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30 July 2015


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We don't understand how a health insurance company is able to "speed up" an Australian 485 Visa Application.  

A new Tony Abbott- Warren Entsch LNP initiative?


Spangled Drongo said...

Health Insurance is one of a number of requirements to access a 485 Graduate Visa. BUPA are just hanging up a bigger shingle than the rest of the vultures. Little to do with Entsch or Abbott who would be hard-pressed to accurately fill in an Application without flicking the task to a "staffer".

Ray Wilkins said...

Is this fair dinkum ? If so ,I'm bloody well OUTRAGED that we can't all go and live there ,buy their houses and chop down their trees .
Good for the goose .......

Ray Wilkins said...

It's a bloody outrage !

Anonymous said...

What are you Ray...?

Anonymous said...

Let's not get the facts in the way of a bit of xenophobia. The sc.485 visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution and who most likely have spent tens of thousands of dollars doing so.

It is a temporary visa that will give the newly graduated students the opportunity to gain work experience and improve their English skill, so they can possibly apply for one of the regular permanent skilled or employer sponsored visas. Again at great personal expense.

The private health insurance is obligatory for all students who don't have access to Medicare under reciprocal agreements. The ad is therefore a bit misleading. BUPA has nothing to do with the visa process as such and can't speed it up, but without the insurance the visa cannot be approved.

Anonymous said...

Let's import more people to steal our jobs, that's the priority.

Anonymous said...

Well, anonymous 22:18 , could you back that up with some facts and figures ? Or did you get this information from one of Macca's regulars like "Bill from Brinsmead" or some other ignorant loudmouth ? I am talking about student and permanent visas here, not 457 visas.

Why would Aussie employers employ immigrants if there were plenty of willing and able Australians available for the positions ? Again, we are talking highly skilled positions here that require high level trade certificates, diplomas or university degrees.

Furthermore, if you did a bit of research, you might find out that it is not all that easy for new migrants to get jobs, especially in areas where there are competing with locals.

As for the particular visa this story is about: international students are cross-subsidising Australian students through the enormous fees they are paying. Any problem with that ?