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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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12 June 2015


Sometimes, it's hard to understand what's got 4CA's John "Cueball" MacKenzie's panties in a bunch.

Faced with this head-scratcher, we always first look for the personal motivator.  Because at the end of the day, John MacKenzie's all about John MacKenzie.  He could give a shit about the rest of us.

And as sustained ACMA complaints that have confirmed MacKenzie's unfamiliarity with the truth, he's well-versed in "making up" his own facts.  Journalist, he's surely not.  You're entitled to your own opinion, Cueball.  You're not entitled to your own facts.  

One of his high horses began when Anna Bligh was ALP Premier.  He attacked the Queensland Government for lack of juvenile services.  Not enough jail cells.  Not enough punishment.  He was quick to jump on the Ruth Crouch bandwagon, supporting the call for more youth mental health services.

His illegitimate son Gavin did bugger all to bring any improvements to the situation.  With Joh Bjelke Newman more interested in chasing bikies and the appointment of grossly incompetent judges, things had no chance of improvement.

So as the replacement ALP government starts to get cranked up delivering needed infrastructure, we were pleased to see the announcement of the first mental health Youth Prevention and Recovery Centre in Queensland, on a quiet abandoned commercial property in North Cairns.  

So it was a mystery when John MacKenzie refused to have the Member for Cairns Rob Pyne, or even his LNP bootlicker unSir Bob Norman on the radio to discuss the terrific announcement.

Look for the personal connection.  

This one was easy, and exposes again why Australia needs stronger media regulation.  

MacKenzie invited a local resident, Darren Jolley, to shriek and shout that the "sky is falling".  He claims this area of North Cairns is a "quiet, peaceful area" that's now being used for "social services".    MacKenzie waded into the orchestrated diatribe, claiming that (a neighbour told him) the "ice (amphetamine) epidemic is worse there than "perhaps anywhere in the state".  Jolley then picked up the cue claiming that there have been several ice-related arrests in the neighbourhood. 

So I guess it ISN'T a very good neighbourhood.

This is a well-known fact for most people in Cairns.  The strip north of James Street has dumpy motels, cheap eats, and plenty of liquor available.  Sorry, but every city has this kind of neighbourhood.    

And MacKenzie should realise why these "social services" are being congregated around the Cairns Hospital - the hospital that HE twice fought to keep on the Esplanade despite it being on a high-risk, flood prone location.  It's only natural that the government put other allied health centres around the hospital.


The caller, Darren Jolley, lives in Cairns Street.
Jolley was warned before going on the air that he should NOT mention either his previous connections to John MacKenzie, nor MacKenzie's obvious bias by virtue of his residence in the same neighbourhood.

Did MacKenzie do any disclosure about his obvious bias and personal connection to this issue?  No, of course not.   His "voice of the people" act is complete bullshit, as usual.  OUR neighbours, told about this deception, regarded it as "lying by omission".  Something that the media does with impunity.

Neighbours all then clarified that they would NEVER listen to this psychophant.  Fair enough.

MacKenzie has previously used his media position to strong-arm Cairns Councillors.  Just after the last election he insisted that Bob "Sleepy" Manning get the council to block access to his street from James Street, for his own personal amenity.

The announcement for this badly-needed mental health facility should be attracting kudos for the Member for Cairns, Rob Pyne.  Many in the community are stunned at the about-face taken by MacKenzie, who's always complaining that Cairns isn't "getting its share".  

Now you know the facts.  MacKenzie again is only interested in himself.  Not the actions of a community leader, but no one is making THAT mistake!


Anonymous said...

No surprises there. Some years ago King devoted his crappy column agitating against a block of units to be built near cueball's house. While cueball makes a living promoting crappy developments all over the place, he obviously doesn't want any in his own street. I hope they build a half way house in his street !

Anonymous said...

I hope Rob Pyne refuses to go on the show. Angry old men offer nothing to the democratic debate and he is no journalists.

Anonymous said...

On another little subject,right winger John Michael Howson and Mckenzie complaining that programmes nowadays are scripted too much,all the while where the program they do is 100% scripted and most of his callers fall into this mould

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rob Pyne should just avoid going on the crap program.

Anonymous said...

That show is 100 % scripted. I never forget the disgraceful orchestrated attacks on Val Schier when she used to appear on the show.

Everything is pre-arranged. He has a group of current and former LNP politicians on tap to "coincidentally" and "spontaneously" call up whenever required, giving the impression they are all constantly glued to the radio. More often than not they are put on the spot and have to hastily improvise some incoherent waffle to support the rant of the day.The current and a former mayor are prime examples.

This is then followed by the usual LNP stooges and whingers who feel the need to share their outdated and ignorant views with the world.

At least we don't hear from the paperboy anymore.He used to have unprecedented access to that show. He tried an "open" Q & A session once and he copped so much shit, he never did it again. Mckenzie even banned one of his regulars (the vile "Bill from Brinsmead") for several months for giving the paperboy a hard time. After that any calls were carefully vetted and consisted mainly of nauseating praise from the party faithful and thinly disguised Dorothy Dixers.

Anonymous said...

He now phones around to old favourites to get some talk-back going. Desperate measure from this poor man's John Laws!
Where is Pearl these days?