promised by King and Newman since last March.  With the government in caretaker mode, this report won't be going anywhere.

But the bigger issues surrounding Cairns are economic.  No one with two brain cells to rub together is counting on Tony Fung and his Aquis project.  Cairns under Gavin King has had three years of non-investment by the government, or anyone else.  (With reckoning day due to arrive for Warren Entsch soon).  Quickly scrapped after the last election were the vision to decentralise the Queensland Government by putting a department in Cairns - (we were told no one wants to live here).  The promise not to tamper with the Solar Panel Feed-in Contracts was a lie.  The '30 different agencies dealing with homelessness and mental health' system hasn't had any structural changes made to it.  And while the Brisbane area has started to rebound from the 23,000 public servants axed by Newmann, Cairns has the highest unemployment in Australia - and we didn't have any of these public servant jobs to begin with!

Other King initiatives have been fizzers.  The highly-touted air service from China lasted about has long as our government cash handout to the Chinese lasted.  King gave back $38M promised for CBD upgrades and then jumped for joy when he was able to get a measly $3M to do Lake Street, which the rest of the CBD looks shithouse.

The excrement from King has gotten so deep, even John MacKenzie, King's godfather, care barely speak to the guy anymore. 

Continued massive increases in electricity prices along with insurance premiums no one can afford, and the polls all point their fingers at others, doing nothing for the electorate in Far North Queensland.  

And let's not forget the massive LNP salary rort, which took King to almost $230,000 per year - as much as THREE Cairns families.  A salary that he apparently has taken to mean it's OK for him to carpark in disabled car parking spaces.

But, in an ironic twist of fate, Gavin King's last kick on Anna Bligh proved to be almost totally accurate.  We urge you to ponder them on election day:

'A brief flash of leadership isn't enough to sweep away years of reactionary politicking and a repeated failure to think outside the south-east Queensland Square.

That's not to say the Liberal National Party are any better.  They aren't.  Unfortunately, almost depressingly, there is only one way to look at it.

As much as I don't want to see a State Government led by the current crop of so-called leaders of the LNP, I don't think they can do any worse that the current crop of so-called leaders of the Bligh Government.'

And only in this last paragraph has King been wrong.  The LNP HAVE done worse - and Gavin King is one of the reasons why!


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, King slyly and cunningly campaigned on the old furphy that "Labor does nothing for us, only the S.E. corner." Like all LNP sophists he ignored that the ALP Government poured money into the Far North once they finally got into office in the 1980s. Everything from funding for the upgrade of the Cairns Esplanade, to new schools out there at Mt Sheridan, to huge upgrades of the Cairns College of TAFE and the Cairns Hospital to expensive upgrades to the Capt Cook Highway and the Bruce Highway. Labor was good for the North. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE WE RECEIVED FROM THE LNP THOUGH?????? ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

King will be happy he can finally move away from Cairns for good. He'll find himself as a media manager at some LNP office in Brisbane no doubt. Cry all you want about CEO pay, but at least they work for it. What did King ever do to warrant 230k per annum?!?!

Anonymous said...

Right wing ideology will always be negative for a town like Cairns. well for areas Like regional QLD.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the dickheads attempt at handling juvenile crime prevention

shanghai said...

got up this morning to see bad news from france the first thing I thought don't fuck with the French they have a long history with arab extremists but I dare say their intelligence network is quite good bar the Israelis with dealing with arabs but check out the rednecks on msn.. were lambs compared to them

Anonymous said...

Don't worry shanghai ... king will sort these Islamic fuckers out.
Just give him your vote :)

Anonymous said...

As someone wiser than me once said; quote; " What is the difference between a dead pollie and a dead cane toad in the middle of the road". Answer. "There are skid marks in front of the cane toad". I think the 3 LNP members up here should at the very least make no promises for this election until they have started and completed the promises from the last election.As dispised and ridiculed as they were at least Jim Turnnour and other labourites achieved goals for this area,the southern highway and hospital come to mind.

Anonymous said...

the article about King and 2014 is what was his problem. He just wished things to happen. Take the happy positivity pill and everything will be happy happy happy. Such a airhead.

Anonymous said...

You are all a bunch of scum bags.. I don't believe anything you write. I know Gavie only too well, and he promised me if I voted for him he would personally take me home to upper Woree after the next New Years eve on the esplanade. I'm 82 years old and had to hitch hike home, no one stopped, but he made me feel young for those few hours.
So stop bitching everyone and vote for Gavie. He is new to Cairns so we should be supportive. My mother always said " Cairns is like one big dysfunctional mental institution where people are free to come and go as they choose."
She was a lady with insight.
Blessings to all
Dorothy Rogers -upper Woree.

Hamish Krint said...

Queenie has promised ME he would not only take me home to White Rock heights after NYE fireworks, but he would also put on the prawns & champers on the way home. And he even told me I could score a job with his Aquis mates ASAP (at least before 2025) AND he said he'd be happy to arrange a disabled parking sticker for me so that I could park anywhere in Cairns - after all, my brain is a little on the disabled side, and he sais to me - "it takes one to know one!"

shanghai said...

ive voted for the last three losers in politics federal,state and local so don't follow me and I have a sneaky feeling cavin and j.b.n might still get in... im probably in for another prolonged period of head shaking

Observer said...

ALL of the government infrastructure and big government projects in Cairns has occurred under Labor Governments. We just get pissed on when there is an LNP Government. FACT. We only got our cancer treating Liz Plummer Centre when we had a Federal Labor member and a Federal Labor Government. Entsch did fuck all about it. Jim Turnour got us the centre. In fact that sums up what the LNP have done for us in the past three years - FUCK ALL.

Anonymous said...

King says on his Facebook page that he is going to run a positive campaign. When he spoke on the 4CA program this morning, the first point he made was that ALP has no policies, nice one Gavin, lying POS.

Anonymous said...

What policies does King have? He is seriously a joke.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Aquis? This was posted to Aquis Aware Fb page and indeed the Aquis Casino site is gone. Howie the wonder guy just posted that for all the doubters out there about Aquis that his contract had just been renewed to do their social media work. Wonder what's going on? "

Gayle Hannah Why has the Aquis Casino Facebook page disappeared, the two apartments Aquis had rented at Harbour Lights have been vacated and their office on Abbott street has been cleared out and the locks
changed ?
Like · Reply · 2 · January 8 at 3:09pm

Bob R. said...

Shanghai, me old China plate, don't be so negative. You can stop your tossing and turning in bed at night. The nightmare is coming to an end. You can give up the prozac and the piss. King is on his last hurrah and the man in the wheelchair is going to race past him, over the finish line to the roar of a happy crowd.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai, your head is to big for your body and you can't stop shaking it, you been around the Pompadomps to long.

Anonymous said...

Gavin King support base seems to be retired conservative women. Not sure why.?

Ernie Quagmire said...

Dierdry Ford would be able to answer your question, it was at the big promotion counter at rustys before the last election, they are a sad lot of parasites and freeloaders.

shanghai said...

uh chucks you guys are so caring I promise to give up Prozac and poppadums but I have an appointment with my physio on the 1st feb