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14 January 2015



We were gobsmacked at the nonsensical announcement by MP's Michael Trout and Gavin King as they stood with LNP puppet master and Treasurer Tim Nicholls proffering an unneeded upgrade to the Cook Highway.

When taxi drivers who use this airport access daily call the proposed solution bullshit, you can see the idea is Dead On Arrival.  Just so much election detritus.

But then Michael Trout has done it again!

On Tuesday, Michael Trout stood out on the Western Arterial Highway, promising that the LNP would  fund a $1.5M PLANNING STUDY for duplication of what is called the Bill Fulton Bridge.  This is the bridge, built in 1998, over the Freshwater Creek floodplain, which completed the ability of the highway to provide a flood-proof route for residents north of the Barron River.

It is also the main bypass to the Cairns CBD for truck traffic, along with tourists with caravans and others bound for the north.  Townsville is on the verge of having completed a real freeway bypass around the western side of their city - a project costing over $1B.

Traffic levels on the Western Arterial Highway already exceed the design capacity of the road, so duplication of this bridge is overdue.  As this is a bridge duplication, it isn't clear what $1.5M buys - go find the original blueprints, and make a copy? 

The announcement was accompanied by the usual scary
electioneering - "If an ambulance had to traverse Cairns when the Cook Highway was flooded, it could have fatal consequences", blah, blah.

But this bridge is just one part of the inadequate infrastructure on the Western Arterial Road.  




You can't just fix one bridge and think you've fixed the problem, Mr. Trout.  Did you explain that to your LNP puppet masters?  "At the time of building, restricting the bridge to two lanes guaranteed future bottlenecks".  Sorry, those are your words, Trouty.   And the Barron River bridge is currently a deathtrap for cyclists, with its substandard, narrow construction.  Cost savings by other bullshit politicians from years gone by.  

Meanwhile yesterday alone Campbell Newman dumped almost $1 Billion in promises into the Brisbane area - including a $170M upgrade to a highway intersection and $532M for duplication of a rail line.  

This bridge duplication PLANNING STUDY is just another bullshit promise from the LNP for Cairns.  Billions get spent in Brisbane while we get more studies to nowhere.

And the worst part?  Michael Trout stands shoulder-to-shoulder with these bullshit merchants, smiling and laughing, instead of standing up for the people of Cairns.

Michael Trout should lose just for being such a spineless, flaccid hippocrite and failing to represent the needs of his constituents.


jim cavill said...

back trout been taking lessons form Givin King he chap being spineless

Anonymous said...

We get non stop spruiking in Cairns. Always looking forward to 5 trillion dollars worth of projects that never happen. Then King bragging about how great the economy is even though it is flat lining and sick. How AQUIS will make us all millionaires despite the numbers not stacking up.

They create this fantasy world they sell loud and proud every 5 minutes to whoever will listen so of course they cannot now start crying poor and demand what we are long overdue for.

They have screwed us.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read 3 years ago in the Compost that he promissed to duplicate it during his first term?

Observer said...

Didn't the LNP carry on like pork chops wringing their hands and squealing like pigs having their throats cut last election about how Queensland was ruined and everyone was facing death by starvation and woe is us blah blah because the Labor Party had driven up so much debt blah blah?
Then they went on to tell us how we couldn't afford this couldn't afford that so they sacked tens of thousands of public servants closed hospitals and aged care homes down axed this and axed that. Then they went on to give themselves the highest pay rises of any government in Australia. So here we are in an election and Newman is promising to spend millions in his own electorate and suddenly there is money to burn. Whatever happened to the money crisis?

CBD Warrior said...

Good work HBW! You've got to wonder what in the world is wrong with these "men" that we've elected to these positions. Are they that desperate for these positions that they'll fuck over their neighbours? Because that's what they're doing. They're fucking us over.

Bob R. said...

Jesus H Christ I just read where the LNP are going to give $150 million to build a new fucken stadium in Townsville. So whats fucken wrong with the other one they got there hey? Are all of these things like walking bloody tracks, a new bridge and a sports stadium going to give jobs to the kids?

Anonymous said...

LNP voters sure are a stupid lot . The smarter ones are willing to vote PUP, spoil the vote or even consider ALP. But nobody with a brain is supporting King or Trout.

Anonymous said...

The LNP know they have buckley's of winning these seats in the north. Trouty and King are gone. Why waste money on promises when a Labor member will cut the ribbon if it is completed?
That is the political equation the people of Cairns will have to deal with. I hope the voters remember this venal self serving party in the future.

Anonymous said...

Now seems to remember some of Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King's wise words:

"Politicians of all stripes sometimes have their heads so far up their own backsides they forget they’re elected to tackle society’s problems and respond to concerns from constituents."
12 July 2008

"We all know politicians from both sides are manufactured on conveyor belts and forced to act like performing parrots to spread a unified party message"
10 May 2008

Anonymous said...

Any spending is short term. We need ongoing solutions to cost of living. Not hearing anything worthwhile from either side yet.Still time I'spose. Hope hope hope.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14/1/15 @. 20:56,- what a shame these quotes would only last one nanosecond if posted on the fuckwits website, just to jog his memory.

Anonymous said...

Having never voted Labor, (& still probably never will), I must say the local guy in the wheelchair shows more 'balls' than all the other sorry pieces of shit, combined !

Anonymous said...

Trout and King working with the towns leaders to prioritise projects. Dumb and dumber. What is wrong with organising priorities according to feedback from the people, the ones that actually vote for you?

Anonymous said...

I agree the man in the wheelchair is the one for Cairns. The thing is to mark the LNP last on your ballot paper which won't be too hard in the seat of Cairns as King is last on it anyway. Put the LNP last as they have put us the people of Queensland last.

Anonymous said...

In fact don't even put a number in King's square on the ballot paper. With Queensland state elections all the boxes do NOT have to be numbered. Just vote for the ones you want in the order you want. It just means that in the unlikely event King gets up and the vote goes down to the line, he won't even get your final preference! Check the electoral site if you want more info.

shanghai said...

on the ballot paper can I x the wheel chair guy ?

Anonymous said...

The new turning lane on Sheridan Street is absurd and will only slow everything else down.
What I want to know is .......where is our entertainment centre/theatre. I believe this bald mayor said we'd have some wonderful edifice in his first term. Better get on with it because I very much doubt there'll be a second term.

Anonymous said...

I may well be wrong but I really doubt that Australia has ever had a worse bunch of politicians on all levels as this bunch.
I wouldn't trust any of ém to run a chook raffle.

Tony Hillier said...

Anon 20:56. Unfortunately your links to the King quotes don't work, otherwise I'd happily regurgitate them via my various web outlets. The hypocrisy and arrogance of this man knows no bounds! "The man in the wheelchair" is home and hosed: Go you good thing!

Anony The Mouse said...

Actually, there are THREE bridges along that stretch, there's one over the Freshwater Road too.

Anonymous said...

re: Anonymous Anony The Mouse said...

Really? Well I'll be fucked !

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Bob R. I thought you had karked it on us all. Thought I saw your despatch notice in the compost the other day. Nice to know your still around the ridges.

Anonymous said...

ERR anon 12:01, Bob.....I mean Rob has been too busy campaigning to post mean comments, have some though for that!