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30 January 2015


We are all saddened by the tragic death of new Cairns resident Dinah Boughton, who was merely trying to walk to the airport down a road called yesterday a "goat track" by a tourism supplier.   The Cairns Airport, TTNQ, and other tourism organisations tout how "close to town" Cairns Airport is in their advertising.  This ignoring the real facts that there is NO public bus transport to the airport, no "shared ride" services, no train, no tram, no canoes.  For the independent traveler you have a choice of a shuttle (none by any major hotel, but some provided by backpacker accommodation), taxi, or walk.  And the taxi fare to Sheridan Street is almost $15.  

And even when taking a taxi, sometimes you have to walk.  An accident along the road on Wednesday meant many passengers, uncertain of how long coppers were going to keep the road closed, ditched their cabs and hoofed it to the airport.

Discussions among many ratepayers around the city and in the coffee shops are in agreement - this road is substandard in so many ways and the Cairns Airport has not met their Duty of Care in the operation of this private road.  Hopefully a lawsuit and huge payout are in their future. 

Cairns Mayor "Sleepy Bob" Manning rushed to the rescue yesterday.  

In a stroke of genius (or maybe he's had a stroke, hard to tell with him) he announced that Council's preferred "fix" to this problem is:


Just when we believe we've heard the stupidest thing imaginable from a local politician, Bob Manning lets a little more water out of the gene pool.

What about bicycles, Bob?  What about the bad lighting, Bob?  What about this being a one-road-access airport, Bob?  

The job of local government is to solve problems using public money.  You have yet to display any skill at this at all, instead boasting that Cairns Council had a "profit" last year.  

And problems with the airport road were the same WHEN YOU WERE RUNNING THE AIRPORT as Chair of the Port Authority.  Why didn't YOU fix the thing, Bob?  

To the family of Dinah Boughton - our deepest apologies for our ignorant Mayor who with this insensitive comment has attempted to shift blame for this accident to Dinah - "she shouldn't have been walking there", according to our Mayor.

This is unfortunately what passes for intellect in FNQ.  

UPDATE:  Cr. John Schilling today continued the Mayor's attempt to "blame the victim" by saying "a footpath wouldn't help, she was crossing the road".  


Ivor. said...

Cairns Airport is not user friendly for drop offs and pick ups,Darwin Airport is located near Darwin city and has a good efficient bus service that does drop off and pick ups for all hotels whatever time,similar all other Australian cities,Driving into Cairns Airport is like driving into a gaol,security guards look at you as if you have a rope ladder hidden in your boot.

CBD Warrior said...

Thanks for the audio, HBW. I wouldn't have believed he could say something so stupid and would have blamed it on "biased reporting".

The part that cracked me up - he says that Cairns Council engineering staff and the airport had been "working hard" to come up with a solution.

I can see the movie now.

Airport engineer: "We think a couple big signs telling pedestrians to bugger off works for us".

Council engineer: "Yup, works for us. Where are we going for lunch and a pint"?

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghia Where the fuck are you, these dickheads on here are starting to make sense, hurry up and get pissed and tell us all about your Yum Cha.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe this! That is his solution, to "close it off to pedestrian traffic!" What is this, a city run by a dictator? PUT IN A WALKWAY/BICYCLE PATH you fool, and get the airport to fund it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah old Bob actually got a bit fired up when interviewed on talkback about this and was all indignant. He went on to say that people didn't walk to the airport in Brisbane, so why should they do it in Cairns ? Apart from the fact that the Brisbane airport is way out of town, there is also the well known fact that Brisbane airport has an excellent train service straight into the CBD. How did this stupid man ever become mayor of Cairns ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, the ole Freemason brotherhood always stays tight. How many brothers have you hired at the CRC over the last 24 months?
Hey Bob, how much longer will my exorbitant rates go to subsidizing millionaire developers head works?
Hey Bob, when will you start maintaining the mozzie infested, overgrown, kerb cracked shithole under serviced area I live in?

Anonymous said...

I work at the airport at regularly pick up people walking with suitcases on the side of the road because it is clearly not a safe road to walk on.
My customers often say to me that the entire layout of Cairns Airport only take makes sense when you look at it in the terms that it was designed to extract the maximum amount of money from everyone that uses it.

Gavin Bland said...

Kerbs! Kerbs! You're lucky. We don't have kerbs. Just potholes and puddles the size of Tobruk Pool.

Anonymous said...

Your next Bob. You and your LNP council. Better dig out that paper work to get your old aged pension back again.

Ken Svay said...

I caught a taxi from Westcourt to the airport just before new year. It cost $25.50!
That's an outrageous price for a town trying to foster tourism. I see people walking at the edge of the road to the airport constantly, it's ridiculous. Why does the bike track stop before the airport? Rates here are outrageous compared to Perth, where does the money go?

Geoff Holland said...

There is a petition to get public buses to run to Cairns Airport at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/public-buses-for-cairns-airport.html

Over 600 people have signed in 4 days.

Please sign and share if you support this.

Richie Bates has signed. Letters have just gone out to Rob Pyne, Craig Crawford, Curtis Pitt and Billy Gordon (so far no response). A letter will go out to Qld Transport (TMR) Regional Director in Cairns, Tony Potter today.

Public buses have been promised by politicians for the last 16 years at least. Well now it is time!