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26 February 2015


The two sorriest LNP politicians in Queensland took to the airwaves today trying to gin up sympathy with the hillbilly public in FNQ.  As Gavin King discovered all too late, even the hardcore hillbilly illiterates are wise to our do-nothing politicians, with our dugong Minister for Blogs next to be butchered by an angry electorate.

The federal windbag that is Warren Entsch is now two years into the economy-draining problems of insurance company abuse, massive electric price increases, and the petrol rorts. The normally reliable callers to the Cueball show have started calling for Entsch's removal, so he does what ineffective politicians around the world do - attack the media.

Entsch has then attacked newly elected Member for Barron River Craig Crawford who's spoken out strongly on the issue, telling him the feds are "planning to unveil a solution soon".  The same tired mantra Entsch has been spewing for years, while nothing has been done.

Instead of proffering any solutions to the "insurance crisis", Entsch claimed that he's preparing legislation to use the government in media censorship.  He included his favourite target, 'the ratbags at that Hillbilly Watch thing'.  We're shaking in our flip-flops.  

Three years ago Entsch made false attacks on this blog and his flawed theory on the authors - under the cover of Parliamentary Privilege.  Lucky for him, as his accusations were proven false.  And with no friends left in the Parliament (the next Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull thinks even less of Entsch than Abbott), Entsch is trotting out the misdirection and slight of hand that are his stock-in-trade.  The public wants action on real issues and the tide is turning on this self-serving windbag. 

Meanwhile, the "Sore Loser of the Decade" Gavin King, who's juvenile response to being beaten like a drum is his silly refusal to congratulate the winner, made a grandiose announcement yesterday that he'd been selected to write the "memoirs" of his sore loser boss, Joh Bjelke Newman.

MacKenzie, always Gavin's bitch, gave King a free 15 minutes to spruik a book that hasn't even been written.  
MacKenzie predictably stayed away from any hard questions, instead lobbing King softballs that all got the response "well, you'll have to buy the book".  Did 4CA give King a bill for advertising? 

The big question - does anyone WANT a book about Newman, written by the guy who called Chinese "freaks and weirdos", attacked women for "encouraging" their own rapes, and has a track record of shallow writing and sensationalist journalism?

The first answer from the University of Queensland Press?  "Get Lost".  

King, when told of the UQP decision, continued his juvenile rantings and "pointed to the role of printed media in stimulating political debate and the free expression of ideas".  The fact of the matter is that even if a publisher believes a book on Campbell Newman is a worthwhile venture, they'll all run screaming at the thought of Gavin King's library of untruth.  Better to let Steve Grasso write it, I'm sure he has comic book experience.

Apparently Gavin King is unaware that attacks on political debate and free expression have a home in the peabrain of one Warren Entsch.  His former federal counterpart.

One down and one to go.


Anonymous said...

Kingy didn't really want to win the election anyway, too boring,he was already planning for higher things like writing a book about Campbell Newman,so there.

CBD Warrior said...

The thought of King Gav penning the Newman Memoirs is hysterically funny. Newman can't lie straight in bed and King hates everyone and everything.

*IF* this book should eventuate, I look forward to bootlegging it for a good laugh.

Tony Hillier said...

Well said Mr Hillbilly. Your critique is pertinent and valid.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I heard Warren on question time saying that HBW was used by school kids of school age for cyber bullying. I have been reading this blog for years and it is always adult/ political/ topical subjects discussed, dissected to death. Never have I read any kids comments. He really needs to increase his medication and drink a more expensive brand of spirits. It only goes to prove that he reads this doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

the mayors says the candidates for the division three council sport to remain behind close doors and that the nominated community people being protected, no different to the former premier and the prime minister, they treat Australian citizens poorly

Anonymous said...

Suggested title of the new book: "I am remaindered."

Anonymous said...

King lost his seat so do not wish to hear of him anymore.

Second Anonymous said...

There will be so few orders it will probably be published on Entsch's photocopier - with a foreword by Grasso.

china said...

The Foreign Stench...ha ha .Some schoolkid told me that one the other day. Another self serving dud. Yes wazza even the kiddies know you're a dud.

sir cus. said...

HBW you not only keep me enlightened also make me laugh-out-loud,thanks.

Bob McD said...

I hope they print it on soft paper. My bum can't tolerate anything too scratchy these days and the 75¢ bin in Cairns Central is cheaper than bog roll.

Anonymous said...

Enstch is full of "hot air" and gets on any old issue that he can stir up knowing quite well that he has no hope of fulfilling. Take the LGBT call for equality which he spruced when last in Howard Govt. knowing quite well that he was retiring and that Howard would not even listen to his call. Hot air - that's all. Time to go Wazza.