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04 February 2015


Local MP and Minister for Social Media Warren Entsch is clearly no friend of PM Tony Abbott and the current federal leadership.  

After the last election, despite actively campaigning for a leadership seat, Entsch was rejected by the leadership and relegated to one of the worst seats in Parliament, far from the eye of the camera.  

So poison is the relationship that Entsch and the Leichhardt electorate has been clearly shortchanged by the federal LNP, and the government has done nothing to rein in the insurance companies.  Essentially, the residents of FNQ are continuing to pay insurance rates much higher than the rest of Australia purely as a "get square" by Abbott to Entsch.  We're the pawns in this silly pollie game.

We've told you the reasons for this hostility on several occasions -
with the only response from Warren Entsch being attacking this blog, people who have nothing to do with it, and slandering several people under the cover of Parliamentary privilege.  Did he think he'd shut us down?  Maybe - Warren Entsch is among the most delusional of the Cairns LNP.  We're still waiting for his tunnel to Yarrabah, promised years ago.

So it comes as no surprise that Entsch is leading the anti-Tony Abbott attacks - and Sky News, aware of the long history of Entsch incompetence, called him a "buffoon".

No surprise here.  Entsch is a fuck-up supremo.  We knew it all along.  "Buffoon" is much too kind.

But even the ALP are now acting like jerks, failing to understand the public mood toward "old-style" politics.   The Brisbane ALP "faceless men" and labor union goons are now trying to dictate factional political appointments of ministers, instead of rewarding the best and brightest.  The era of factions is over, mates.  Didn't you get the memo?

It's despicable. The ALP hierarchy isn't playing by the rules.  If the local "awesome foursome" put in by the Cairns electorate are really serious about their representation of Far North Queensland, they'll withhold their votes to form government until they're given assurances about the future of Curtis Pitt, and the Cairns region.  Every Labor member in Cairns would support drastic action against the brainless, faceless men and union thugs.  The only "faction" voters now care about is Cairns & Far North Queensland.

Some of told us today "this is naive, no one will buck party politics".  This isn't representative government.  If there isn't some accountability by the local MP's to the citizens they represent, what are we left with?  An endless cycle of politicians from both parties, feathering their own nests and doing nothing for the public.  IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Voters have the right to expect that Pitt, shadow treasurer over the last three years, has qualified to be Treasurer now in majority government.  THE FACTIONS BE DAMNED.

To the glee of John Mackenzie, former Treasurer and sometimes
Cairns resident Keith Delacy was willing to trash the current generation of Labor leaders, suggesting they "aren't ready to govern".  DeLacy, now reaping millions as company director in various agriculture and resource companies, isn't without his own agenda now.  One wonders if Delacy's views are more in concern of whatever deals the LNP signed off on for him that are now likely to be exposed by an ALP government.

In any case, the white-anting of an ALP government even before it has been sworn in is unprecedented in Queensland history.

All in all, a basket of tawdry politicians.


CBD Warrior said...

Entsch is a slime. You've had it right all along.

As for the rest of the ALP mob - we didn't vote for no fucking FACTIONS. Are you a bunch of primary school kids with your cliques? The best people go into the ministry, not some divvy up based on this faction shit.

KitchenSlut said...

Oh dear. Hillbilly joins the Cairns Cargo Cult? Where exactly is any evidence that Cairns hasn't got it's share from both state and federal over any longer term timeframe? If anybody has anything empirical rather than anecdotal please post. While Entsch has been a windbag on the issue where exactly is any empirical evidence that insurance rates in FNQ should not be significantly above the national average based on risk? (Note: I can think of some but why give it away) Lets all get together and go build a grass replica airplane on The Esplanade tomorrow and wait for the cargo to land. That should solve it!

Anonymous said...

I expected that comment from deLacy. He was only a second rate bush school teacher, so how did he become State Treasurer? Typical of him. People like him forget that we all start in political life somewhere. Yet he milked the Labor supporters for years and now is a fucking multi-millionaire white shoe brigade proponent. As to Entsch. He was Government whip under Howard. Remember he chided Turnbull for missing a time deadline or something like that? Then Abbott becomes Prime Minister and put Entsch where he belongs - on the back seats. Entsch talks of the instability of the Labor party in years past. The Liberal party should expel the drunken thug. Entsch isn't worried about the Liberal party. He is only worried about his own standing - nothing else. When one looks at Entsch in depth: what has he got to offer Leichhardt really? What say does he actually have, or ever had in the Liberal party? Really, what say does he have? There are men and women in the Liberal party that have far more cerebral gifts that he could possibly think of ever having.He is shit kicker, a bully and a drunk. That is all he is, all he ever has been, and always will ever be. He looked like the typical drunk Santa on the ABC morning news last weekend. The rosy cheeks, the runny eyes. Sniffling. Loosing his train of thought. He seems to love making boots for American politicians for him to lick. He reminds me of one of those fat gutted southerners of the wild west in American movies who takes over towns as Marshall, Judge and Jury. He should move over there and then he would not only have a job and career for life, but also his own fucking city. "I'm doing this for the good of the country brethern". Now back to deLacy. So he thinks the Labor party isn't ready to govern? Really? I don't think they expected to win government either, but it looks like they will or go very close to it. Should they just sit there and say... "We will let someone else govern the joint for three years till we're ready". The pompous priggish old reprobate. Piss off down south and stay there Keith.You lost me long ago.

Anonymous said...

I just read the 'properties' of your above picture of Entch. Quote: adolfentsch. lol.

NYM said...

Really, Hillbilly? Isn't all of this bizzo about "factions" a bit premature?? We don't even know who the government is going to be yet! Yes, yes, I know the media is shit stirring away for all they are worth, trumpeting away about enormous divisions within the Labor Party, deep hatreds and animosities blah blah blah. If that was so, if the party is so disunited, then how the hell did Labor come back almost from the brink of annihilation, in three years? The recent successful campaign around the State was one of the best, united, cohesive campaigns run by Labor in decades.

Anonymous said...

Crickets...I hear Crickets when HBW has a go at Labor pollies. Laughing my head off at all the usual loser commenters here who don't know what to say!

Ernie said...

It was mentioned to me years ago that dlacy has been bankrupt numerous times, then there was the failure of Cubby station with dlacy on board and sold to the chinese, and now in with the miners. Wank Mackenzie would have anybody on his sad show so he can stir up shit, Parasite!
dlacy is a loser, what would he know.

Mick said...

So anonymous 19:03 fuck off if you can't handle the intellectual rigour of this blog. I'm sure there will be another LNP clusterfuck waiting for you on the next Mckenzie shock jock spewfest.

Anonymous said...

Agree NYM and as for Delacy shit-carting Labor the party that gave him every-thing he has today, should be run out of town. Long time Local.Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual rigour Mick? More like spiteful ignorance. ROFL

Anonymous said...

While I'm sure Curtis Pitt would be a competent Treasurer, he was also Shadow Minister for Trade, Employment, Energy and Water Supply, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships. Why is everyone so bent out of shape about him being Treasurer? FFS, its not like he'd been storing gold bars at home!! Maybe he'd make a better Trade and Employment Minister, or Energy Minister. Point is, people didn't vote Curtis Pitt for Treasurer, they voted Curtis Pitt for Mulgrave. So get over it!!

Re Fatguts Entsch, looks like he's grooming his former campaign manager Trent Twomey - he has the same propensity for spewing bullshit and sucking what needs to be sucked.

mickwow said...

I bet d'lacy had been counting on all the commissionshe was going to get helping Newman to flog off Queensland assets.What a turn coat old prick.Fuck off d'lacey.

Ken Svay said...

Insurance and electricity ate huge imposts on FNQ, what can be done?
Do any of our local politicians have any good ideas?

NYM said...

Since insurance has been privatised and free to charge whatever they like now that there is no longer a government insurance body to regulate costs,like the old SGIO, the electricity industry should NEVER be privatised. That is all I can think of. Too bad so sad Queenslanders voted for privatisation of insurance way back in the days of old Joh.

Ken Svay said...

I remember a newspaper headline years ago, forget what the issue was.
The stench of Entsch! I have never forgotten if and it's still apt !

Tony Hillier said...

If memory serves me right, it was a Barfly columnist who came up with the name Bunny Stench.

Anonymous said...

Entsch is like a cane toad. Lots of people would like to get rid of him but aren't ruthless enough to smack him with a golf club.