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04 June 2015


The "big news" being hyped by John "Cueball" MacKenzie yesterday is "The Precinct" - the Cairns (non)Regional Council's long-awaited answer to our pathetic community theatre situation.

We'll be talking about this more soon.

However there are serious questions now being raised about changes in council transparency that have been instigated by Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning, with nary a word being raised by our sheeplike (DEAD?) councillors.

The theatre proposal was organised with NO public consultation.  Just like the Lake Street & Tobruk Pool Redevelopments, this project has been shoved on the table as a "fait accompli".  The hype organised (which saw the proposal given to Gavin King and his new attack blog FIRST) featured statements of support from arts professionals who are employees of the Council.  

The proposal is said to cost $65M, which includes several million for the Tanks and an upgrade to Munro Martin Park.  

It can't be done for this figure.  Not with any quality.  The Byrne Council estimated $90M almost a decade ago.   If it actually gets built for this price, we'll be stuck for another few decades with crap.  Welcome to Cairns.  

So how does the public keep their eye on the spending of this, and other infrastructure projects at Council?

It has been the longstanding policy of Councils (not just Cairns, but across Australia), to have an Infrastructure Committee who review the status of these big-ticket projects and report to Council regularly.


This policy at the Cairns Council was ended by Manning, and his finance bootlicker John Andrejic, in late July 2014.  This resulted in the shocking August result - "Nothing to Consider".  And the meetings, which previously had been detailed and well-participated by councillors interested in the details of our capital spending, are now perfunctory, do-nothing gatherings.  

So when before that, Councillors were given monthly reports on how ratepayer money was being managed, this oversight has been stripped from our already uber-lazy Council.  

And the first big project to be managed by this Council, the Tobruk Pool Redevelopment, is known to be riddled with serious problems and cost overruns.  And Council is hiding these facts from the public.  The ratepayers.   YOU.

ADCO Constructions has already discussed with Cairns Council the huge overruns that they are incurring and other malfeasance that will clearly push the project perhaps MONTHS past the completion date.  It is reported that in part ADCO selected a steel fabricator based only on low cost, with the fabricator going belly-up.  A sign that ADCO is being financially stretched by their bid for the project.

Why is Council now bent on hiding this information from the public?  Why are none of our councillors demanding financial accountability by Manning and his cliqué?  


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot ADCO stay down south where you belong.

Tony Hillier said...

The waterfront precinct proposal put forward during Val Schier's mayoral tenure underwent a rigorous public consultation process, was guaranteed funding from state and federal governments and underwent equally thorough viability studies. Even if Mayor Manning's proposal for Munro Martin Park can be accomplished for $65M, which seems unlikely, it will still be significantly more than Council's contribution would have been to the waterfront project, and it can only be a pale imitation of what could - and should - have been. Given the circumstances, Manning's chances of scoring state or federal government funding for his project are bleak — no matter how hard he shakes the begging bowl.

Anonymous said...

The Cairns Entertainment Precinct would have provided an iconic facility that would have put Cairns on the world map for both entertainment and architecture.$100m worth of Funding agreements had been signed with both the Federal and State governments. Manning and Newman torpedoed it politically and lost the funding for Cairns. Manning said that if he wanted entertainment, he and his wife could fly to Brisbane. God knows what hillbilly solution his Council will now offer us!

Anonymous said...

The new project is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

This new proposal is not good enough. The people of Cairns DESERVE BETTER !!

Anonymous said...

Lets never loose sight of the fact that the current council saved almost 5 million by giving away 148 staff to another council(thanks to cantdo)(rembember him,ex QLD premier,bald..............oh never mind)no job when they got there,brand new Douglas council had to find money to redundancy them. No matter how you feel about about council workers,they are human and many lost their homes and had relationship destroyed thanks to manning.the end

Anonymous said...

Latest on this one is ADCO are in a panic with head office in Sydney now starting to ask serious questions about the project and possible mismanagment by the local project manager. With their second steel fabrication contractor going into receivership last week right in the middle of the project it is estimate the delay claims will possibly be several million dollars. Also a press release by ADCO last week contained numerious false and misleading claims including that the project was on time and that ADCO had possesion of the steel frames required to complete the job when in fact the receivers have them.

The project was already 3 months behind schedule before Tropical Fabrications folded and it is estimated that this will now add a further delay of 2 months at least.

More to come in the next few weeks im sure.