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13 February 2015


Clearly, the Queensland debt situation was a factor in the recent state election, with voters unimpressed with Campbell Newman's plans to sell government assets and go on a drunken bender with the money raised.  He couldn't promise shit fast enough - tunnels, bridges, billion-dollar road projects in Brisbane and other largess right up the coast.  Some of it needed infrastructure.  A lot of it not.  

Townsville, where huge government sums have been spent over the last ten years, found itself the recipient of a $100M commitment by Newman to build a THIRD stadium.  

In the end, enough voters saw through the profligate spending plans and ousted these ratbags, and replaced them with - a different group of ratbags with the same core values.

Because at the end of the day, sadly this has what government has become - a giant piggybank that is broken open for any old crap.  This is true at the local level as well.  Bob "Sleepy" Manning ran on a platform of STOPPING the planned Entertainment Precinct and then did the unthinkable by giving back the promised money to be spent in Brisbane.  He's then cheerfully forgotten about his promise to do SOMETHING to meet the arts needs in the community, instead getting his subservient council majority to rubberstamp a swimming pool that's in the wrong place, for a cool $25Million.

And twice yearly like clockwork, mums and dads line up at the council trough to get public money for their club, or sport field, or kid's team, or netball group, or. . . .  It's the public's money, and the pollies dish it out like bowls of ice cream despite the level of need.  A wink from your councillor, you're in!  Why wait until tomorrow for something you want TODAY?

The Australian psyche is filled with this notion that the government should be making all the investments.  This has even extended the long arm of government into our homes - we now EXPECT, indeed EXPECT that the government pay for our children's books and pencil boxes and uniforms for school.  They're OUR kids - where is OUR investment in these simple things?  

So we today honor the men and women members of the Marlin Coast Bowls Club in Trinity Beach.  As anyone who's driven up the highway to the Northern Beaches will have noticed, the MCBC has erected a truly magnificent roof over their bowls area.

We understand an expenditure of almost $800K.  With not one penny from the ratepayers or taxpayers anywhere.  

Just hard-working (well they were, most retired now) Australians (and a sprinkling of Brits and others) who budgeted, saved their dollars, and put this roof over their club.

Keep in mind the MCBC has NO pokies.  NO restaurant.  Just a nice modest clubhouse and of course a bar where one can get a refreshment.

One senior member asked about their achievement modestly
boasted "We did it ourselves.  Why should Cairns ratepayers pay anything towards our club?"  

On the day it opened, not one politician stopped by to congratulate the members for their achievement.  I guess if they can't take the credit, they just don't give a shit.  Because at the end of the day, that's what the money's for.  Self-aggrandizing politicians.  

Until the public stops playing this game and understands the consequences, we're going to continue to be hamsters in a wheel going from one group of over-promising ratbags to another.


Beaches Resident said...

Here, here. Well put.

Anonymous said...

The age of entitlement is upon us and QLDers have 'kicked the can down the road'(a lot like Greece) and betrayed future generations by ignoring the need to make tough, hard fiscal decisions(like long term lease backs).

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai, will you hurry up and get pissed so we can all have a laugh.

Alison Alloway said...

For shame Hillbilly! You don't know our Cairns history! Our very first home for the aged in Cairns, FARNORHA, (the first buildings of which were completed in 1972), was the result of community efforts and fund raising. By March 1980, 13 buildings at Farnorha housed 70 citizens with the complex valued then at a conservative $1 million. Not one cent was owing on it either. Former Cairns Post Editor, ALAN HUDSON, in his book, "Growing Up With Cairns" (P. 103) describes it as "Literally dozens of Cairns people became involved in one of the greatest fund-raising efforts this city has ever seen." I vividly recall when retired men and women operated two city car-parking areas, with all proceeds going towards the home.
In more recent years,the community came together to support COUCH in its efforts to raise funds for the much needed radiotherapy and oncology unit at the Base Hospital. Some of those funds today provide a bus service taking cancer patients from the Mayo Lodge to the Liz Plummer Centre.

Anonymous said...

Off the subject.I heard that the Russian space station found Gavin King hiding in the toilet cubicle the other day with a copy of the QLD election result clenched between his teeth.

Anonymous said...

13/2/15 19:04

the lease back long term would put us in greater debt as the interest saved (especially as the rates go down, down down ) was less than revenue (which will go up, up,up forgone. Also we lose employment at regional level.LNp should never be allowed near government again.

Anonymous said...

The Mayo Lodge was also largely funded by the husband of Marilyn Mayo in her memory.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with another Alison Alloway rant. Nobody reads it all hey? If we removed middle class welfare and corporate welfare, there'd be plenty of money to go around. Every bogan thinks it's their right to get free money from the government then whine about public housing and dole bludgers, oblivious to the irony. Short, readable rant over.

Anonymous said...

Still smarting from the political flogging your mates got a few weeks ago anon 8:06?

Alison Alloway said...

A bad case of sour grapes hey, Anonymous 08.06?? What I wrote was a little of the history of Cairns as regards community effort. It could hardly be described as a "rant". You fool.

Anonymous said...

Off the subject. Warren Ensch rings the PM and says I'm not doing my job very well can you put in Uncle Phillip as whip. That doesn't work out, Warren rings the PM office again. Sorry, still not working. what happened to the free news papers I used to send you with the gloomy news of your PMship. Never mind. There are lots of back benchers to try out before they end up back at Warren.

Anonymous said...

alison, the ranter sounds like either bedbugs boyd or snake in the grasso who clearly has no ideaabout financial management. his wonderful lnp added $15 billion to the states debt in the first 2 years and we are yet to see what the added in the last 6 months. meantime the federal lnp have added $66 billion to the federal debt in just 18 months. and both of them have slowed the economy with their austerity measures.

Ken svay said...

I saw that roof going on, it's massive and no money from tne council or government. Good for them and well spotted.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Labour had already commited 100M for the third Townsville stadium and it will go ahead no matter which party is in power. Townsville wins again.

TAS said...

At least Alison Alloway puts her name to her posts (Anon 15/2/15 08:06)