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31 August 2015


The current discussion about deepening the Cairns port and inlet has degenerated into the usual chicken-little skwaking by John MacKenzie, now claiming that failure to do this project will result in "strangulation" of Cairns.

We're here to tell you very clearly:  The proposed port dredging project will result in MORE economic activity and MORE ships in our port.

There is no question that this is the fact.  No one disputes this fact - not the Member for Cairns Rob Pyne, nor any of the ALP leadership.

The only relevant question regarding this $350M investment is clear:


In a call to Cueball from Clifton Beach Used Car Councillor Greg Fennell this morning, he strongly made the case for why the dredging should NOT be done.  This northern beach councillor, rarely seen at a community meeting or neighbourhood gathering, jumped on the Cook Highway upgrade bandwagon with his grandiose statement that "the Cook Highway should have been upgraded 20 years ago".

Keep in mind that the Cairns Post has suggested that 90,000 residents are impacted by this dodgy road network in the Northern Beaches.  Business and residents alike get socked in the wallet by these bad roads.  We pay hundred$ more in fuel costs.  Business gets less productivity from their workers.  Deliveries to commercial developments (building supplies, products to restock shelves) are delayed and more costly.  These are the consequences of bad roads, and the continued lack of infrastructure investment by the State in our region.

Fennell then inadvertently explained why the port dredging should be scrapped.  He said the Cairns-plan approved McGregor Road Bypass "is a $200m project.  They (State) will never have the money for it, I can't ever see it".

In that one statement, Fennell has explained why the port dredging is such an unneeded luxury that Cairns can't afford.

Where are the petitions demanding the roadworks Cairns needs for the present, and for the future?  $200m for the McGregor Road Bypass, another lazy $1B for the Kuranda tunnel project, and probably another $350m to upgrade the Barron River, Freshwater Creek bridges, and duplicate the Kamarunga Bypass highway.

These are projects that benefit ALL of Cairns residents with better transport, cheaper goods, and vastly increased productivity.

And MORE JOBS.  LOTS MORE JOBS.  PERMANENT JOBS!  Not a handful of port dredging jobs.

In fact, $300m spent on dredging the port benefits. . .only a couple dozen CBD businesses who mostly employ casual, unskilled workers at minimum wage (or less, as many pay "cash in hand" despite claims that the government never investigates).  And this handful of businesses benefit at most 3 or 4 days per month - until the ships get bigger again, too big to fit into our new, $300m port.  Those ships will still be using the offshore Yorkey's Knob anchorage.  

Where are the petitions demanding Cairns have a proper road network??

In violation of every community principal, a political goon squad whipped up by John MacKenzie managed to get a "float" (really just a political poster) added to the Festival Cairns parade, despite the entries being closed weeks ago.  It is rumoured that MacKenzie pleaded with Bob "Sleepy" Manning to have the diatribe included despite prohibitions against political and commercial entries.


This is the height of political bastardry - but business as usual for Manning and his Council of rubber stamping yes-men.

At the conclusion of the parade, a goon squad of locals "verbally attacked and illegally threatened other local residents who took issue with the insertion of this propaganda into our community parade.

The results are here for all to see.

Yes, the dredging of our port will benefit our city.  But in an era of finite resources and a badly inadequate road network in our city, let's ask the real question:  What are the investment priorities for the State Government for improvements to Cairns City?

Asked this way, the port dredging comes in a dismal LAST.

Like their political puppet master John MacKenzie, these pro-dredging residents are doing their best to stifle dissent.  MacKenzie does it by blocking callers with alternative views.  It's unsurprising that his "blueshirts" are no better.

With our biggest public event weeks now underway, it's a shame on our Cairns (non)Regional Council that the lead story about the event isn't the happy smiling faces, but the vitriol and aggressive abuse caused by their failing to follow their own rules.  

Shame on Bob Manning. He owes many in the community an apology.  We're not likely to get it, however.  


Much of the social media campaign is being run by a young, well-spoken man named "Paul Branstrod" who claims to be a fourth generation Cairns resident.  He is running the "attack" campaign on other Cairns residents who don't agree with the dredging program for the inlet.

PAUL BRANSTROD is a complete and total fraud.  The photos of "Paul" are stolen and easily found all over the 'net.

The "community leaders" responsible for this social media campaign (Ron Crew who controls the petition and this Facebook page, along with Peter Senior) are corrupt leaders for engaging in this kind of fraud!


sir cus. said...

Good piece of reporting HBW , anyone with half a brain know its only an LNP heap of bs, look at that dick-head in blue shirt, gonna knock someone out,lol. HAVE TO AGREE with that councillor that dredging is bs and roads is the issue.

Jim McMann said...

The "Save the Port" Facebook page has lots of incorrect information, apparently under the guise of John McKenzie mate Peter Senior. This was my response to that page (which likely will get taken down, they don't like contrary opinions).

Bill Cummings is wrong more often then he's right. And he's not apolitical - we all know he's an LNP shill.

And Peter, you were on the record two years ago as saying the cost would NEVER be more than $90m, a figure that John McKenzie used with Premier Newman. And now you're signing on for $200m?

My family owns a business in the CBD and we get about a 12% boost in business on the days ships are in Cairns (and it doesn't matter if they're docked at the port or at Yorkey's, btw). The claim that a few extra ships (and that's what we're talking about, a FEW), don't begin to pay for a $200m cost much less $300m plus!

Even you now want an "full cost-benefit analysis" which should have been done by Newman and King. If this project is so "commercially viable", let the beneficiaries (landowners where the dredge spoil will make their land viable) pay for it!

Cairns has plenty of REAL needs. A bunch of economic blockheads can't keep running this community into the ground.

Anonymous said...

On the McKenzie show all the usual suspects were out in force downplaying the issue of the offending float and coming up with the usual Greenie conspiracy bullshit.Even Manning joined the fray. Someone must have woken him from his Aquis daydream.

Wonder what the reaction would have been if someone had entered an anti-dredging float ?

Apparently if you have any sort of opinion that deviates from the Mckenzie line, then you are against everything and you want to kill this town. This coming from the man who was so active in scuttling a brand new hospital years ago and sabotaging the CEP.

Anonymous said...

You still don't get it. The benefits of being able to accept the current fleet of large cruise ships will be enormous to the entire region, and inject new life into nearly all areas of the NQ economy.
The tourists they bring are just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Also lets not forget we can still grow cruise industry without dredging and if we were half smart that would have already started. I would love to see a smaller cruise ship based here that goes from Darwin to Cairns, then back. Can take in some West Papua archipelago, Torres Strait, Lock hart River, Shellbourne Bay, Cooktown. A real wilderness undiscovered route.

I was reading about a mega cruise ship yesterday that was far too big for our port to cope with even after dredging so will never be a major mega cruise port. Never.

Well done Fennell. A surprise but he makes good sense, If we spend so much on gaining so little then it will be a decade at least before we can go cap in hand to the government for more funding. Foolish to put all eggs in one SHALLOW basket.

Plus nobody seems that keen on it, just a few noisy self entitled Bronwyn Bishop types that think we are here to keep them as they want to be kept. Jim McMann in his excellent comment said it well,if they want then they can pay for it.

The government must do what is better for the whole town.

Anonymous said...

The ports must operate on a commercially viable basis. They are run as corporations. Mandated to provide a dividend to the state. This dredging cannot happen as it will be a breach of that contract. It is not based on the economic stimulus to the area but on simple revenue being dock fees less financing costs and expenses. Basic profit and loss accounts.

Also the big sign asked people to sign a petition. This petition is not about the dredging EIS so misleads people. This petition means more dredging is desired so they do not want it stop at this EIS which escaped the priority port restrictions. The priroty ports was the promise that helped secure world heritage status so they are playing with fire and not disclosing this fact to the people .

The reason Cairns fails is because the business community loudest voices are the least qualified to speak. Pyne needs to get on the attack more and less on. The defence. Fennel, first I heard if him. Well said, we need more common sense.

Anonymous said...

in reply Anonymous Jim McMann said..."My family owns a business in the CBD and we get about a 12% boost in business on the days ships are in Cairns (and it doesn't matter if they're docked at the port or at Yorkey's, btw)."

Just read on Rob Pyne page a lady say she does more business when the ship is at Yorkeys because they cannot go on and off the boat to eat or get a drink. More a captive market once they have been tendered onshore.That is also a good point.

CBD Warrior said...

LOVE THE FRAUD UPDATE! Didn't know there was a way to search a photo on the internet and show where it came from!

In this case, apparently the poor bugger has had his photo stolen and used a lot of places.

I agree that the supporters of this ignorant dredging plan are not playing fair. Of course they CAN'T PLAY fair! The facts aren't in their corner!

So they're CHEATERS! Goodonya for exposing them!

shanghai said...

fuck what a schmozzle no wonder elvis was prouncing around like a rooster fuck I hate that at 5 am pity his not like that when the bill for yum cha comes around fuck where's Glasson / brownie/ de walt probably in bed with joyce not there's any thing wrong with that !

Anonymous said...

Has anybody told the idiot in the blue shirt that he looks like a reject 1970's porn star who now suffers from a limp dick, orange spray tan syndrome and neck arthritis from wearing too many gold chains and a gold encrusted locket with a photo of Sleepy Manning in it?

Seth at Port said...

Most cruise ship passengers return to the ship to dine in the evenings. Sure they might buy a few cheap souvenirs and pick up some take away lunch if they are in port for a day or so, but that is all. I just don't know where all these jobs are going to come from that the pro dredging crowd keep on sprouting. Staff on cruise ships are also mostly Asian being paid less than the Australian basic wage and experiencing shocking working conditions. Very few jobs on cruise ships are offered to Australians these days.

Anonymous said...

Interested to know who the John Silverman character is who relentlessly posts his nasty villifying right wing tripe in the online compost.
His latest smart arse comment:
Dennis Silverman of Park Ridge
The problem with Brynn Mathews is when it comes to working for a living and protecting the environment he's very one eyed.

Anonymous said...

The goon in the blue shirt is one John Murphy of Edmonton, a pig-ignorant wannabe member of the white-shoe brigade and (former) developer/spruiker who was involved in several very ordinary projects in Cairns before the banks foreclosed on him. He is an angry little man, but its all mouth and trousers and he wouldn't have the balls to throw a punch. If he is backing dredging, you just know rank self-interest is the driving force. It was Murphy who who wrote to The Cairns Post a few years ago stating all ratepayers should be compulsorily levied "just a lousy twenty bucks" on top of their rates to fund one of the self-styled tourism organisations who think they run Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Violent little shouty old turd isn't he. A bit of over compensation for his tiny winkie perhaps? Shame no one took him up on his offer. I think the outcome would be him having the need to have a bit of a liedown for a while. It must be lovely to be constantly living in the 50s, the 1950s that is.

Anonymous said...

John Murphy looked like an Angry Ant threatening to knock someone out while backing away. He got brave again when he was eyeball to eyeball with woman from the environment mob. A cowardly little runt.

Anonymous said...

Rates should not fund these organisations. Surely that is against the law?

shanghai said...

hold tight pilgrims don't sell shares its only your super balancing the the books that's a worry in its self fuck their hands are tied

sir cus said...

Thanks for that 14;35 says it all about that blockhead,and thanks to HBW for exposing the hypocrisy of the CRC for allowing this political propaganda on our family friendly Cairns Festival.

Hamish Krint said...

Having been on many cruises, I note that cruisers look for BARGAINS and CHEAP STUFF when they are in any port - and you can find lots of junk like this in Asian ports, not Aussie ones like Cairns. Cruisers don't mind getting on a tender and landing at the dock - it's all part of the fun! The only ones who can't are the disabled ones, and there are very few of them. And yes, we all make sure we are well fed and watered (for free on board) and come back to the ship when hungry to get fed and watered again (for free). A few get a coffee at Starbucks, Maccas etc. so that they can use free wifi to send messages or do their facetime. So, if merchants in Cairns are expecting big bucks from selling jewellery, clothes, art works, expensive souvenirs, don't hold your breath! Maybe Tjapukai and tourist viewing spots may get some business. The new aquarium should pick up some customers. Who else? Zilch! So the money will be made from port fees, but if these are too high, the cruise ships will choose another port. And there are plenty of those. And finally, when you dredge, the currents will eventually bring all the silt back in, and you will have to dredge again, and again, and again - at what cost? Give it up guys - build a jetty, go to Yarrabah, or build a large pontoon near Cairns and tender from there, if you must!


JOHN MURPHY, if your are going to knock someone out, you don't run away just after you say it. I'm glad you didn't say it to me otherwise its GOOD NITE IRENE TO YOU.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Chamber Commerce keep on year after year about 23 bn projects but when you look at them they are finished, over a very long period, not likely to ever happen or are so far away does not mean much to us. Nova 8 was started but then.? So really the 23 bn is the aquarium and?

AQUIS is clearly never going to be an 8bn casino and Cleary never was but Advance Cairns and Chamber of Commerce still have heads in clouds refusing to be realistic or what? Now after years of study on having priority ports restricted, UNESCO accepted the decision that both ALP and LNP are at one on, all finalised and emailed off to UNESCO who then give GBR full World Heritage, a global responsibility we have a duty to protect and NOW Mayor, Chamber and Advance Cairns demand priority port status for Cairns even though that will put the reef at risk again. Were they floating off too much on the AQUIS cloud they failed to realise that priority ports were being assessed so now blame the government for their own tardiness? Seriously someone please tell me why the business community put up these keystone cops.They are not close to competent. One nonsense after another. Cairns needs to lift its game.

TAS said...

I'm not sure what drives these 'dredge the inlet' proponents, because even with sound environmental and economic reason why we should not, they still won't quit. Is it some sort of attention deficit? Is it that Townsville's getting something we're not? That Manning informs us dredging is the biggest issue he has encountered in Cairns speaks volumes for the intelligence of this man. Has he not looked at the road network around Cairns and wondered if the priority of getting ourselves around in a safe and timely manner on decent roads might be more important than the forlorn hope of getting a couple of bigger cruise liners in the inlet? Or does he think if he and his cronies squawk loud enough, get a petition going (and a float in the parade) that we will magically get a truckload of money for both? And the poor deluded fool still thinks Aquis is a possibility, when anyone with a modicum of intelligence knew from the very first time it was floated that it was not.
Perhaps the biggest issue to be resolved in Cairns is that it is mismanaged by Manning and Unity.

Anonymous said...

That Fraud Update needs a separate post of its own. I saw "Paul Branstrod" posting on Facebook, and I was fooled into thinking he was a real person. Well done for spotting that it is a fake person on a fake account. I am so angry.

I see that his Facebook page has had all information removed.

Thank you for your excellent work.

Ernie said...

This port petition is totally misleading and untrue. the inlet will be dredged according to the requirements for shipping into the future as it has been always done.
The navy will never expand to bigger ships as a naval base, mainly because there is not a quick escape to open seas if required.
So far cairns has only a population of 1600 with only 1200 on the e petition, according to these fools promoting this propaganda based on they have 75% support.
Is this all about having a few larger cruise ships each year which will not bring much spending into this region or is it about reclaiming land which will be handed over to developers at the huge cost to taxpayers, a bridge cannot be built across admirately island while the navy has its armorey there. Cruise ships do not always berth here because they can offer cheaper fares without paying port fees.
What these fools don't understand is that gov/parliament do not accept paper petitions as they are promoted propaganda and can be signed multiple times especially when it is totally untrue what it states. those who sign are talked into it by the those who have it at their premises.
These are the same right wing fools who have done nothing ever to take cairns forward, their wacky ideas are always about everybody else paying for them so they can keep the dollars, nothing comes back into this community, and we have a council who hands out ratepayers dollars to support them.
I hope Bill Gordon can see through all this and vote with the Gov.

Anonymous said...

Cairns Chamber of Commerce does not represent a majority of businesses in Cairns surely. My wife is a business owner and would never consider becoming a member because of its political affiliations with the LNP - as do other business owners we know.
Even our puppet mayor is willing to support this mob's political agenda in a supposedly non political community parade funded by Cairns ratepayers.

Ken svay said...

Paul Branstrod, they must be taking the piss.

Anonymous said...

If we have an industrial, port which the petition is asking for, then we will not have cruise ship coming here at all.

All those proposed towers next to the convention center will not get buyers who are aware there is a push for an industrial port right next to their apartment.

Anyone seen a mega industrial port? They are ugly with massive cranes and nobody ever wants to put tourism infrastructure in the same neighborhood. Nor high rise. Do we see the Chinese lined up to buy apartments overlooking Port Botany?

Navy has said time and time again they will not expand in the north.

Federal government are the government that restricts the port on environmental grounds so all these petitions are propaganda. The companies that push the lie should be boycotted. It is pure propaganda as the state cannot do anything if it wanted to. CEP was lost due to this type of lying so Bob could be mayor and now he trying stunts again that are damaging the cities reputation already with headlines predicting all doom and gloom. Just when the lower AUD starts to being economic benefits flowing back to the city.

The Cairns post demanding the state hand out license for a casino without proof of financing. No government will ever allow this so why so they try to blackmail government into something it cannot do What right have they got to demand corruption.?

Then the Cairns Post demand we ignore UNESCO. Have they asked the Federal government if that is okay?

Is their some sort of legal action we can take against these entities? The town cannot afford a few putting their greed ahead of the towns best interest any longer. As well we cannot afford another period where Cairns post staff use the paper as their political propaganda newsletter. That approach, along with McKenzie, has achieved nothing positive for the town ever, Nothing, There is no legacy for bowing down to political propaganda just keeps these angry stupid men in a job

Hamish Krint said...

Actually cruise ships will come to any port, even an industrial one, and they do this all over Asia - as long as they can offload their tourists for a day, they will do so. Buses sometimes take hours to get these tourists to a major city. I'm guessing the port fees are cheap. One thing that concerns me about dredging is the unknown effect of currents. Even with computer modelling, currents are unpredictable, and dredging may cause silt problems elsewhere, or even the sill returning to the dredged area, causing even more expense for ongoing maintenance dredging.

Anonymous said...

Talk about flogging a dead horse.

Anonymous said...

Has John Murphy been charged with assault yet?
Hopefully the police have been made aware of his behaviour.