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29 May 2015


We give our rates and taxes to those we elect to spend for the good of us all.  

Bob Manning and his group of do-nothings took office after Mayor Val Schier on a policy of killing the Schier Entertainment Precinct, with promises to do something "cheaper and better".

They've done nothing.  That's surely cheaper.

But as Cairns residents shun the dirty inadequate Civic Theater (and the related restaurant and small business injection so necessary during the slack tourism months), Sleepy Bob has done bugger all to fix the problem.

So it's a mystery that he's touting a freeze on Council charges as a "big step" forward.  Announcing that Council is expecting a $7M PROFIT this year is a dog whistle to the ignorant John MacKenzie listener.

Oddly, the unspent $7M is almost exactly what the Val Schier-council project would have cost the community.  

Instead, we've had NONE of the parking structures built, we had an over budget and mismanaged Lake Street mini-fix, meanwhile welcoming projects in the CBD that were approved with too-little onsite parking.  Road work schedules have been cut as have parks and gardens - except for the tourists.  Manning's mates continue to be at the firehose end of our rates largess.

Dumb and Dumber are running Cairns Council.

Or sorry, we forgot the "new" Tobruk Swimming pool - $20M of swimming in a location where no one goes.


Anonymous said...

Christ, welcome back HBW. Geez mate haven't we all missed ya.

Fred Bayview said...

These clowns running our council should have been worried when the Mayor let his family business go broke
The only way they have a surplus is they have done nothing except throw away money from the state government
I am not sure who will stand up against this clown
But Hillbilly Mackenzie along with. His company and channel seven will give them free publicity
You might note since king was defeated not once have channel seven done daily interview with Robbie Pyne

TAS said...

In the natural course of things, one could have expected the aged Sleepy Manning to slip gracefully into retirement, it's well over time as evidenced by his performance. The problem now, is that he has squandered the family finances with the purchase of a very good business, Events NQ, which he has then mismanaged (in record time) into insolvency. He will now be desperate to hang in for another term of standing still whilst supping at the ratepayer teat. We deserve so much better, and hopefully someone with some energy and ideas will come to the fore.
Does anyone have any views on this and who?

Tony Hillier said...

The mayor let the cat out of the bag about a "new" entertainment precinct at Munro Martin Park — its original proposed location — during an address at the Regional Art Gallery a month or so ago. Now all he has to do is score the requisite government dosh to proceed with that and a major overhaul (hopefully from the ground up) of our decrepit Civic Theatre. The begging bowl is looking somewhat hollow … like the credibility of Mr Manning and his council of cronies!

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai, look who's back writing funny bullshit again, best thing.

steven nowakowski said...

Oh hang on. Gee you're all a bit slow... Didn't you know that the new entertainment complex is being built by Mr. Fung at Yorkeys Knob. It's called that Aquis thingy.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Welcome back HBW I bloody missed you !

Tony Hillier said...

The Aquis mogul is busy snapping up Acquisitions in Canberra and on the Gold Coast. Acquiescent locals might not concur, but it's palpably in Cairns' long-term interests that his focus remains down souff.