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05 February 2015


One of the most regular and predictable venom-spitters in the MacKenzie Rolodex is Raj Patel.  I know, there are 28 million fucking Raj Patels, and that just counting the ones running motels.  The Cairns Raj Patel is a printer - a trade he picked up after his buggy whip business went under.  It gives him lots of free time to spend calling his radio hero and writing his blog.  So now like other failed businessmen (Sno Bonneau springs to mind) he's decided that he should put his "talents" to work in politics.

Patel also fancies himself a skilled political analyst. How's that working out for you there, mate?  

Raj Patel is the preselected candidate for the Lapdog Party.

Patel says the big issue he wants to tackle is public transport in the southern suburbs.  Apparently he hasn't figured out that this isn't a Council issue, but let's not tell him.  Kinda like letting a cat play with a catnip ball.

His campaign pitch?  "Most people are aware of my community involvement".  Staring blankly from the sidelines at netball games isn't the kind of "community involvement" we had in mind, Raj.

Asked about the traits possessed by the ideal Bob "Sleepy" Manning Council member - "They want someone they can get on with, they don't want a councillor that will cause chaos".

Asked if would cause chaos, Raj confidently declared:  "I abide by the majority".

Fucking lapdog.  Gavin King without the thesaurus.

Speaking of Gavin King, we understand he STILL hasn't called to congratulate Rob Pyne on his win last Saturday.  Let's hope he's getting the proper care and treatment for someone in his condition.


Tony Hillier said...

Now that the right-wing tide and self-serving mentality in Queensland has seemingly turned, I wonder if Val Schier might be persuaded to re-stand for mayor next year (or even consider a tilt at Entsch's apprentice for the federal seat of Leichhardt). If she were able to assemble a 'Cairns First' team of intelligent, diligent and civic-minded councillor candidates I reckon the current dead-beats would sink to the bottom of Trinity Inlet!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Val returned as mayor too, but I read in the CP that she's heading back to live in Tasmania.
Maybe Tasmanian's brains aren't so addled by the tropical sun, and she will find a lot of followers to welcome her home.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for this fucking asshole. I lasted about 2 weeks before telling him to shove it.

He wants to run in politics and all he ever says is "I just can't understand, John". Clueless as fuck.

Anonymous said...

Val Schier return? Oh please. Just because sleepy makes her look good doesn't mean she was a decent mayor. Politically naive dud. I can't stand dumb politicians who don't know they're dumb. They are always arrogant and refuse to take advice. Raj Patel for mayor! At least we'd know we're getting a dud but it would be funny as fuck. Freebody could be his deputy.

Ken Svay said...

Is it true that the outgoing member for Cairns hasn't yet congratulated the winner?
I thought even a Liberals had more manners than this.

Anonymous said...

Will Gaving King ever step foot in public in Cairns again? He'll be out of town as soon as he can find anybody hiring a failed MP or a newspaper that is actually hiring people. Probably end up working for the IPA.

Bob R. said...

Geez hbw that is some contankerous looking lapdog in the photo there, gave me a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Val was the best mayor we have had since Tom Pyne. All the little dick misogynistic arseholes who can't face that truth can go suck it!

Anonymous said...

Val and the people she surrounded herself with managed to get unprecedented funds from both state and federals. $30million from feds and $50 odd million from state for the entertainment precinct. She also got $33 million for the city upgrade. King and manning threw it away. Now who is the dud? When she left the council debt was $70 odd million. It will be interesting to see what it is now and will be after the pool upgrade and the final stage of the city upgrade as manning is doing most of this work using council borrowings.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally with Anon 15:39 I would say Keith Goodwin, Tom Pyne and Val Shier as Mayors did more to move Cairns forward as an international destination and a damn good place to live than the current fool Manning and his conservative cronies like Byrne who was only concerned with shovelling money to his business mates, most of whom apparently are now bankrupt.

Ernie said...

Val Schier had to deal with her first budget with how to fund the cleaner seas sewerage upgrade, byrne had only managed to squirrel away approx. 12m towards it in all the budgets he had to prepare for it, making himself look good with all the waste of dollars overplanting street gardens and anything else including his ignorance before the next council election, then we had this disgusting pos king come along with all his foul stories in the compost and Mackenzie promoted it as humour. Val Schier did very well taking Cairns forward in a decent way, not like what we have had in the last few years, local & state, wake up folks get rid of these ones who only have their own interests.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous dickbrain of 15:39.

That's 30 + 50 million dollars.

The E.P. was costed at 200 Miilion plus.

Allow 7% to run E.P, + 3% to pay the capital back and the rate payer of Cairns is left with an rates impost of 1000's $$$ on top of their normal rates for ever.

You lefties just don't get that do you?

Ken Svay said...

Council rates are outrageous here compared to Perth. Where does the money go?

Not another hillbilly wanker. said...

Anon 23:40

All the sour grapes in the world won't make your bullshit right.

The EP was costed at $130m, not "200 Million +"

Of this, $97.3m was funded, leaving $33.7m of long term, low interest loans.

Those loans would have been funded from the sale of the Civic Theatre site, and the hiring of the overspill space to the Entertainment Centre.

There was never going to be a rate increase to pay for it, idiots like you made that up.

Anonymous said...

Anon above is 100% on the money.
Val was one of the best mayors Cairns had in a very long time.
Rednecks hate women in power full fucking stop.