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02 June 2015


The release of the Environmental Impact Statement for the ill-conceived Cairns Port dredging project was the final step in the idiotic charade that was begun by radio host Cueball Mackenzie and ousted MP Gavin King as part of the 2011 Queensland elections.

The EIS clearly underscores both the environmental danger, as well as the clear financial stupidity of any government that would undertake such a project. 

MacKenzie has trotted out all the LNP losers in a feeble attempt to "BLAME THE ALP".  This just months after he daily attacked the LNP for their failure to release the report prior to the election.  

Spending hundreds of millions for an only short-term increase in cruise visits isn't a valid tourism strategy.  Current generations of ships being constructed won't even fit into a deepened port.  With or without this dredging, the number of ships able to access the port will continue to decline.  

Of COURSE the EIS was hidden by Gavin King and Campbell Newman!  They KNEW it would expose their years of lies to the Cairns electorate.  The invention of the "port dredging" as an issue, and its subsequent failure, is solely on the LNP, Gavin King, and Campbell Newman.  Full Stop. 

This was the only prudent decision.  The LNP, faced with a damning report, would have made the same call.  They cynically decided to hide the report from the electorate - with the results KNOWN by King and Ports North CEO and LNP bootlicker Brett Moller.  The tactic failed because Gavin King failed to realise how much he was loathed in the community.  

So unless a private company steps forward to take on the task with land reclamation the driving economic factor, Cairns needs to move on with what we have, and what we know.  This is going to take a concerted effort among all the community leaders.  Sadly, we don't have many.

Witness the Cairns unRegional Council.  While squandering millions on a relatively minor upgrade to Lake Street, they continue to allow our mostly absentee landlords to send the CBD "downmarket".  Buildings are still dirty and unpainted.  Footpaths are unswept, long ago needing a periodic program of power washing like was done under the previous council.  

And while we have large numbers of shuttered CBD retail spaces, the bigger problem is the spiral downmarket.  We previously noted the large number of "massage" locations
being put into Cairns Central.  These "massage" businesses, which generate huge negative press for Cairns at the Night Markets (where 18 of the stalls are "massage"), are now spilling out into the rest of the CBD.

The council also ignores the prohibitions against "banner" (temporary plastic) signs.  They're everywhere now.  Gives the CBD an aura of a city in collapse.  

Spence and Lake is one of the most historic corners in the Cairns CBD.  Boland Centre, Quaid Real Estate, and the Heritage (former Bank of North Queensland) occupy this key corner.  The fourth corner, long a tourism hotspot, is now - MASSAGE.  The down-marketing of Lake and Grafton south of Spence is now underway.  The withdrawal of ANZ Bank from Grafton, along with the post office moving, has made this area a ghost town.  The long-needed parking structure for the post office site, which was cued up for construction by former Mayor Schier, has died while Sleepy Bob awaits the arrival of a "Public-Private Partnership".  AKA as the tooth fairy. 

We also have begun to see the proliferation of "flashing light" signs, which are prohibited in the Local Law on Advertising - a law that the Manning council refuses now to enforce.  In addition to the giant sign attached to the Union Jack, we're now seeing the installation of even more annoying, cheap-looking signs to the Night Owl stores.  This defacement being done by none other than Cairns used car salesman and Chamber of Commerce board member Adam Adams. 


This "community leader" has taken over one of the most iconic buildings in the Cairns CBD, home of a longtime upscale restaurant and wonderful nightclub and entertainment space and started trashing it.  His approved plans to put in a 300 bed backpacker PRISON in the space upstairs is foundering only because he doesn't have the money to build it.  This Night Owl, primarily an overpriced sugar dispensary, is reportedly doing extremely poorly in this expensive location.  So he's done what any poor businessman does - he's slapped this hideous, overly large sign on the front of this building facing our #1 CBD tourism attraction, the Esplanade Lagoon.  Flashing its "get sugar here" message at our mostly horrified international visitors, who were expecting a much less intrusive, natural environment.

The same type of sign was easily rejected for the Night Owl location in the Port Douglas CBD, with the Douglas Shire council calling it:  "not representative of the high quality tourist image of Port Douglas as a seaside tropical resort town of international renown; does not complement the tropical image of the town, does not ensure that commercial and shopping areas are attractive through high quality design, and would compromise the high quality tourist image of Port Douglas and to detract significantly from the streetscape and the associated building."

Clearly there are leaders in Douglas Shire who understand who our tourists are, and what they've come here for.  Hence their CBD is full with tourists enjoying the relaxed, clean environment.

Sad to say this knowledge continues to elude the (very highly paid) leaders in Cairns.


CBD Warrior said...

Pleased to see the HBW returning with a vengeance. This article is spot-on, Hillbilly.

We're all so pleased to have you back!

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