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16 July 2015


Car wash magnate and semi-literate former Cairns councillor Paul Freebody looks to have gotten his Adventure Waters waterpark project off-the-ground.


We'd love to say "Goodonya', Paul" for showing tenacity in getting this project across the line.  But common sense prevents us from doing this.  

Freebody was one of the first foils for this blog when we started.  His losing reelection campaign was marred by campaign literature that looked to be written by a nine-year-old.  He was quickly removed as councillor after that election bungle, as well as his general poor ratepayer representation.  Residents in his division rightly perceived his business interests were taking up more of his time than his full-time council gig.

Along with the ill-fated Cairns Blog, we skewered Paul for his maniacal diatribe against the Cairns Council's first refusal of his plans calling the Mayor and female councillors "witches and bitches".  A classic meltdown.

You can't make this shit up, I tell you.

Then the Freebody family was tied to a Facebook page (still up, btw) attacking Mayor Val Schier.  

Really?  The actions of a business leader?  Someone looking for an investor to tip-in $18m, $21m, $22m, $27m, for a water park?

Really, you can't make this shit up.  

And then there were the several attempts by the Freebodys to sell their barely operational carwash, a saga too long and convoluted to recount here.  

And how about when Freebody was preselected by the LNP to run for the state seat of Cairns?  His big mouth attack wishing for a "JFK-like ending" to then Prime Minister Julia Gillard shortly thereafter saw him stripped of the preselection -  and an audio tape of his disciplinary meeting was "leaked" by him to the media.  This after he blamed one of his kids for the ill-fated remark.

Stunning?  You can't make this shit up.

Yup, Freebody is a piece of work.  The Freebody kids have all left Cairns for elsewhere in Australia.  Can you blame them?

Over the years the blog has received stories from "tipsters" about the Freebody shenanigans.  While we're always ready to believe any ridiculous story about Paul Freebody, these tips always smelled a little funny.  Or maybe a little phony.  A little internet checking found them to be "plants" - in fact one from a wifi system at a certain carwash on Reservoir Road.  The were the equivalent of internet "sucker punches" - print one and the Freebodys would be after you.

We have our integrity to consider.

So last Friday, Paul Freebody is all ginned up to take his "victory lap" on the Cueball show.  But he doesn't show.  Now that's odd. Never before has he shied away from the pseudo-limelight.

Today we find out that a regular, legitimate businessman, Chris Morris, has pledged $40M to build this thing in Smithfield.  That's right.  A REAL business success figured out that the Freebody figures were too damn low.  Insiders at Cairns (non)Regional Council tell us that his representatives have already met with planning staff and Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning to get the site expanded.  It's just too small, something we've noted since the beginning.  Especially if you're going to install a helicopter pad for sightseeing rides.

Chris Morris - $40M.  Paul Freebody - $0M + the "idea".

Who's waterpark do you think it belongs to now?  Chris Morris is quoted as saying:  "Paul is so passionate about it. . "  Now there's a pat on the arse on your way out the door, if we've ever heard one.  Freebody will be lucky if he gets a job working at the tuck shop.

There is no joy in Mudville for the Freebody family.


sir cus said...

How could anyone join in a business deal with this person.amen.

Anonymous said...

Fair dinkum HB you must have the smallest cock, you said it would never happen gee you must be the biggest tosser ever. Do you really think anyone takes the shit you write seriously. I must say you do make me laugh though.

Ernie said...

freebody is a sad joke,
couple of weeks ago he advertises the car wash for sale and in the employment page he is advertising for workers, the public haven't got the dollars to throw around anymore so hope morris has done his homework, I can see a failure in adventure.

Anonymous said...

At least the guy creates the opportunities to employ the un-employed, than in itself is commendable, previous governments have failed Cairns and what blogs that continue to bash have put people in work, hang on- your all anonymous.

Anonymous said...

As are you anonymous 08:46 You're (it's not 'your' Paul) anonymous too. Can't see being bailed out of a business disaster yet again as creating any employment for Cairns. Hopefully Morris will be able to make a go of it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe chris morris should talk to the guys that bought the carwaah as I understand they have alot of stuff that would said chris running