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11 June 2015


In his typical blowhard style, Warren Entsch yesterday bellowed "By crikey, I will give it 1000%" when asked if his Abbott government will be assisting with the finance of a new Cairns Theatre.

1000%?  This gives few in the community comfort.  How about 1,000,000,000%?  The result will be the same - the only thing we ever get from Entsch is the 000's. 

Entsch, also known as the Minister for Blogs, has been grossly ineffectual during his terms as Member for Leichhardt.  It's no wonder - his own party leaders including Tony Abbott threw Entsch under the bus a long time ago.  Entsch was at one time thought to be an up-and-coming leader in the LNP, but his big mouth, lazy persona, and drink driving conviction saw Entsch relegated to a position far, far away from the leaders in Parliament.  He's a cipher  A zero.  A placeholder.

Entsch's ignorant attitude towards us, the voters, was summed up in his statement on the theatre project yesterday.  He said "I don't know where we're going to find buried treasure, but I'm certainly keen to have a go".

Entsch actually believes that Cairns is looking for a handout.  He thinks we're a welfare case, with cup in hand, hoping for a few coins to be dropped into our community by HIS government.


It's already well-known that Cairns, and the Far North, receive far less in investment from the State and Federal governments than any other region in the country.  We send BILLION$ to the coffers of these two branches of government.  And get bugger all in return.  

Entsch is a lazy arsehole.  He knows that he'd actually need to do some WORK to get the paperwork in place to get our new theatre funded.  Easier just to call it "buried treasure".  No sense getting the community all excited when he's decided it's all too hard.

Entsch knows that HIS chance of getting a dollar out of anyone is like looking for buried treasure.  That's the sad fact of Warren Entsch as our MP.  Val Schier didn't have any trouble getting almost $100M for the community.  This was pissed away by the Manning Council and Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King.

Bob "Sleepy" Manning, who already has conceded that the Cairns ratepayers will pay the whole inflated cost in order to have something underway at the next Council elections, was told by local member and Treasurer Curtis Pitt that the current so-called plans for the project are grossly inadequate to even open an application for state participation.  Pitt is said to suspect like a growing majority in the community, that the $65M is grossly inadequate to build a theatre that takes the community into the future.

Entsch was quick to take credit for the Esplanade Lagoon, although it was John Howard that stepped up, and made the announcement after being lobbied by Tom Pyne.  

Entsch was anxious to announce he had "dinner with the Dalai Lama" along with his new beard, Yolanda (or maybe it's just a new moustache) - then claiming he was "spiritually recharged".  The Dalai Lama is a symbol of humility and enlightenment.  Entsch's "dinner" was along with hundreds of others. . .so much for the "humility" part.  Must have been dozing.


So the summary:  Bob Manning says we don't need the money, Warren Entsch says a return of some of our tax money to the community is like looking for hidden treasure, and our local MP and Queensland Treasurer demands proper accountability, refusing to get drawn into a bullshit exercise.

Bloody typical.  


Anonymous said...

If a bank was shown what we have been they would not finance it. Yet they expect us to cough up 65 million based on some landscaping drawings. They are economic vandals.

Tony Hillier said...

Politicians of all persuasions, but especially those to the right of the spectrum, are at the bottom of the pile now … behind Big Corpa, tabloid journos, second-hand car dealers, tobacco executives, shock jocks, pimps, arms salesmen et al

Anonymous said...

Gee the more I do some investigating on this Cultural Precinct thing, It becomes bloody obvious that Cairns had a "hard working Mayor" in Val Schier. She was able to get the funding AND the land gratis after lots of hard yakka lobbying the big boys in Politics. That development was shovel ready and would just about to be celebrating a GRAND OPENING - something the people of Cairns would be proud of. Instead, we now have this $65M payment out of rate payers revenue and not a shovel in sight.

sircus said...

Yes agree HBW fed member waste of space.

Anonymous said...

If an elected official comes up with a dollar figure on a future project that the rate payers haven't even agreed to yet re design then one should double that figure in the name of common sense.I seem to remember Val was demonized because she hadn't consulted anyone on a design option.the end