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10 August 2015


Politicians.  They wonder why we hate them all.

With the federal parliament getting pilloried over the entitlement scandal, we're now seeing signs that the Federal LNP led by Minister for Bloggers Warren Entsch is embarking on even more stupid solutions.

Concerned by some reports of Vegemite being used to make a cheap alcoholic "beverage" in the Queensland and NT communities where alcohol has been banned by other idiot politicians, they've now had THIS brilliant idea - BANNING VEGEMITE.

Apparently unaware that alcohol can be produced from most anything containing sugar, our elected blockheads will quickly move to remove breakfast cereal, fruit, beets, and everything else deemed "hazardous".

Far North Queensland is the recipient of all the quick, easy, and CHEAP solutions from our politicians.

Traffic a problem in Brisbane? Spend Billion$ on tunnels.  Need to shore up an electorate for the next election?  Throw million$ at a new stadium for Redcliffe.  Townsville, who got a lazy $90M from the Campbell Newman crowd to improve and upgrade their port, are now getting tens of million$ MORE for an expansion.

Perennial MacKenzie favourite Ipswich has lined up funding for the Ipswich Motorsport Precinct, the $90M Ipswich Performing Arts Centre, an all-new bridge over the Bremer River, and a huge upgrade to the Ipswich Motorway, among others.  BILLION$ in money splashed out in this southeast corner bedroom suburb of Brissy, with a population almost identical to the Cairns area.

Notable is that Ipswich, like the previous Cairns Council, discovered that a PROPER new theatre is over $90M, not the shitbox Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning has jammed down our throats.  The few experienced people who have reviewed the plans for the Civic Theatre replacement note that the backstage and support areas are still not large enough to support a theater of this kind.  

Bob Manning, a longtime government hack, knows full well that he'll be unable to get any of OUR MONEY for a proper theatre.  So we get crap because he's too lazy to raise his voice like a Paul Pisale in Ipswich.  And he thinks that this kind of performance entitles him to another term!

So why are we still part of Queensland?  

What return does Cairns get from the tax money siphoned off by the state and federal governments?  

Main highway in conflict with bicycles?  LOWER THE SPEED LIMIT TO 40.  Main highway to Kuranda dangerously unable to support the growing population?  STATION MORE COPPERS WITH RADAR GUNS TO RAISE MORE REVENUE.  Need a new theatre?  Do it yourself, and build a $60m shitbox.  Need to upgrade your port to snag some bigger cruise ships?  GET STUFFED.  Crime in the suburbs getting you down?  DO IT YOURSELF, here's some money for coffee and cakes at your Neighbourhood Watch meetings - our coppers are too busy hiding in the bushes raising money from those going 2km over the (artificially low) speed limits.

The message Cairns is getting from our politicians on BOTH sides is the same:  NO ONE wants to make the needed, significant investments in Cairns and Far North Queensland.  We'll give you bandaids and kick in a few million in order to look good for reelection. 

Member for Barron River Craig Crawford thought he wasgoing to get kudos for suggesting that the Cairns Council should "apply" for a $3M grant to improve the tourist lookout on the Kuranda range road.  

IMPROVE THE LOOKOUT?  What kind of stupid idea is this, Craig?  In his defence, we note that an improved lookout will be large enough to accommodate medical helicopters to fly out the growing number of injured on this road.  

So why are we still part of Queensland?  

Our "leaders" encourage residents to launch petitions to ban bicycles from the range road - pitting citizen against citizen.  And some are stupid enough to take the bait - so that when bicycles ARE banned, the government can say "we did what you wanted".  

When it should be citizen against government.  A government, regardless of the leadership, that shows itself ineffectual in providing OUR SHARE for our community.  The pollies are playing the Cairns ignorance like a fiddle, led by the self-appointed conductor, John MacKenzie.  The Lord of Small Thinking.

So we end up with stupid ideas like banning Vegemite to solve the alcohol abuse problem.  When we elect small-thinkers, we shouldn't be surprised when we get small-thinker results. 


Anonymous said...

Therein lies the real reason for the 3million lookout upgrade: a helicopter landing pad is required for increased emergency situations, due to a lack of real funding to upgrade the road. Dtmr risk assessment reckons a Bronnie Bishop pad is the next best thing

Paul Curtis said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

you've got the 3m grant wrong. Its actually a grant up to 300k that has to be matched by the local council. So we get 300k of our tax money wasted on this end and 300k from federal wasted on putting some plants in a scenic lookout where presumably you can pick the plants and throw them on the bodies as people continue to die on an unsafe road.

Anonymous said...

Cairns gets what it deserves.