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13 July 2015


Government, at all levels in Australia, is struggling to balance the books.  Our "leaders" are all too chickenshit to actually explain that perhaps we need more tax revenue from individuals AND business.  So instead we're fielding comments about loss of government services, and business beginning to run amok.  Individually, these individual observations are just flotsam in our daily lives.  Collectively however they're starting to make an impact on the quality of life in Australia, and especially the Cairns area.  This kind of environmental degradation is a negative picture tourists take away with them, to our detriment.

Here's some of the submissions:

Every suburb of Cairns has one of these - the "pop up car yard".  Used to be before Joh Bjelke Newman, Main Roads authorised Councils to ticket and/or tow from these eyesores.  Not anymore.  Cairns Council refuses to lift a finger, and Main Roads is deaf, dumb, and blind.  And with some of these cars actually from commercial dealer lots, once again the people on the bottom of the car buying ladder are getting hurt the most.  

Another program slashed (no pun intended) has been the cutting and maintenance of the vegetation (we hesitate to use the word "turf") in the road reserves.  A similar situation exists with this service.  Main Roads stopped compensating Council for maintaining these road reserves during the reign of Gavin the King. King's answer to the issue was that "businesses adjacent needed to take some responsibility".  Fat chance that.  Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning then further cut council's contribution to making our city look presentable to the tourists.  The result is huge areas of road reserve that make the city look shithouse.  Here just adjacent to our "five-star golf resort", Paradise Palms.  Hard to understand why a multi-million dollar resort doesn't just suck it up and cut the weeds away from their entrance.   

Then there's our quasi-public telecommunications company, Telstra.  Every neighbourhood in Cairns has these little monuments to Telstra ineptitude.  Something broken?  Big hole in the ground where Telstra plant is located?  Telstra lickety-split sends a crew (yes, a crew, two people in a big truck) to place one of these barriers around the problem.  This one has been in place for 10 months.  

Have a business or event you want to advertise?  Too lazy to use social media and too cheap to put a proper advertisement in the newspaper?  Too easy!  Just throw up signs for your event wherever you'd like.  Used to be only three official Main Road-approved sign locations.  Now, you can put them up anywhere, and they'll stay there until you remove them (or until they blow away, whichever comes first).

So bad has the illegal signage become, Cairns (non)Regional
Council refuses to order this off-site billboard removed.  This is on the Bruce Highway entrance to the city.  I guess Maccas can do whatever they want.

Cairns Council also now routinely ignores ratepayer complaints as long as possible - sometimes forever.  Caravan parking on your street?  Abandoned cars sitting untouched for months?  How about this cretin - the
only one who won't bring his bins off the street after the collection.  No amount of prodding of Council to enforce Local Laws gets any attention.  

We told you previously about the explosion in "massage services" available in the Cairns area.  Some are just massage by untrained and unlicenced hacks who use the opportunity to stick unwanted
chinese medicine patches on you to extract more cash from the unwary.  The others are whorehouses or worse.  Locanto shows the 1st floor at this location as one of these unlicensed hooker dens.  So unafraid of the government and QPS they openly advertise:  http://tinyurl.com/CNSwhorehouse

We were shocked to find out that a haircut from Supercuts is now $30.  
2005 - - $19.  2015 - - $30.  50% in 10 years.  Has your wage gone up 50% in 10 years?  

We note that a haircut in Sydney is routinely $10 - $12.

The final indignity.  We've all seen these everywhere around town. Street lighting that NEVER goes out.  Expensive high-cost sodium-vapour
lighting.  Expensive bulbs.  Expensive electricity.  MONTHS ago Ergon's North Queensland apologist Geoff Bowes told the Compost that "they were waiting for a part".  And he made a point of saying that "we (the public) aren't paying for this electricity".  A government-owned company and we're not paying?  This doesn't pass the laugh test!

We've emailed Ergon's General Manager for Customer Service, a man named Peter Billing.  I swear, you can't make this shit up.


Anonymous said...

If you want a cheap haircut there are plenty of uninsured backyard operators who don't pay exorbitant business rents, council and government registration fees and public liability insurance for a ten dollar knockoff. You might even get a massage with a happy ending for another rwenty.

Mickwow said...

Maybe Mayor Bob can write a plan for Cairn's future on a china saucer like he did on T.V............Silly old prick.

Anonymous said...

It goes to show how even more retarded this Hillbilly town has become. As for Sleepy Bob and his CFO 'mate', well they couldn't organise a root in one of those dingy brothels if their lives depended on it. One day we will get a Mayor who isn't living in the 70's, a road network sitting in the 60's, and an airport not built upon a design from the 50's! Yes, this shitty little town of ours is a reflection of Sir Joke Bjelke Petersens vision of what Queensland would be in 2015, the same as 1975!!! Looks pretty close to me.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get a cheap haircut with a happy ending????

Anonymous said...

Haha! Peter Billing, that's fucking hilarious! It's a bit like the Brisbane weatherman on Channel 9 - Joel Dry, who reports from flood affected areas! But don't worry, we still have Kevin 'Brown'. Say no more.

Anonymous said...

Do I look like a hillbilly ? We vote people in that aren't very smart a lot like Yaself .

Anonymous said...

Ok so you've reported these things. Now what do we do about it? Just sit back and have a few laughs at ourselves, or actually take some action?

As well as Hillbilly's site, this Fb site also tries to highlight some of Cairns Councils inadequacy's. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1613760008841361/