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28 August 2015


 We live in a time of fake, media created "heroes".  People that do the everyday human things are often pushed forward as "heroes" by a news media, desperate to create a story.  And the real heroes are ignored.

Not much different than the "talents" that are pushed over the television on X-Factor, Australia's Got Talent, The Voice, and other television fluff.  Delta Goodrem, so talent-less that she can't even get a crowd in a shopping mall to watch her lip-sync, is "judging" other Australian singers?  

You can't make this shit up.

So in Cairns today, we salute a REAL HERO.  Ms. Charm

Quayle, a Kiwi migrant to Australia, is a very talented folk singer - and we don't need Delta to tell us that.  

But Quayle is now a hero to the Queensland motoring public for taking actions to right a wrong.  While traveling down Aeroglen Drive, she (too late) saw a member of the Queensland Police "Service" hiding behind a tree using their toll collection device on Cairns motorists.  A toll collection device also known as "speed radar".

She returned to the location and parked her car in a position that apparently made this police revenue raising operation more difficult.

She wasn't parked illegally, however.  

Nevertheless, the mental defective constable that was operating this speed camera (isn't his mother proud he's a copper??) called in another crew of revenue-raisers to tell Quayle to move her LEGALLY PARKED car.  And when she refused, they arrested her!  "Obstructing Police", they call it.

We call it police abuse.   

If there was a human rights lawyer worth his salt in Cairns, they'd grab this case and help this poor woman.  About as likely as pigs flying, knowing the level of legal talent in this town.

Local QPS apologist Senior Constable Russell Parker said: "There is nothing to be gained by abusing police on the side of the road. . ."  Nothing to be gained?  It's called FREE SPEECH, Bozo.  Despite the lack of an Australian Bill of Rights, free speech and freedom of expression are actually supposed to be concepts that are recognized for Australians.  I guess Quayle thought that the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (NZBORA) would be applicable here.

Opposition to the abusive use of speed cameras and the  blatant revenue-raising campaign by the Palaszczuk Government is growing.  Cairns has had a Facebook page SPEED CAMERAS CAIRNS that calls out the hiding locations of these grubs.  Most communities in Queensland now have similar information available.  

Quayle articulates clearly the issues that surround the abuse being inflicted on the motorists by this $300M-per-year rort.  Little enforcement of the rampant drink and drug driving while coppers are diverted to this revenue-raising.  The vast majority of these fines note being used for a new teenage driving school requirement, and refreshers for the rest of us.  Most importantly, Quayle points out the Police massive loss of respect by the public and taxpayers towards the police.  

That's why Quayle was mad.  She said what we all know and say PRIVATELY.  It's sad only that a Kiwi had the cajones to do what we ALL should be doing.  Fighting back.  If everyone asked for a trial on these bullshit hiding-behind-a-bush tickets, the courts would grind to a halt.  

Civil Disobedience is good.  The QPS using a vague law to bully Ms. Quayle is abhorrent.  

And don't give us any bullshit about "following the speed limits".  In the 12km between the city and Palm Cove, the speed limit changes 37 TIMES!  This a similar situation all across the region.  This is a consequence of roads that are poorly designed and speed limits are used to avoid infrastructure improvements.  The "bandaid" applied by Michael Trout and Gavin King to build huge kerbs at the Cook Hwy roundabouts flipped a B-Double yesterday.  The usual reaction of the police?  Let's lower the speed limit some more!  

Kudos to our Hero of the Day!  Charm Quayle.


Anonymous said...

Must be the same tosser who hides at the Barron River on the CCHwy amongst the trees. Hides himself and his motorbike like the coward that he is.
How that style of enforcement can have ANY effect on road safety is just a joke.
As you say, let's all fight these ridiculous attempts at revenue gathering in the courts - FIGHT BACK!

Miss Chief said...

What a load of shit HBW. If you don't want to be fined for speeding - don't fucking speed. Once you're dead you can't explain to those you left behind why you were speeding. Fair dinkum HBW. You're an idiot sometimes. Hero of the day? Aim higher, wanker.

Anonymous said...

The Queensland Police depise the traffic police for doing irreparable damage to their brand. If they are running a flash for cash on a council maintained road the money raised should go back into local roads because the council obviously don't have the cash to maintain them.
The local roads are rotting to the point of being dangerous ( Rabul St Trinity beach).
The current council are happy to promote Aquis whilst shoving out their own inadequate theatre vision with no public consultation or coatings.
Have the costings been released on the recent city upgrade yet? No.... And our roads continue to rot and we continue to get screwed by the police for driving on them.
And by the way how much has the detention basin been constructed blown out by? 5, 10 or 15 million? Of ratepayers money.

Anonymous said...

It's this type of police bullshit that is pushing people to the edge, and at times over it. You can only oppress people so far before they fight back, and it's obvious that day is building rapidly. That's why you have groups like 'Anonymous' and before them you had 'Occupy Wall Street' (until that movement was branded illegal). The revolution is coming folks, it's just a matter of time.

Ken svay said...

Cairns drivers are shockers, twice the death toll of last year. The same police who catch morons speeding have to attend horrific scenes at crashes. I never get a ticket, I don't speed. Lay off the cops, it's not fair.

Anonymous said...

What sort of tosser writes this sort of trash about a criminal illegally parking her car by obstructing police who fairly caught her in the first place. Do the real public a favour and close the site. (protest, close the site).