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01 July 2015


When Tony Fung first blew into Cairns on his magic carpet, he filled the air with pixie dust and tales of riches beyond our wildest dreams.

Mayor Sleepy "Bob" Manning is still inhaling deeply.  

News comes today that the US$4B Baha-Mar project in the Bahamas has collapsed, with the resort 90% completed.  (Or 10% uncompleted, for you glass-half-empty types).

Cause of the collapse has been laid directly at the feet of the Chinese - the Chinese financiers and contractors.  The building contractor, China State Construction Engineering Corporation had never before built a resort of this scale.  Continuing delays have come in part due to failed inspections and faulty construction leading to Baha-Mar seeking bankruptcy protection.  Labor strife between the imported Chinese construction workers and the Bahamian workers also was rampant.  Unemployment hovers at about 15% in the Bahamas, and the Chinese workers were known as "the prisoners" in the Bahamas with them forbidden to go to the Bahamian beaches or towns - and also forbidden to spend their wages in the local economy.

China's model of shipping in workers for overseas construction projects (which is a possibility under the Tony Abbott "Free Trade" agreement with Mainland China) mean that it likely is not going to work everywhere.  

It's thought that the collapse has been at the hands of the Chinese government, who are also financiers of this project along with others around the world.

In fact the Chinese frenzy of development on these kinds of projects looks to be coming to an end, with the Chinese government looking to impose strict currency restrictions on travelers.

Keep breathing the pixie dust, Sleepy.  Your continued cheerleading for Fung (an the other Chinese developer failures in Kewarra Beach and Double Island) is stalling any REAL development in Cairns.


LoveWarrior said...

Don't forget that with the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (LOL) Chinese companies operating in Australia can bring their own tradesmen in on 457 visas and such tradies as electiricans and carpenters are EXEMPT from being skills tested by our own standards assessors. Thanks a lot Chimp Ears Abbott!

CBD Warrior said...

The so-called "leaders" led by Bob Manning and their bitch John McKenzie have been ignorant assholes about this project. The bigger the bullshit, the more they signed on.

It was clear to much of the "thinking" community that the Chinese are generally full of shit and don't ever do what they say they're going to do. This is just one example.

shanghai said...

yeah but least the chinese companies I work for pay super not like some AUSSIE COMPANIES THAT WORK OUT OF THE AIRPORT do and why state and federal governments let them get away with it is beyond me if there's a loophole hole close it surely ? the government a Rottweiler to get u to pay super but a chuahwawer to enforce its own rules go figure ? I guess another prolonged period of head shaking for me and if you get rorted claim it your tax !!! that's a fuck you from fnq and pay jack till its sorted

Anonymous said...

For those who think that Aquis would bring lots of employment, have a look at the link below. It won't be the locals who will be employed, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Seems they have received a bailout loan. We would have that risk as well,too big to fail

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai did you say? i will "deceiver" you love Chinese, you have a Rottweiler, you shake your head when you rort the rules, and you fucked Jack. Is that right Shanghai?

Anonymous said...

Billions wiped off the Chinese stock exchange over night so another knife in the Chinese economy! Must have a global impact especially on countries that trade heavily with China such as Australia!

shanghai said...

AS I was getting happy endings at one of our massage pallor's,and pondering,I don't care about companies that don't pay super to their employees,dodgy ciros,the rspca,lazy fuck greeks,chinese ghost cities,sper,ergon ,the aussie peso,cheap oil and iron ore,im doing a run to my atm tomorrow and bid to cut all vegetation in abbott st because the bats are back and guess what I woke up and realised capt mannering and the lnp are in charge! gosh I should not drink at yum cha

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well if you watched Channel 7's program on Sunday night on foreign ownership of our farm and grazing properties, you would have heard that China has allocated $AUS 3 TRILLION to help secure their food supply. While the LNP call it "investment", it is a complete sell out of our own resources and food supply. The Chinese will own the grazing properties, the cattle, the transport companies, and are trying to own the port or lease part of the port, and of course they own the ships. Then thanks to Abbott they can import their workforce to work the properties, drive the transporters etc What we are seeing is Australia is slowly but surely turning into a vassal state dictated to by Foreign Governments and if Abbott signs the T.P.P., by corporations as well. We are seeing our sovereign rights being stripped away.

Ken svay said...

None of this is surprising, the people of Cairns were completely fooled by Fung and his local toadies.