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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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24 August 2015


Local Cairns nightclubs are fighting against further restrictions on their ability to sell their legal drug to the public for more hours of the night.  Their tissue of lies in opposition are built on the reports of a statistically-insignificant decline in CBD assaults.

John "Cueball" MacKenzie was previously on one side of this issue - his shrill attacks on the previous Labor government revolved around the "crime-ridden CBD".  He did shows that discussed the damage done by drunken king-hits - interviewing doctors, police, and others on the front line.  After the Campbell Newman government began their smoke-and-mirrors crimefighting pogrom, MacKenzie has now changed position and is supporting LONGER liquor sale hours in the Cairns CBD - all on the mantra of tourism.  The reality is that little has changed with the liquor-driven assaults essentially unchanged.

Anyone think cruise ship passengers will be happy about CBD filled with MORE inebriated and violent backpackers? 

The reality is that we Aussies have a problem.  We drink to damn much.  From the proliferation of "happy hours" to the need to self-medicate at every conceivable event, liquor overconsumption is the Aussie way of life.  We teach it to our kids - stop by any liquor store on Friday afternoon and watch the mums and dads bringing their prepubescent kids into the bottle-o.

And apparently, our biggest social faux pas is failing to bring enough cold beers to a social function.    

Nothing served to illustrate this better than the Variety Club's 
Roadshow charity event.  These well-meaning drivers, out raising money for disadvantaged children, blew through the Daintree last Friday on their way back to Cairns and points south.  Tourists to the Daintree were treated to a small parade of noisy cars and inebriated revelers, who emerged from their vehicles at the Daintree Ferry - passengers and drivers alike holding opened stubbies.  

One tourist overheard suggesting to Daintree Ferry personnel that this was perhaps worth a call to the coppers was told "they're just having fun".

Attitudes on Aussie self-medication are broken everywhere.  

Now we're supposed to get all excited about "ice" - methyl amphetamines.  Indeed the Cairns Police reported that their testing of drivers in Cairns is finding 1 in 4 testing positive for illegal drugs!  25% of the drivers around you in giant metal killing machines have ILLEGAL drugs impairing their driving.

And our leaders are fighting for MORE medication time with our legal drugs?  Are we mad?  Does government not see the connection?

Real leaders would overhaul all of the laws related to liquor and drugs.  Why are high-range and repeat offenders given little in the way of punishment, only to get behind the wheel hammered, again and again?  Why is there virtually no resources to detox and retrain drug users and alcoholics?

Hospital Chairman (UnSir) Bob Norman goes on a rant about the elderly clogging up his hospital beds, who should be in longterm care facilities.  What about all the drug and drink-addled people in his hospital beds, and especially resident in his mental health facility.  Lots more of these freeloading mislocated patients,  but you don't see anyone trying to get a "please explain" on this costly misuse of hospital facilities.

Some say it can't be changed.  That's what they said about the use of tobacco.  But concerted efforts involving education and targeted government action has dropped the smoking rate over 50%, with teenage smokers now at the lowest rate ever - about 8%.  

Alcohol as a drug is even more dangerous to the community.

Local "leaders" argue that Cairns should not have the same regulations as being proposed for Brisbane.  They're correct.

With the drink and drugged driving rate in Cairns the WORST in Queensland, we should be closing up these nightclubs at midnight.

That would be a good start.

Today's headline in the Cairns Post says it all.  It's the most valuable thing we own.


Anonymous said...

Drive around Cairns City/Esplanade 12.30 1.00am folks are already on their way home,its only the 'discos' with teenyboppers squealing on the footpaths that are still around acting up, and the Casino for the oldies of course.

CBD Warrior said...

Terrific analysis, HBW. I live in the CBD and can confirm that I've not seen any decline in alcohol-fueled violence. But given the poor economy, I would guess all the nightclub business is down. It's unsurprising to find that Cairns is the worst in drink and drugged up driving. But the coppers are too busy hiding behind bushes and photographing people 2k over the speed limit to do any REAL police work.

Anonymous said...

Yep, good point - 1 in 4 idiots in Cairns are driving pissed or loaded with illegal drugs, yet most get away with it every day because the cops are hiding behind bus shelters or in the roundabout bushes! Queensland the smart state? I doubt it, more like the fucking Nazi state.

Anonymous said...

One day we have CP print an article about Chamber of Commerce asking business why they are not getting ready for the 21.5bn worth of investment and see many logical replies challenging that claim. It is all talking up fairytales, long term projects, or they are miles away. Then today Chamber lady and Advance man pictured in front of Trinity inlet pushing for the port to be dredged. A mini AQUIS, it does not add up. Are their jobs up for view because I do not understand this support for one dud project after another. And with GOC they are mandated to only do works that do add up.It is not negotiable.

Same with drunks, depends if attacking them will end with a career promotion for the business lobby yes men. The only people that can really turn things around are business themselves. They have the power. Seemed many spoke out yesterday incognito,maybe they need more of that.

Sir Cus. said...

Yes agree new laws a good call.

Anonymous said...

Everyone I talk to wants lock out laws. I think many are tired of business who demand demand demand but then hire backpackers or offer low rates and casual work only. Majority polled want lock out laws. Newmans own study said majority want lock out laws.

Anonymous said...

Two separate polls say 70-80% people want lock out laws. Council do not. They do not seem to want to be elected again.:)

Tony Hillier said...

Same old, same old! A lame duck of a Chamber of Commerce, Peabody's waterworld, an antiquated mayor and supine council and a federal member who should have been put to pasture years ago, all barking up the same old tree. To coin a French expression: plus ├ža change! It makes you think Cairns is devoid of progressive or forward thinkers.

Anonymous said...

The chamber of commerce is just a soapbox for whoever's paying their bills that month. Tip a few grand into the chamber and they'll spruik whatever hare-brained scheme you can think of.

Politicians and Councillors are pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Richie Bates falling into line behind his LNP mates.

Anonymous said...

Hillier supporting 1am lockouts ?